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  1. I don't know if I glitched or some bug but I was able to somehow run without holding any key... I've searched other threads about auto-running key but found only old ones... So I'm just asking is there a way to auto-run in game? Cause I was able to by pressing some buttons simultaneously but I don't know if that was some glitch...
  2. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    And here we go, it's inevitable that the opposition to the mechanical suppression always steps in. It's this opposition crowd that just think that suppression should be a merely fear of being hit. Which is bogus really, the MG gunner without suppression they will drop dead within a few seconds of firing, I've never fired an MG in Squad for longer than a few seconds, cause the optics will vritually pick anything off, even while being under heavy fire they will still pick out any MG easily... Responding to their logic is absolutely useless, because they believe that the game should be merely fear of being hit and everyone shooting each other like some super human robots without any simulation of feeling that soldier have in real life which is an instinctive reaction to oncoming bullets. And I just hope that the devs will see their flawed thinking like that there should be zero mechanical suppression effects -> like in this video below which is from Insurgency alpha where your aim doesn't flinch at all. And then everyone is just sniping each other off on the battlefield and it's just a sniping fest with the optics. I really hope the devs will not listen to this absurdity that there should be no mechanical suppression of having a flinch of the sight. Because they are not majority, they just want an arcadey sniping fest of a game and not the kind of gunplay which are based on long firefights and covering fire. It's absolutely pointless talking with this kind of crowd who think the opposite. I've had dozens of posts like that in my other threads about suppression where they just can't stop saying "Do you have sway in real life if you get shot at?????????????" Which totally does not corresponds with the fact that it's a game, and that because of the lack of suppression mechanics, there's an unrealistic behaviour coming from it which results in an extremely laser-precision like arcadey gunplay that is in Squad.
  3. Squad Roles: Discussion

