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  1. more than 100k ? i hope so https://steamcharts.com/app/393380#All
  2. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    yeah it is so awesome. squad in second world war, thats what i dreamed from
  3. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    man, i cant wait for that game. im soaking every little bit on information in that i could get my hands on, but it is never enough. did they have a message board ?
  4. for squad members certainly yes, you could ask the sl, but on public server everything is a little bit different. i noticed it in so many games that players who are waiting for a possibility to spawn are often bugging the sl to play a rally point. especially if you have a constant flow of going squad members and incoming new squad members.
  5. played a match some hours ago and some dudes asked the squad leaders several times if he could place a rally point because they didnt noticed that he had a cooldown on it. while that happened i was in the menue and my first thought was why isnt there a cooldown timer for the rally point next to the nickname of the squadleader in the menue. would be a neat detail and it would took some pressure from the squad leader

    if there only would be bipod for mg´s already in v9 i am mg player for life and after the taste of machinegunning in v10, the v9 version is awefull to play in comparison.
  7. Alpha 10 Public Test

    really only downpatching ? woah
  8. Alpha 10 Public Test

    whats up with that patch ?
  9. The End of Humvees? :(

    who, that is really petty humwee is part of pop culture nowadays
  10. Assets and FOB Costs

    Inserting from the rear is Always the best Thing