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  1. The End of Humvees? :(

    who, that is really petty humwee is part of pop culture nowadays
  2. Assets and FOB Costs

    Inserting from the rear is Always the best Thing
  3. RED ONE - Squad Action-Cinematic

    The watermark in the right Corner is annoying.
  4. Yeah, mines are a great bait. I Like the Mine and IED combination. It is so great to Blow americans or russians up from a safe position while they have Spades in Their hands And the best Thing is that the Mine ist still working after the ied blast.
  5. the rkg fix is great still waiting for my first stryker kill with an rkg can i close my own threads?
  6. nice...what is it ?? new map ? hotfixes ? tanks ?
  7. What ?? Gesendet von meinem Moto G (4) mit Tapatalk
  8. i dont like the idea mines are strong as hell, got so many kills with them, its crazy. including (from the enemy team in the chat reported) full squad kills. mines are very hard to detect, especialy when it comes to heavy clashes. plus there are always 3-4 scouts on the map, which all could place 3 mines at least. that is a huge amount of deathtraps for enemy vehicles. on small maps like sumari oder logar valley there is always literally a mine spamming that makes it sometimes pointless to drive out of the us base without some guys clearing the road in front of you. and i am a 24/7 insurgents/militia scout fanboy who loves to place mines, if i could i would never stop playing scout. on the other hand, in many cases the ied needs more effort and makes it more dangerous to use and you can use it for different purposes and enemy infantery. you can protect your radio with it, you can put it on bikes, you can kill enemys behind walls with the ied, you could set up traps with unburied baiting mines and a iead nearby, you can place a ied in a building and respawn as fast as you can in the main base and blow the enemys up after they overrun your position. in other words : dont take the ied away from the scout, its fine as it is
  9. Please no shovel melee

    I cant Count how many Times i wished a melee weapon. If you Flank and you have a Chance for a silent kill you can only fire ATM.
  10. Stryker desert tan ?

    and how many squad players knows that detail or gives something about that ? i guess under 1% ? yeah, maybe in the "reality" there are 99% green strykers in usage. but the reality has sharper resolution than ingame graphic and there are no respawns (hope so) for the insurgents with hat kits imho the green stryker is very easy to spot on al basrah, a desert tan would be good for the sake of balance. and i say that as an militia/insurgents fanboy. the first fights with hat kit against strykers i was astonished how easy it was to hunt strykers down. HAT was to strong with that instant kills, stryker to easy to spot. talked about it with some guys in discord while playing and they had all the same impression.
  11. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    As always Great. I enjoy every recap.
  12. Best Squad KD ever....

    Nothing Special about it...with a little Care and Defensive Positioning you can use apcs as an mobile pillbox and snipe some Tickets. After hat Kit Nerf it is much easier. Saw many games with 50-70 kills upwards.