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  1. please do not release this patch

    I think 2 is good but if they decide to turn it up to 3 then at least each enemy encroaching it within 100m should add some 20 seconds delay penalty to players spawning on that HAB.
  2. please do not release this patch

    2 players should absolutely disable spawning on the HAB period. No more silly spawnkilling and getting killed as you try to take out the HAB from a magically spawning players inside the HAB.
  3. A12 just got released?

    why there isn't any news on steam which would clear any confusion of people wondering whether this is the actual v12 download.
  4. Alpha 12 Release Trailer

    I'd love a countdown on the forum website for when the update is going to come out like the devs did before with the previous update.
  5. please do not release this patch

    I'm completely sick of HABs in V11 being insurmountable where it's impossible to take it down without spawnkilling occurring. And I'm so sick of being unable to pin down enemy marksmen/optics who pick you out in seconds even though machine guns are pouring hundred of bullets at him and being completely unswayed by it. It rewards solo sniping and marksmanship in general rather than real teamwork cover to cover tactics and firing as a whole squad based on more suppressive fire rather than single snipers twitch-shooting everyone off. It's these two reasons I've stopped playing Squad and really hope V12 is going to change these two with the suppression system and hab changes.
  6. What would you like to see in Squad

    I honestly would like for not everyone to be able to create a squad and be a SL but reach a certain amount of time spent playing the game to at least filter out newbie players who create squads and then ruin the gameplay for others.
  7. The KEY to every argument in SQUAD

    Leave rally points alone... I love muh rallies...
  8. Currently nothing to play, can't play V11 either cause I'm too unhappy with it, can't wait for V12 any more, it's sooo hard to wait ;( Anyone else feels that way....
  9. I'd rather have more mechanical flinch to your sight (which there is none in V11) than the visual effects like the blur. The blur does not stop me from returning accurate fire and the flinch is the most essential part of suppression in balancing firefights between optic vs non-optic weapons. Visual effects are useless in trying to make an optic shooter hit the dirt and take cover, the flinch is what's needed.
  10. Honestly I'm so happy to see the rallies are infinite. Seriously the limited spawns on the rally were so annoying trying to catch that last spawn on it especially as a SL. It made no sense. The way to balance it out is to make encroachment radius for rally bigger like it's been done as well as the lack of ammo also balances so it's not OP. I'd only add that rallies should disappear if someone gets spawnkilled on it (killed within 3-4 seconds of spawning on it).
  11. Suppression is the only thing I'm waiting for in this upcoming update. The firefights should be more interesting and longer-lasting and relied more on suppressing fire rather than one optic picking everyone out while the machine gun is spraying him with bullets. That's the reason the game turned into a sniping fest and the suppression is strongly needed so that the MGs aren't as useless as they are now. The game is really annoying when the optic riflemen can drop you down in seconds regardless of you pouring bullets on him and him being completely unswayed by it. Everyone is complaining how you get sniped out of nowhere constantly, the suppression should help in a way to try to balance the firefights and make MGs as well as normal iron-sighted weapon more relevant in terms of the sheer firepower being more significant vs lone sniping.
  12. The optics are already way more OP than they are in real life. in game you can basically zoom in and only use the outside of the optic vision to spot enemies. The blur that is right now in the current version does not stop me from easily spotting enemies using that peripheral vision outside the optic that is zoomed. In real life not only the optic FOV would be a lot smaller because you can't glue your eye so close to the optic (like it's in the game where you have the optic on the entire screen almost) due to it's recoil and thus injuring your eye, but also you don't have a vision outside the optic zoomed in magically like it does in the game. Yes I know the limitations of the engine that you can't make the outside vision not zoomed in while the optic is. And while the added blur in the last v11 update was a great idea to try to balance it somehow. The blur still does not stop from easily seeing enemies and it makes it way too OP. Sometimes I even only use the outside the optic view to spot enemies rather than the optic itself because there is usually a lot more field of view to see in it and often it's easier (especially with the smaller AK optic). Just need to ramp up the blur slightly to it so it's not actually used to spot enemies like you can now, please.
  13. I would like to know all the specification of the rally point mechanic please when it comes to adding spawn delay for each enemy nearby. What is the maximum distance that 1 enemy adds up to the spawn delay Is it also different values for different distances like 10 sec of delay when much closer like within 50m and only 5 sec when further than 50m and up to 100m ?? What's the maximum range that enemy adds a spawn delay to the rally point. And also if there are any changes to the delay encroachment penalties in the new update then how much of penalties are going to be in the new update or will it be the same ?
  14. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    No rally points in Post Scriptum made me extremely sad and disappointed to the point I've refunded the game. Spawning a whole team on trucks really sucks imo.
  15. Do you realise that even if a medic revives 1-2 guys, the scoped rifleman can kill up to sometimes 3x, 4x even times more than average standard no-scope rifleman. This is because the way zoom with the optics work in this game is done that is extremely easy to get kills with it. In other games zoomed optics are a lot harder to use, therefore in Squad you actually want your squad to opt for scopes rather than medic even. The fact of the matter is that optics in this game behave wayy too powerful and are just too OP, there's very little sway, no penalty from suppression/getting hit and numerous other missing mechanics which makes the optics just too powerful in this game to the point that it actually makes your squad more powerful to have more optics over a medic even.