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  1. Well that's not true there's been actually other people here on the forum suggesting first about less tickets for the FOB and I agree with them. But yes oTec I agree this would be a great idea to have a timer of how many fobs you can place in a certain time. And it's a far better solution than just charging and "punishing" team of 20 tickets and just saying stuff like "well if the team is not defending their fob then most rightously they should lose 20 tickets". That's bull because it's virtually impossible to keep fob guarded AT ALL TIMES, there will almost always be times when the fob is undefended because of such vast maps that have so many objectives to go to. And no one is going to stay at the fob for the next 10 minutes just because someone might attack it or not.
  2. Please make the FOB/HAB either 10 seconds or more for every player nearby instead of 5 seconds or completely disabled if 3 or 4 enemies are near it. This spawncamping of the HAB is ludicrous should not happen. And also imo it doesn't make sense for FOB to cost 20 tickets when lost. Destroying an enemy FOB already gives a huge advantage to the other team because you've now lost your valuable spawnpoint and it already hurts the other team in a huge way. But the fact is that it makes no sense for it to lose 20 tickets because most of the times FOBs go down while no one is watching as it's impossible to always defend it when you have to attack and defend many objectives on a huge map and defend FOBs at the same time. So that's why most of the time they go down completely effortlessly and that doesn't make sense to lose 20 tickets because the other team didn't even make any effort taking it out while no one is watching. If I had my own way I'd make the FOBs not cost anything. But at least you could reduce it to 10 tickets and not 20 tickets.
  3. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    Yea the FOBs are way too OP, from countless of my games perhaps only 20%-30% of the time the FOB actually successfully goes down, the other 70% of the time it's impossible to take out a FOB. I think the devs should tweak not 10 second for every player nearby but 20 seconds. This would allow to take out the FOBs much easier.
  4. A secondary rally point

    Rybec you can regroup with your squad easily with 2 rally points in Darkest Hour 44-45 because there's always only 1 rally point out of the 2 active at a time. So 2 rally points work it just depends how they are implemented. And they have a restriction of a certain distance to one another so that you can't put another rally point closer than a set distance like 100m or 200m. In DH you can only put another rally point if it's further than 100m from the other rally point. Moreover the rally points go down very easily even by just shooting at them or from an explosion. And that way by having 2 rally points on larger maps it doesn't feel like there's no other means of spawning if you lost your rally point because the second one simulates the back up reserve units that are usually kept behind.
  5. So 10.1 another update is out and...

    It's not true that it's the need of the few. Many are desperate for this function cause they cannot play the game without a pain and I was already asking for this way before v10. And to the other guy why you must wall-paste a text that has got nothing to do with the subject of this thread.
  6. Still no seperate mouse sensitivity like requested and it just feels like devs don't care and talking to a wall. Will you please add a seperate mouse sensitivity for normal game movements and a seperate one when aiming down sights... I already click dpi button all the time and I cannot play the game where I have to click it constantly whenever I want to turn my body around and then start aiming again. I just can't believe that it is such a huge demanding request that cannot be added so I can finally play the game again as I can't play without it because my carpal tunnel hurts bad when I have to turn the body around and click dpi button all the time to turn easier. At least it would be helpful at what point are you going to finally add it, like is it going to be 10.2, 10.3 or 11v whatever. Just if you could at least tell me how long do I have to wait for it so I can play the game again... Thank you.
  7. A secondary rally point

    Majority of you are cynical people and just always nay-sayers that do not understand that rally points basically could be placeable only every 100m or even 150m or 200m, that way there's no issue of being too powerful, because it's another rally point it's far away anyway BUT it does replicate the realistic frontline of forces being kept in the back of the line. In real life if you overrun enemy position there's almost always more enemies to be met behind enemy lines. In Darkest Hour 44-45 there are 2 rally points that you can place every 100m and it works. By having 2 rally points there's lesser chance that your unit will be completely wiped out. I mean in real life there were almost always back up forces that are kept as a reserve that quickly counterattacked any position that they previously lost. With only having 1 rally point the game is overly desolate and it just gets very boring seeing no enemy sometimes for a long period of time.
  8. Disable freelook while using scope

