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  1. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    I've made a thread about this that there should be ability to lock the rally point. And no matter what people tell you that the SL should constantly be telling their squad to not use the last spawns. They are wrong and it should not be pain in the a** to do that everytime and a lot of the times people do it anyway and use the last spawn and this feature would be super useful.
  2. Devs why the peripherial vision outside the optic has got so little blur? From this video for instance, I can see everything perfectly outside the optic still. And that is one of the biggest factors that make the optics so OP in this game. I understand that you can't make the peripherials not being zoomed in when you look through the optic (in other word you can't make only the optic part being zoomed in), due to the performance being affected. But then if it's not possible to only have the optic part being zoomed in, then at least the peripherials should be a lot more impossible to see, because having that little blur everyone can still see too clearly and thus the optics being way too OP... Please tell me the peripherial vision having so little blur was only for the test. And that in the full v10 release, players won't be able to exploit and see everything so easily outside the optic reticles...
  3. Hypothetical Squad Milsim?

    This whole casual arcade shooter vs "realistic" milsim is a false dialectic. Both are ultimately meaningless and useless; because Squad adopts aspects from both to forge something idealistic. Whereas milisims would avoid certain mechanics like showing things on the screen which in real life doesn't happen and they claim this is "realism", but actually these mechanics like the suppression system is necessary to make the game feel realistic overall, and this is what's the most important, so that the outcome of the firefights don't end up everyone picking off each other in seconds and acting like cyborgs with super precision where flying bullets don't affect you. Because everyone forgets that a player behind a computer is totally different than a soldier in RL being in the middle of combat, and this kind of stress cannot be translated easily into a game without these crucial mechanics. This is why these aspects such as suppression mechanical effects are necessary to achieve realistic gameplay.
  4. The FOB is often placed in buildings or in places where it's continuously spammed by the enemies and there's nowhere else to spawn. In real life you don't have entire units in one single building, the forces are spread all over the area and this is what the rally points simulate. They also secure the FOB in which otherwise without the RPs it would become a one giant spam killing fest.
  5. I never said they are realistic. It's a computer game, you cannot achieve real life "moving forces" of the back up units without mechanics that might seem "gamey" in order to achieve a realistic effect. Same thing is with the flinch for flying bullets, you cannot have a gunplay that behaves realistically close to RL without certain in-game mechanics such as the suppression effects.
  6. I can say the same about your contradiction that you feel like having a laser-accuracy under fire like non-flinching robots is what's "realistic" and you're talking about your own flinch which doesn't exist, because no one is going to flinch on their own playing a computer game no matter what audio or blur on the screen while you're shooting at an enemy. And if there was a delay for placing a rally point after exiting a vehicle then it wouldn't be "Star Trek transporter system", but it would work as its real purpose is supposed to be which is -> simulating the reserve of the units that follow the trail path of the squad. Besides the majority of 75% voting for no in this poll speaks for itself. And btw calling for more suppression mechanics such as in-game flinch which in turn would make the gunplay feel more realistic is also the majority. Such as in the latest poll about suppression or even the comment in that video that has the highest number of likes just after a few days of posting -> "And machineguns won't even be at their best with V10 since there is no major suppression overhaul."
  7. Driving a truck behing enemy lines, placing a magical bunker of a HAB and spawning a whole team into it is even more magical than rally point in which simulates the "reinforcements" that follow the trail of the squad and are just behind it, and most importantly the fact that rally point so easily disappears if only enemy steps anywhere near it, whereas the super-FOBs which turns into alien vs predator syndrome turns it into a stupid spawn-killing fest. Rally point is the best thing that this game has and should never be removed. It's part of the micro-command and individual squad tasks.
  8. FOB is also a magic construction where magically spawns an entire team. Rally point is even more realistic in a way that is simulating a moving frontline of individual squads pushing forward.
  9. You want a game where it would be just about FOB vs FOB that are some 200m away. How incredible insipid is that kind of logic when in fact the RP is what keeps the game dynamic and busy. I wouldn't even feel the need to be in squad if there was no rally point. Hopefully no one is taking such asinine idea seriously.
  10. God can't believe that some people calling for removing the RP completely. What a bad idea that would be. You need the RP even for simple tasks such as subjugating and conquering enemy's FOBs, otherwise there would be no chance of conquering enemy's FOBS. But again having additional delay for placing RP after exiting a vehicle would slow down the gameplay and force the SL to exit the vehicle earlier before they enter the objective.
  11. The INVASION vs AAS

    People are not wanting to stay at the defending objective because it's incredibly desolate, vapid and boring thing to do on any of the bigger maps such as Gorodok or Yehorivka. You can spend 10 minutes or more defending and not a single enemy being in sight. These bigger maps would make more sense as invasion maps.
  12. A10 is great and all, but...

    I'd be against any more limitations to the rally point like unavailability, they already go down too easily. The only thing I'd go for is 10 second delay on that rally for each enemy within 100m.
  13. POLL - v10

    More weapon mechanics, mechanical suppression flinch, sway and things like that also create more learning curve, currently without any of these mechanics that is in Squad I find absolutely no problem to drop-dead few soldiers in one-shot in a matter of couple seconds. It's way too easy to aim everything with the scope in this game. Because with the flinch like that is in DH 44-45 mod I can still manage to shoot enemies but it's obviously a lot harder than without the in-game flinch. It takes time to perfect it.
  14. POLL - v10

    My last post on this subject, this is never the case though, it's a computer game and it's never going to instinctually make you flinch (like it does in RL), not unless there's an in-game mechanic flinch which yes "does that for you" but it simulates the fact that in real life the flinch happens to be on the soldier a lot more than what you'd ever experience in game even if you'd turn up the volume so the bullets would blast your ears or no matter what visual effects it's got. It's just never the case. This is why the mechanical flinch is necessary to simulate and have the same gunplay-results that you'd usually have in real life, without it the optics on an open-game like Squad are just going to completely dominate the battlefield.
  15. POLL - v10

    You cannot flinch on your own in-game, to have flying bullets in real life is completely different than flying bullets in-game no matter what audio or visual effects you have on the screen. That's what the in-game flinch mechanic is for. Someone that disagrees with this is clearly in denial and wants to keep this Squad optic-oriented game to continue in this direction instead of firefights based on squad's coordinated suppressive fire. With the flinch the iron-sights wouldn't feel like a total cannon-fodder that is now, where even attempting to fire at an optic is a waste of time.