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  1. Dramatic Stuttering v9.5

    Had same issue, upgraded ram from 8gb to 16gb. No longer an issue
  2. 8 GB ram not enough?

    Had stutters at startup and heavy combat with 8 gigs ram. Upgraded to 16 gigs now there is no issue.
  3. High CPU usage (95% - 100%) and freezes

    I have a I5 4670k, 8 gigs ram, and r9 290 3 gigs. I have the same issue with freezing, lowering shadows helped a bit, but still freezes often. Mainly yeho and goro cause it. Lowering settings doesn't eliminate it either. It happens a lot in those tense moments of close combat, which is why i don't play squad a lot anymore.
  4. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    May god have mercy on our souls.
  5. Thank you

    The environments are gorgeous, the maps look great, and the gameplay matches that project reality feeling and exceeds it imho. The sound of the btr firing from medium distance is the best part of this game right now. Knowing 30mm cannons, spgs, tanks, and mortars are coming makes the anticipation of hearing them even more exciting! Anders, keep up the amazing work!
  6. btr-80 doors, hatches and firing ports

    I could be mistaken, however is there no coaxial gun enabled for the btr? It seemed to be modeled on earlier screenshots.
  7. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Basrah came out really early in PR's timeline. If you want to keep the same layout I would say add in lots of terrain dips, irrigation canals, and fields to make up for the flatness. ( There always was something to hide behind in the open desert in PR version.
  8. [Mod idea] PR soundtrack

    Project Reality's v.3 main menu music is by far still one of my favorites.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly8vUaEkCjI It was used in the xtract trailer which coincidentally became the background video for the menu.
  9. Alpha 3.8 Released

    Good fps gain from this update thanks! Turning feels smooth graphically. Any chance of larger player server limits to test?
  10. Absolutely beautiful map, plays great so far.
  11. Larger than 72 players?

    Game seems stable at 72, when can we test out larger numbers?
  12. How will view distance be balanced once helicopters are added

    Battlefield 4 has really good view distances, just because you see the chopper doesn't mean you can engage it/it engage you. The surprise factor is going to rely on map making/terrain management. Sound is very important too, which is what I'm looking forward to the most.
  13. Starwars.. my god..

    On the fence, game looks awesome and beta played pretty well. Dropping more than $100 on a video game is excessive, however battlefield 4 although not worth the total price paid was really enjoyable.
  14. Russian plane Airbus A321 Discussion

    View this event from a world perspective. Russia increased their opposition to a western attempt to remove the current government of Syria.A Russian airliner with many russian civilians goes down in the near region.Obviously an event like this has many facets to it, but anyone knowledgeable on the events should see the obvious. Geopolitics/current events should IMHO be avoided on these forums, it only leads to conflict and invites people who get paid to represent various factions online to argue,derail, and inflame conversation. There are plenty of better suited websites to discuss this. Squad is a community, let's not dirty it.
  15. Project Reality: BF2 v1.3.5 Released!

    Grozny is a great addition to pr, overall good update. Fix the vehicle turrets though, jesus 3 steps forwards in general and 1 step back with that implementation. I understand the thought behind the system, but vehicles were so good (insert grumpy resistance to change rant here). Find some good buddies and play some pr.