    It's not about your other eye not getting unfocused. It's about the fact that the zoom outside the optic is extremely exploitative and makes the optics overpowering. I never even use the optic when looking at the enemies, most of the time in this game I just use the outside optic to spot enemies since I got a larger POW.
  9. You are so right and we can only have hopes that the devs have plans for to make the game less of a twitch-shooter like it's now and intend to change this with the upcoming suppressing mechanics, hopefully they will add a small sway/flinch for passing bullets which would prolong and improve the firefights by 200%. Squad is one of the most point & shoot games I've ever played right now. And I hated RO2 for exactly this because the devs changed what was great gunplay in RO1 based on cohesive team suppressive fire and flanking etc to a sniping fest with twitch point shooting mechanics where everyone is just picking each other off from the other side of the map. But now Squad is even worse in terms of this sniping fest than RO2 and it just totally disappoints me with this fact at least in its current stage with its shooting mechanics even though all the animations update was great and they did a good job with that but like you said it made it even worse in some ways that's even more of a sniping fest than ever.
  10. Disable freelook while using scope with a zoom in please because it's totally exploitable. Also the blur is not strong enough, it almost does nothing, I can see everything perfectly. The blur should be strong enough so that you're not able to see anything outside the scope to prevent the unrealistic zoom outside of it.
  11. But do you understand that the sensitivity will be still low if I'm not aiming and turning body around unless I click the dpi button all the time??? And I can't be clicking dpi button, I usually end up dead before I click in order to move around 90 degrees, turn to enemy and then click dpi button again to be able to aim at the enemy precisely. Just stop telling me that it's all fine like that and that there doesn't need to be a seperate overall game sensitivity, because it does needs it urgently as I can't currently play without it due to my carpal tunnel pain because of it. Thank you. I mean like shown in the screenshot above it's such a simple feature that's like in the game Darkest Hour 44-45 and yet it isn't in Squad... It's just totally bewildering.
  12. Are you friggin kidding me for this BS that there is no reason to do this ? You are one of those excusers that say everything is ok when my friggin carpal tunnel hurts and I can't play this game simply because they don't bother to add general sensitivity like it's in the game above screenshot? Do not fkn tell me to use dpi button I already mentioned in the first post how in fact I'm forced to click it almost 95% of the time whenever I need to turn the friggin body in Squad, and then when I'm aiming I have to be clicking dpi button again. Which forces me to stop playing cause I just can't deal with my carpal tunnel pain anymore. Stop being this jerk and giving me this disinformation and then adding insult to injury and just leave this thread tatzhit ok ? I don't want you anymore in this thread please? And if you do I'll tell mods to stop you posting in my thread.
  13. That title it's just written a bit unfinished as I typed it quickly, it isn't necessarily all wrong, it's just that I left it incomplete and I've fixed it now. And I just don't get it, how a well established game like Squad can overlook such issue where I literally can't play the game because of my carpal tunnel pain. And with the change of the aiming it's even worse in this update. I wouldn't mind the way it is now if at least you were able to set seperate values for sensitivity for game and aiming down sights like here that is in Darkest Hour 44-45 which btw has less than 1-2 developers working on it and somehow they put into the game without any problem whatsoever ? And yet I can't play Squad because of lack of such simple option ???? There you go, fixed the thread title.
  14. Yea and did you read what this thread is about, that there's no general sensitivity when not aiming ? And that sensitivity is only about aiming so there's no general sensitivity when not aiming down sights.
  15. Yea, even though technically you also use FREELOOK in the vehicle, you don't use Lean left or Lean right in the vehicle so you should be able to set Q or E for leaning right or left and the same key for switching to Driver position, but besides even Freelook key should also work for switching to driver position (if someone for example never uses FREELOOK inside the vehicle but only uses it as infantry and when not being in a vehicle).