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  1. Animation system, better penalty system for getting hit, tiny flinch of a sight for flying bullets past your head, Resting weapons over objects which would increase the general sway for all the weapons when standing up position or right after running (except for prone and crouch), blurred vision outside the optic so no more unrealistic, exploitative zoomed view outside the optic.
  2. My wish for the next update devs please

    ^^^ If only SQUAD had some of these mechanics like exactly this kind of flinch from getting hit then there would be no more complaining about optics being so OP in SQUAD.
  3. My wish for the next update devs please

    No that's not true. You don't press the trigger when you're in the process of trying to aim at someone. You want to aim at a target and then press the trigger. Not pressing the trigger while trying to aim. Why would anyone want to deliberately start pressing a trigger while trying to aim at someone that doesn't make any sense. I was running across the river and they spotted me first, as you can see it does not stop me returning accurate fire while in the open and picking them out enemies hiddden behind sandbags. All it needs is this sort of tiny jump ->
  4. My wish for the next update devs please

    No, without any penalties for getting hit and jumping effect for whizzing bullets, scopes will have a ridiculous advantage over iron-sights to the point where shooting at a scoped rifleman is pointless. A scoped rifleman is going to ignore you shooting at him and will pick you out always sooner. With the jumping effect, the scoped riflemen would only be effective when hidden and unexposed since any bullets whizzed by would cause his aiming to be unsteady.
  5. My wish for the next update devs please

    The FOV of the optic is also another problem that gives an unfair advantage. Great post. My post wasn't directed at you it was to the poster above you.
  6. My wish for the next update devs please

    I'm talking about a suppression effect, suppressive fire is a completely different term. Having no effect at all certainly does not represent the real life natural instinctive reaction to the bullet snaps. Meaning your aiming ability would certainly be affected to some degree compared to shooting without flying bullets passing by you. So I don't want this thread to be derailed by you any further by you trying to convince me that the gunplay mechanics should be as bleak as possible where the scoped riflemen totally ignore any oncoming fire onto them and can pick you out easily while standing in the open. I just wanted to leave this here and either the devs will decide to add it or not. Then I'll be either very happy and as many others who will find the benefit of it by finding the engagements way more interesting as well as more balanced in terms of optics vs iron-sights or I'll be sad. So don't derail the thread anymore pls trying to tell me how suppression effect is not needed when it clearly is needed because no mere blur in-game is going to stop me returning accurate fire.
  7. The game is not finished yet and already looks quite great, but as we know sometimes what defines the greatness is the mechanics especially gunplay wise and not always the way it looks. So while the devs are going to rework the player character's animations and since the gunplay in SQUAD is sort of severly lacking compared to other games (IE with things like optics totally being overpowering) I dearly ask for the following please: - Resting weapons over objects (this might be confirmed already) With this, we can increase the general sway for all the weapons when standing up position or right after running (except for prone and crouch) as it is too easy to run in the open and suddenly turn 180 and pick out the enemies already firing at you, just too many times this happened to me easily, and happens too often in this game. - Suppression effect of a tiny jump to the sight for each bullet whizzing by your head. It just would be awesome even on the receiving end for immersion. It prolongs the firefights, and the standard iron-sighted riflemen then could effectively suppress enemy scoped riflemen. Scopes would have to seek for good positions to fire from and not being so overpowering as it's now where they can run in the open, suddenly stop in the middle of flying bullets and start picking out enemies one by one. No blur is ever going to stop returning accurate fire therefore a tiny jump is highly valued. I only ask for these two and the game would be totally playable for me. Well maybe if only there was some better solution to the optics not having an entire screen zoomed in like perhaps having the outside the optic view blurred so it doesn't give you an unrealistic advantage.
  8. I've seen this so many times playing Squad and frankly the lack of any penalty for getting hit like loss of steady aim or bigger sway has turned me off from playing. And I so wish the devs would add an unsteady aim which would make a slight jump for your sight with each bullet passing by.
  9. LMG

    Are you kidding, the sound on the squad channel is hearable by everyone. And when I inform to my squadmates about the enemy in the building,second floor whatever it is so quick and easy, every one of my squadmates always gets the message. Therefore any marking on less than 100m are absolutely pointless since you can just either describe the building or tell the bearing. Whereas spotting targets for an HMG gunner on 500m distances is a whole different story.
  10. LMG

