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  1. Yes, a good Point.
  2. I miss that Option when i Play Scout or sniper.
  3. faced a super fob on logar valley in a match just 20 minutes ago. americans build a huuuuge super fob with hundreds of sandbags on the northern residence compound..and they lost the game with 170 tickets. they must had spend the whole match to build it up and use it 90% of the time only as a mortar fire base. i played as a scout and planted many mines on the main road between the fob and us main base. the mines killed 3 logi trucks and 1 humvee. one ied placed on a abandoned logi truck did not went off, placed it under the logi and the ied disappeared. and i had the whole time not one single enemy contact in the american hinterland. these guys was not aware of what happens more than 100 meters away from their sandbag castle. i was 3 times directly on the walls and toss hand grenades over them and placed ied´s outside and got away with that. so i could roam 15 minutes unmolested around the fob, guiding in mortar fire with the binocs and give them some good aimed shots with the rifle if they thought everything was clear and stood up at the roofs. and because of the steep angle while shooting from the high positions on the hills, the sandbags was not high enough to protect them. a grenadiers wet dream. i bet that we could had taken down that super fob with only 4-5 specialists shooting simultaneously from different angles at the hills around the fob and 2 guys for closing in. pure waste, i am sure that that fob cost them the victory
  4. my thoughts about that imho super fobs are in many cases a waste of personal,ressources and logistic trucks. i had seen it so many times : the SFobs worked at first very good, but after a while the enemys got more and more eyes and rifles at the super fob and starts with surrounding the super fob. and at this point it turns slowly into a duck hunting. some scoped gunners, some sniping apcs or 50cals, rocket and grenade launcher spamming into the super fob and the cluster**** is served. not to mention the new mortars. and players which died outside the super fob will respawn on the super fob. and with every spawn the blueforces got more assembled at a very small area from the map, which is like a present for the enemy. now he has not to search you anymore. super fobs are sometimes like a gigantic vacuum cleaner, which can clear a large area from your allies if there are no alternatives where they could respawn. but yes, sometimes they work and you can handle with a small unit in the defense sucessful a superior number of attackers. especialy when freshly respawned players push instantly out of the super fob and kills enemys around the super fob instead of beeing only papertargets. i played some matches on al bashrah where super fobs in one of the large apartment towers with lots of rocket spamming rpg gunners and grenadiers could deal a huge amount of damage and hold the tower for a long time. but they must line out the inside of the tower with sandbags, otherwise you can direct american 50 cal fire from a far distance and different angels into that tower. this gives the insurgents a very hard time, seen it from both sides, firing and receiving and it works pretty good if you ask me. overall i havent seen super fobs quit a while after patch 9.4 outside of al basrah. they are outdated, there was a time without the motorpool and with all the new players where super fobs sometimes was sometimes nearly invulnerable. but i think that most of the squad players realized very fast that mobility, using the momentum with fast and agressives pushes, surprise attacks and to have a better recon than the enemy are the key to sucess. flanking into the back or side of the enemy will harm him more than some 50cal which he maybe could avoid with intelligent pathfinding and the extensive use of smoke grenades. you cant fulfill not many of this points while you sit behind 100 sandbags in one compound behind a machine gun. i prefer two types of fobs/habs a) the secret "it will gather ressources alone" fob behind enemy lines. do it so many times, and it was not only in one case a game changer. i create a very small squad with minium 3, maximum 4 players and try to infiltrate unseen the enemy area for scouting, radio destroying, mortar position destroying and cut down enemy supply runs. usually we open small arms fire only if we cant avoid the clash,or if it is an easy and 100% secure prey far away from our rally point. and somewhere on our way behind the lines we place a secret radio where it WILL BE USEFUL in a while and leave it alone. it will gather ressources from alone while we leave the radio area. after minutes we come back and place somewhere on an maxium range to the radio a secret HAB, shovel it up a)we protect it if the rest of our team use it to spawn in until they can handle it alone b) we leave it again alone if there is actualy no need for that spawner you would be surprised in how many cases the enemy will not take notice of that radio and hab until is too late an he has a huge chunk of our fighting forces in his back, ready to crush him in the middle. the greatest danger for that type of fob/hab seeding comes from three things : 1) other squads with the same idea and behavior and a good nose for such things 2) fortune or misfortune, simple as that 3) stubborn dirtbag enemys who spot you miles away and follow you minutes over minutes like a hound and obviously you need to invest some time for that, let alone the time which the radio need to gather enough coins for the HAB spawner thats why i prefer small squads for things like that, otherwise you waste to much manpower which is always not enought on the frontline. if i must guess, i would estimate that 8 of 10 radios we placed that way do not get covered up before hab spawning. maybe let it be 7. sometimes the enemy founds the hab and shovel it down, but do not invest more energy to find the radio because he think it is an abandoned one because it is so far away from the frontline or it is a lazy ***. and even if the hab got shoveled down we can place another hab on a different location later again. changed on al basrah in one match the whole game to our (americans) favor with a small 4 men squad with that strategy. the match was completely deadlocked and no side could gain the upper hand in that mess. we enter the city unseen through the south west, moved from one building to the other and avoid contact. after that we placed a radio in the south east, head up to the north, deshoveled an unprotected radio and the northern part of the city in the hands of insurgents began to collapse. we walked back and build up the hab and rest of the team starts to spawn in while we move to northeast for closing the bridge from alleys to the city. the insurgents got so fast and so badly steamrolled, it was ludicrous. b) "the radio behind the own lines and the hab far away from the radio, placed between two or three points of