    Personally I really like this idea. I don't like every squad running with AT weapons and so would be nice if for example a Rifle squad required an AT squad to come with help to counter enemy vehicles. And also these AT squads would more excused to cover the road on the map where possibly enemy vehicles might pass by. Because right now when you see squad in the middle of the road it's questionable and don't know what they're doing. So I like how these squads would have specific purpose attributed to them and I like how the team would communicate with each other where would the AT squad be needed on the map, and where the Rifle and other type of squads needed. This adds a whole new tactics to the game on a bigger scale of macro-managing the squads on the battlefield.
  4. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I'm glad we all agree more or less in general we need mechanical suppression effects for passing bullets in Squad, and not just from the explosions. Playing as ironsighted riflemen right now is a bit like being a cannon fodder. Even if you do manage to hit someone, usually it takes at least 3 hits to put someone down so this is why not only either this sway/flinch/jump to the sight is needed, but also some penalty for getting hit as well, such as a strong reduction in steady aim when being hit, and not just a slightly darker screen that it's now, which does very little in the optic riflemen turning and sniping you even after they got shot first, and that happened to everybody many times I'm sure.
  5. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    Well yea I'd be kinda ok with that, I just wish that the difference between moving/not moving wouldn't be very big, but rather small, so that any optics that just sit in a dug in position and is suppressed by an MG wouldn't just easily be able to pick him off like it's now. And so that the suppression would still work but not as strong when moving perhaps. So I just really hope that the devs will add at some point at least a tiny jump of the sight suppression, because no blurry effects are ever going to stop me from returning accurate fire, so this is why I'd hope one can see that in the videos I've posted, especially devs would be nice if they are reading this and actually watched those first 4 videos that it's the exact jump of the sight that's what really matters which affects the player mechanically as if a simulation of real life instinctive reaction to incoming bullets. So in other words I'm trying to emphasize that it's the mechanical suppression jump of the sight needed now to balance all these optics vs ironsight issue, and which I personally love coming from DH mod, and less of the visual effects like that grey screen in RO2 which I'm not a fan of. And the first video is a very good example, that video is actually not done by me, it's a comparison between Insurgency and Darkest Hour mod which shows the difference between no jump of the sight at all, and the slight jump that is in DH and what a massive effect it's got on the player steady aim.
  6. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I like the thinking but personally the optics imho would be too strong if you reduced the suppression based on stance/movement. All that would do is make the optics too strong when not moving, and unaffected when they're sprayed by an MG. I even would prefer that the longer you're stayed and being fired at, the worse the suppression flinch/jump of the sight gets, this would create the panic reaction and force them to get routed.
  7. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    The fact that optics in this game are completely unaffected to incoming bullets and are perfectly fine returning fire while being pinned down has a such strong turn off for this game for me to play at least for now. And I've made dozens of thread asking for at least a tiny flinch/jump to the sight for each passing bullets. This thing alone would solve the whole OP imbalance issue with the optics vs ironsight by at least 80%. That's because naturally optics would have a bigger flinch than the iron-sight because of their zoom that they have, while the flinch on iron-sight wouldn't be that noticeable. So it's not just me saying this, I can't stress this enough how last night I played, and just people in my squad even, just random people complaining that playing against optics in this game is just absolute nightmare, the iron-sights are just a joke if you want to go up against the optics because of no suppression. Spraying anything with a machine-gun is useless, the whole shooting in the game right now is about twitch-single firing targets, just point-shoot tap-tap-tap everyone on the battlefield using optics and the target is down. So I just wanted to say, that Darkest Hour 44-45 (mod for RO1) had absolutely perfect level of flinch/jump to the iron sight while being under fire, and seriously it's the only thing left in Squad that I'm needing so much right now, I'm so glad the devs are improving the player movement, animations, peripherial vision of the optics reduced, all this to be more realistic, really glad for all these things that they're doing. But if only the game had this slight flinch/jump for incoming bullets, this alone would make me immensely happy, I absolutely loved that feature in DH 44-45 mod both from the receiving end and as a shooter ie suppressing enemies using an MG is very effective in that mod. And such little feature would improve the gunplay in Squad a huge deal by probably at least 200%. There'd be a whole lot new meaning to the optics with having this feature and thus not being so OP, they'd then be seeking more hidden positions to shoot from and try to get unexposed (as any rifleman with an optic in RL would do), and not like currently just charging head on straight and using the optic shoot everything that moves even though an MG is spraying hundred of bullets at you ->
  8. Devs please add ability for SL to lock spawning on the rally point. How many times one says to not use all the spawns on it and people will do anyway, and sometimes the SL can't just spawn yet because he's not dead yet and he's somewhere far away from the squad unable to get to them (this is where other squad members always use the last spawn on the RP because they see SL not dead). So if the SL was able to lock the last spawn on the RP that way the squads wouldn't be constantly losing their RP even though their RP didn't get run over by enemies. It would alleviate tons of problems trying to tell everyone not to spawn because it just never works. Another good thing about it would be so that SL could hold everyone's spawn and thus by unlocking it he'd have everyone spawn together and thus much easier to regroup. And of course the prime reason which is that SL would be able to spawn first before everyone else and thus not lose the rally point, like some guy spawns anyway before the SL which happens all the time.
  9. Basically trucks/btrs etc should be used as a transport for troops, but not as something that can immediately and easily morph a squad by placing a rally point RIGHT at the objective, with the small time delay for placing an RP after exiting a vehicle, SLs would seek to place rally points in a lot more safer places BEFORE they enter the objective. Even as little as 10-20 sec would make a huge difference in the way squads just unrealistically rush straight into objectives. Because even as small as 10-20 would force and encourage the SLs to seek to approach the objectives a lot more cautiously.
  10. Please add additional delay for placing an RP after exiting a vehicle. There's a lot of rushing as of right now that everyone is even talking about. And part of the rushing problem is that squads just hop in the vehicles, drive to the objective, hop out, drop a rally which is a highly risky maneuver and which wouldn't happen in real life in such a way where they'd be able to magically morph an entire squad into it. In real life there'd be a lot more careful approach to the objective before they enter it, and not rush to it like it happens every time in Squad (because it's unfavourable not to do so when you can just quickly place a rally and spawn everyone into it). If you had a delay for placing RP after exiting vehicle (not a huge one, say for instance only like 30 sec), then we would have exactly this -> it would be too risky to just drive straight into an objective and place rally point because what if within that 30 seconds the SL gets killed? He'd then lose the postion. So basically it would just not create so many unrealistic behaviours where squads just drive right into objectives, drop a rally safely and all of sudden everyone spawns in there out of nowhere (not realistic that a vehicle has got only ie 4 seats, but you're able to suddenly morph a whole squad there after you drove like 500m from the main base). If there was this 30 second delay after exiting a vehicle, then squads would want to approach the objectives from a distance and rather advancing it on foot as an infantry. It would encourage squads to disembark outside the objective just like most likely it would happen in real life, where then they would start advancing the objective on foot with the support of those vehicles, but not rush crazy style by driving the vehicles right into an objective and placing a rally straight away, because that is what's happening right now and it's silly. I'd absolutely love that because it would create a lot more infantry advancing on foot occurrences... rather than quick get out of vehicle, drop a rally and just both teams getting themselves into a huge cluster-f*ck inside the objective on every single map.
  11. Please enable SL to lock their RP