    But how much more effective it is to just tell squadmates enemy in the building ahead on the second floor etc. There is absolutely no point making a 3d marker just for the building that is so close to me when I can just describe it to my squadmate. Whereas targets on 500m sorry but that is impossible to precisely pin-point the enemy position by talking on the mic. This is why it would make much more sense if 3d spotting would only be possible above a certain distance (like 200m), and not under like it's now where is totally unnecessary and pointless to use.
  11. There have been at least 10 threads about how overpowering the US/RUS is due to the surplus of optics. And the thread after thread wouldn't continue to arise every week if the US/RUS hands down didn't totally dominate the Militia/INS with an absolute ease. Not the other way round because first of all steamroll is a such an imprecise word and a broad generalization. Everytime Militia/INS manages to win, everyone could call it a steamroll as well but usually that's a matter of taking out one crucial enemy FOB by some sneaky maneuver (often that isn't even defended at all) and as a result the enemy easily loses the forward positions and thus getting "steamrolled". But in reality they get slaughtered in every firefight and that's what makes them win only perhaps 1 or 2 matches every 10 matches and when they do, they never push the US all the way to the Rail Docks on First Light, whereas the US team almost everytime easily pushes all the way to the Village or the Mechanic Shop on the Logar Valley etc. In fact this so called "steamrolling" on the US is so extreme, that the US team tends to even attack the Militia/INS main base where they can't even get out of the main because they are so powerless. This is to what a great extent when the US team is "steamrolling" and not the other way round.
  12. That's true although quickly tiring. Because of how much frustration and effort you have to go through first in order to win.
  13. Well the over 300 tickets won matches by the US everytime just speak for themselves. And just what a totally walk in the park is to win playing the US/Russian team. Whereas when by some sheer luck the Militia/INS manage to win, the best they can hope for is this kind of score --> Notice how despite the win, the US still have way more kills racked up than the Militia. And that is a relatively close-distance map so technically the iron-sights should have an advantage but they don't, the humvees don't play a huge role on the First Light map either, so it's a clear evidence of how optics totally overpower the game. So if someone is going to tell me how kills are not a huge part of getting win, that kind of argument is totally invalid as shown in the screenshots.
  14. Playing as a militia/INS unless you're an optic, it's like being masochistic, whereas playing as US/Russian team is like being sadistic. If someone enjoys being a cannon fodder by getting constantly sniped out of nowhere then by all means.
  15. Please only by adding more suppression effect system such as jittery-jumping iron sight for whizzing bullets and more sway and more penalties for getting hit is the way for balancing gunplay inconsistencies. Not adding even more super weapons like some artillery, guns or whatever. But the mechanics of the weapon handling is the core cause of optics being so unnaturally overpowering! When you have jumping sight for each bullet whizzing by, the optic immediately goes into cover after bullets are being poured onto him because of precisely that jumping of sight mechanics. At 9:55 Whereas in here I can just stand in the middle of open and easily pick out enemies one by one that are hiding behing sandbags while firing at me with a continuous fire. If that mechanic was added to SQUAD, that would be impossible. So yea, it's my main gripe with the game right now where the disparity between the optics and iron-sights is just way too huge because of the lack of these crucial mechanics. When I hear that some LATs added to Militia and INS are going to change anything in terms of balance.... It is such a huge misconception that I'm just losing my hope for the game if someone really thinks that by adding some more special weapons is going to balance this huge disparity between the optics vs iron-sights... Also dabbling with things like higher stamina or respawn to one side is such a bad and gamey idea. If just Squad had all these weapon and suppression mechanics that Darkest Hour 44-45 even though the mod is quite old, all the problems of optics being so OP and dominating every single iron-sighted rifleman would be totally gone. Because the optic would then become useless when bullets are being poured onto him and only would be useful when being in cover and supporting the weapon over objects (standing upright would have a huge sway when not resting over objects). Summing it up, there is many weapon mechanics unfinished, even the recoil should be higher than it currently is. Right now after I fire the M4, the sight goes almost right back to when I was firing and that does not create any learning curve whatsoever, it is just way too easy to aim. As well as the penalty for getting hit.. the list just goes on and on for the weapon and suppression mechanics that just needs to be in the game which are currently absent.