interest" i really dont like to place radio and hab on the same position (and really not pinpoint on a flagpoint). it is like a present to the enemys. if he found the hab, he must not invest time and risk his life with searching the radio because he had already found it. sometimes the landscape gives you no other choice or you cant defend your radio and your hab, but on many maps i prefer secretly placed radios in the back and a hab far away from the radio. and if i swim in ressources (which is sometimes the case, depending from the time in the match) i place some ammo boxes here, some there, a sandbag here, one there, here a ladder, there a 50cal with a good view. side effect = this creates a maximum spread of emplacements for disguising the exact radio position. and i really like placing sandbags for pillboxing up vehicles in ambush positions. when it comes to placing the radio, i try to leave as much room on the map for other radios as it is possible. because of this premise, i often place the radio on the map borders as far as possible away from roads. when it comes to placing the hab, i try always to place the hab as far as possible away from the radio to protect the radio, and with a little safety distance to fiercely embattled zones and points of interest like flags, compounds and roads. 15-20 seconds more walking is still better than getting raped on the own hab. and if it is possible i try to kill two birds with one stone with placing the hab at a point that has nearly the same distance to two flags. sometimes we lost the hab and got overrun and we managed to place the new hab far more defensive compared to the position of the older one and the radio survived undiscovered behind in enemy territority, the last place where an enemy heading from east will search if he found your hab far away in the west. a very professional drawing
  5. oh boy,i enjoy that game more and more from match to match and patch to patch. yeah, there are some little shortcomings, some bugs, some things that could get designed a little bit more different, but overall this game got so incredible fast so much better and is already at a stage which some triple A games never will reach. if you get deeper into the game mechanics, better in movement and aiming and increasing your knowledge about the equipment and kit-roles and what is possible with it or not, and get a better feeling what the enemy is planning and where you can hit him hard with a minimum of losses to throw a big wrench into his plans, maybe you will get a taste of it. i played just some rounds the last hours with some good and objective orientated guys in my squad and it was pure fun and awesomeness. and we lost all of them.
  6. perfomance killer ??? and i think that many dams switch only in current produding if it is needed
  7. nah, it isnt enjoyable with that ping. played in the closed beta sometimes on american servers if it was deep in the night and the euroservers was empty. one tip : dont be to modest and tell the other squadmembers in the squad that you are new to this game. most of them will take care of you and give you hints and explain some things more detailed to you. and be sure that the squad leader will happy about this information, you cant imagine how many freshly placed and expensive buyed HABS (spawn bunkers) new guys destroyed because they dont shovel with left mouseclick, but with right mouseclick
  8. hello and welcome doc where are you located ? i think great britain because of your gmt time zone ? in case of that, try to join exodus or rip server. escpecialy the rip servers are at the most time full with rip members which keeps the server clean from idiots and take new players at the hand and stay patient. the german servers "we love squad" are also good and in the most cases there is at least minimum one english language squad open.
  9. looks very good. instant good ol BF wake island feelings. but i doubt that map would be work great with the actual status of squad. that means without air transport or boats.
  10. oh man, that pictures looks so great. that map will be a great addition for squad. i whish i could map, i have so many ideas, but too little talent. i made a little map for cod2 once , was fun like hell to make it.
  11. I Had Seen Both, mortar Squads with Zero kills and mortar Squads with many. Done Last with a Squad with some Rip dudes on two Radios with 4 mortars. Each mortar gunner Had more than 24 kills and much more wounded. But the Rest of the Squad was on the frontline scouting and call Targets Out. Maybe that is the Key. Gesendet von meinem Moto G (4) mit Tapatalk
  12. but it would make playing games on public servers even more worse played yesterday on al basrah. one squad planted a fob north of the city for mortar spamming and used the logi truck only for ammunition support while the other squad attacked raffinery and planted a fob there. so my squad was the only one which attacked artpartments. we could do that surprisingly and we planted a radio. and than i begged over 5 minutes for only one logi truck support. NOPE, the mortar squad decide that spamming mortars into the abyss is far more important than getting a foodhold in the city. so at the end we had to stay on apartments and defend our rally point until the radio gathers enough points for the HAB. an ammunition box and a repair station would had been premium. the whole squad was mad like hell at the mortar squad, but they dont give a shit about that. so my conclusion is that i do not wanna be dependent with my spawns from guys like these.
  13. Would Not Like this. Btw that System would also Work if it Counts for Rally Points.
  14. hey guys, at the moment it seems that rushing on first flags is a topic for many players. some guys really hate it, and on some servers it is forbidden if my informations are correct. i read some suggestions which i find in some cases to harsh. for example to forbid logi trucks in the first minutes. think about that : what if the distance from the radio to the main base would increase the respawn time on that radio and the ongoing match-time would decrase the respawn time? with that system you would start with a spawn time malus on radios in minute zero , which would reach the normal level after minute xy. additional to that, as further away the radio got placed, as more higher would be the respawn time. if you place a radio on your first flag you would have zero seconds bonus spawntime, in the middle of the map maybe + 10 seconds and on the end of the map maybe + 30 seconds. so rushes would be still possible, but far more riskier, because you have longer respawn times than the enemy. and later in the game you would have normal respawntime on the last flag. p.s. : sorry for that english
  15. that + some mortar SL´s sitting behind the mortars and gives a **** about what the rest of the squad is doing. so it ends that 3 guys spamming mortars and the rest runs without any idea or plan through the map while searching for enemies and wasting tickets.