    Yea and I'm kinda flabbergasted of anyone being so pessimistic like as if it would add to the SL tasks, it's not like for any SL that would be a required thing for them to do, it would be only IF THEY WANT TO, but they don't have to, and would be just hugely handy for them to lock them which would save tons of miscommunication trying to tell others not to spawn which fails most of the time. Also often SL is too busy to even tell not to spawn because they might be still alive and fighting, but if they could lock it, that would lift a huge weight off their mind trying to make sure nobody spawns on the RP when in fact players will do that anyway whenever SL is not looking and still fighting. Obviously the RP would get unlocked if the SL drops/disconnects.
  12. After we just finished one round, as we launched the next map (AAS), half the server left. There was like at least 10 objectives all over the map, all to be capped one by one by both sides. And within a minute or two, the server was dead. Please make all these huge maps to have a checkpoint (initial spawn) in the middle of the map for both sides, so that both teams are spawning opposite sides of each other from the middle objective, while all the other previous objectives already being pre-capped as there is no reason for to spend the first 10 minutes of the game upon the start, capping all these objectives that take ages to capture. Another thing, is please make objectives to be captured quicker on maps that are INVASION. Why? Because that is different than AAS. On Invasion you should pretty much go all the way through the entire map. But it almost never happens because of how long it takes to capture one objective. And we almost never go through all of objectives on the map (sometimes the attacking force even lose upon the first objective and never push further). Even when we secured an objective, everyone just sat there around waiting forever, and everyone was saying that it takes ages to cap. So if you have AAS that only have like 4-5 objectives on the map, sure -> the capping time should be longer. But there's absolutely no reason the INVASION maps that have like more than 5 objectives, to have the same capping time as the AAS that has fewer objectives. With having slightly faster capping times for the INVASION maps with lots of objectives, it would play a lot more smoother, and overall more dynamic and not get stalemated so much which gets the gameplay very lumbersome.
  13. There would've been no difference to how the match plays out with either the back-objectives being precapped or not, except that it would save tons of time spending around capping them. In all of those matches, the squads go forward to the middle and start placing FOBs there, this is what they do anyway, and they try to secure the middle objectives while only a few guys are capping those back objectives which just delays the whole battle from finally to being actually initiated. Instead it creates a whole lot of waiting before the teams finally meet each other, and it becomes more and more painful the more maps you play again and again. And even worse when some squad decides to intercept the enemy team and block their back-objective from being capped. Which absolutely such thing shouldn't happen and it just creates chaos. Invasion, just slightly faster capping time and it would be a whole lot more fluid to go through all these caps. The AAS require to actualy secure the area around just as the title says itself, so it's alright for caps to take longer. But Invasion there is no reason for capping to take such a long time when you still have 8 more caps to go through, it's just too slow.
  14. Teamwork incentive

    And actually less suppression when you're with your squad also stands for firepower as well, not just for morale. In my opinion there should be a simulation of 4 main attributes when being with your squad. These attributes are often found in strategy games. But I strongly believe, that with the modern technology of gaming, these attributes are worthy of being in some way simulated in an fps game such as SQUAD and still being portrayed in a realistic way (so that there's no exaggerated boosts such as more health and things like that). And these 4 main attributes are -> - Morale (which in some way the stamina boost represents it) - Firepower (less suppression) - Stealth (able to conceal yourself with ie some sheet of leaves under grass) - Communication - this imo should be represented in a way so that any lone wolf is not able to see any of the enemy markers on the map. This in some way simulates the fact that when you're not with your squad in real life, the general communication and intel are vastly reduced.
  15. Teamwork incentive

    For me the radius in which you'd get these advantages would be sufficiently large, at least like 60-70m really. But I like this idea, only I just would like if also there was some sort of a stealth element when being within the squad radius. Because the stamina and less suppression would sort of resemble morale, and we also need the stealth element. So for the stealth element, I wish in Squad you coud press a button in which the player goes into a "HIDE" mode. In this hide mode, the player would be covered with some extra sheet of camouflaged net of woven leaves on top of the player, and it would take at least a few seconds for the player to become covered in such a hidden net of leaves. And that advantage would only become available when you're with the squad so that the whole squad can conceal themselves when either some enemy vehicle approaches or even as an ambush against enemy infantry.
  16. November 2017 Recap

    Devs thank you for everything but after v10, when you work on suppression mechanics, just at least a tiny bit of sway-jump for each flying buillet please... (as visual effects do very little in preventing enemies easily returning fire) That one thing alone is what gets me buzzing in fps games, I just love being suppressed both from a receiver end even just for an immersion and being an MG gunner and effectively suppressing enemy in which they actually duck for cover while I'm shooting at them and not feel like being constantly sniped the second I start firing an MG. This tiny sway-jump suppression is all I want, I'd be so eager to come back to this game and play full of it again if this one thing alone was added....
  17. I've stopped playing Squad some time ago because of optics dominating the game and for a long time I've been asking for a tiny sway-jump suppression system that would affect your aim when bullets are flying by. I had given up trying after being told that the devs are working on it and most likely will add it to the game as it's still in alpha. So I saw an announcement for the Alpha v10 and when I clicked a youtube video about the v10 Preview The first comment straight away it says: "And machineguns won't even be at their best with V10 since there is no major suppression overhaul. They are going to be even more insane with future updates. " And it had 12 likes and now it's got 20. When we had a voting poll on the forum to have more suppression, the majority also voted for yes. So on one hand you've got majority of people that agree that optics are too OP such as it clearly shows here in this video that player is completely unaffected by the incoming bullets and thus MGs are useless at laying any fire. And yet then there's these people that completely ignore the fact that there's a huge difference between real life and a game where they basically say that laying suppressive fire should merely be a fear factor of being hit like in the response to that comment on YT. And in a computer game it completely doesn't work, in theory yes, but in practice such as in game the players won't fear of being hit and thus will continue to return fire such as shown in the video above. Here's an example of Darkest Hour 44-45 mod suppression-sway system for each bullets passing by, and as you can see it does not affect the ironsights as much, and the firefights are then more intense and dynamic rather than quick pop-pop-bam-dead, and it does affect the optics much more, making it way more difficult to aim using the optic while under fire. And this is what really bothers me, and really makes Squad unplayable for me for what it is. I saw in the steam announcement that instead they are adding more permanent zoom increase when aiming down the sights of the ironsights... When in fact this will give little to no result in the way ironsights have a chance against the optics. At best it'll increase only by 5% of chance of ironsights countering the optics. Whereas adding even just a tiny bit of sway-jump for bullets passing by would improve the chances of iron-sights of probably at least 50% to 80% more against the optics. And even still the optics would still have a huge upper-hand against the iron-sights (whenever they are unnoticed and are firing from a good position, and this is how it should be). And the optics will continue to be OP and machine guns do very little in terms of suppression unless you mean some "fear of being hit" which is bogus really, the MG gunner without suppression they will drop dead within a few seconds of firing, I've never fired an MG in Squad for longer than a few seconds, cause the optics will vritually pick anything off, even while being under heavy fire they will still pick out any MG easily... This is my only post. I'm not going to respond like all these responses on YT and the posts I've had in my other threads about suppression where they just can't stop saying "Do you have sway in real life if you get shot at?????????????" Which totally does not corresponds with the fact that it's a game, and that because of the lack of suppression mechanics, there's an unrealistic behaviour coming from it which results in an extremely laser-precision like arcadey gunplay that is in Squad. However I would appreciate a response from a dev.
  18. Teamwork incentive

    Also if we had a proper sway-suppression mechanic, where your aiming is slightly jumping while bullets are flying by which I would really love to have (like it's in Darkest Hour 44-45 mod). Then by being in a vicinity of the SL, not only you'd have the stamina boost morale, but also the sway-suppression would be slightly less when you're with the SL.
  19. Dear devs, I joined the game today for few rounds after months of not playing to see if it has changed much. Impressed with many visual stuff, but played a few maps and on each one was won by the team having more optics than the other. When I wrote on the server everyone agreed with me. That I have absolutely no trouble dropping off guys one by one using my scoped rifle. Whereas riflemen are completely useless to even start firing at me. So I have been complaining about this issue and I'd like to implore you to solve this boggling problem that is seriously affecting the gunplay in this game. As there is no chance to stand against any optic rifleman. I still hope that the only reason you haven't upped the sway for all the weapons (because it is so ridiculously low even when the stamina is out) is because you haven't implemented the weapon-resting-over-objects feature yet. Where the sway would be at least 3x times higher than now especially when after running, and only resting weapons over objects such as wall you would have a minimal sway like you do have now (which is totally unrealistic while standing up). And the suppression system. I implore you to take a look that a tiny jump of the sight for each bullet passing by is a stellar of a feature. It essentially affects the scoped riflemen the most. Because while your sceen is zoomed in, you're bound to have the jump higher than just looking down the iron sight. And this is where the gunplay wouldn't resort to this unrealistic run'n'gun using the optic rifle but only seeking carefully hidden positions and try to stay uncovered. Obviously the zoomed in view outside the optic is also adding up to the whole overpowered-optics issue... Not as much as the lack of suppression effects for whizzing bullets but still I'd be happy with the way Post Scriptum:The Bloody Seventh has done just a blacked out view outside the optic as it is way more realistic than having a zoomed view outside it. I hope making this post I'm not just wasting my time writing this. And that Squad eventually on the full release WILL have a proper balanced gunplay that is largely based on the suppression where it is ACTUALLY effective, and not optic riflemen completely picking everyone off one by one so easily that is now.
  20. Animation system, better penalty system for getting hit, tiny flinch of a sight for flying bullets past your head, Resting weapons over objects which would increase the general sway for all the weapons when standing up position or right after running (except for prone and crouch), blurred vision outside the optic so no more unrealistic, exploitative zoomed view outside the optic.
  21. The game is not finished yet and already looks quite great, but as we know sometimes what defines the greatness is the mechanics especially gunplay wise and not always the way it looks. So while the devs are going to rework the player character's animations and since the gunplay in SQUAD is sort of severly lacking compared to other games (IE with things like optics totally being overpowering) I dearly ask for the following please: - Resting weapons over objects (this might be confirmed already) With this, we can increase the general sway for all the weapons when standing up position or right after running (except for prone and crouch) as it is too easy to run in the open and suddenly turn 180 and pick out the enemies already firing at you, just too many times this happened to me easily, and happens too often in this game. - Suppression effect of a tiny jump to the sight for each bullet whizzing by your head. It just would be awesome even on the receiving end for immersion. It prolongs the firefights, and the standard iron-sighted riflemen then could effectively suppress enemy scoped riflemen. Scopes would have to seek for good positions to fire from and not being so overpowering as it's now where they can run in the open, suddenly stop in the middle of flying bullets and start picking out enemies one by one. No blur is ever going to stop returning accurate fire therefore a tiny jump is highly valued. I only ask for these two and the game would be totally playable for me. Well maybe if only there was some better solution to the optics not having an entire screen zoomed in like perhaps having the outside the optic view blurred so it doesn't give you an unrealistic advantage.
  22. My wish for the next update devs please

    ^^^ If only SQUAD had some of these mechanics like exactly this kind of flinch from getting hit then there would be no more complaining about optics being so OP in SQUAD.
  23. My wish for the next update devs please

    No that's not true. You don't press the trigger when you're in the process of trying to aim at someone. You want to aim at a target and then press the trigger. Not pressing the trigger while trying to aim. Why would anyone want to deliberately start pressing a trigger while trying to aim at someone that doesn't make any sense. I was running across the river and they spotted me first, as you can see it does not stop me returning accurate fire while in the open and picking them out enemies hiddden behind sandbags. All it needs is this sort of tiny jump ->
  24. My wish for the next update devs please

    No, without any penalties for getting hit and jumping effect for whizzing bullets, scopes will have a ridiculous advantage over iron-sights to the point where shooting at a scoped rifleman is pointless. A scoped rifleman is going to ignore you shooting at him and will pick you out always sooner. With the jumping effect, the scoped riflemen would only be effective when hidden and unexposed since any bullets whizzed by would cause his aiming to be unsteady.
  25. My wish for the next update devs please

    The FOV of the optic is also another problem that gives an unfair advantage. Great post. My post wasn't directed at you it was to the poster above you.