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  1. Steve's videos.. (Gibson8305 in game)

    Cheers boys.. Roger that.. Moved to media. I just increased the gamma a little to lighten it up after compression.. But that's all.. The lighting on that map is really cool.. Also just changed my codec back to a lossless one in Dxtory too to reduce the compression artefacts on my future vids.. Looks way better but the files are bigger.. Good job I've got a Fast 1TB hard drive I can record too!!! Any more questions, feel free to give me a shout.. Steve
  2. Steve's Epic videos..

    Hi guys, Thought I'd start a thread to put my videos in.. Enjoy.. http://youtu.be/Gu9bcKIW_xw
  3. Hi guys, Thought I'd create a thread to put some of my videos in.. http://youtu.be/Gu9bcKIW_xw
  4. Hi guys, Just doing my bit as a founder.. I noticed today on watching a recorded session back that one of my smoke grenades sounds was really glitchy and loud.. Not right at all.. I have the clip handy if you wanna see it.. Also, is this the best way to report bugs? Cheers Steve.
  5. Didn't get my key yet!

    mine defo came out, I looked at my bank statement and there it was on 29th June .. £63 ish GBP
  6. Pre-Alpha Code not arived yet?

  7. Help to clearify! :(

    Not received mine yet either mate
  8. Squad Pre alpha Website Down ??

    Guys, who's best to PM if this email doesn't come through.. I'm a bit worried cus I can't see the payment has come out from my PayPal account even though I had an email confirming my kickstarter was collected.. Edit** Scrap that.. The payment has come out of my account so should be all set to receive my key.. Anyone else not got theirs?
  9. Squad Pre alpha Website Down ??

    Not received mine yet..
  10. Hey mate.. Great YT channel. Sub'd
  11. Let's do this.

    No, I'm the guy who gives other guys Hookers and blow to give to devs.. I'm a fucking shadow mate. Like Walter frikkin White. Nah.. Obvs I'm only joking about what I said. ... I'm not a fireman.
  12. Let's do this.

    Hi guys, just thought I'd stop by to say hi.. My name is Steve, I'm a dad, husband, fireman.. Just an all round good guy. .. Apart from the illegaly funded crack den in my garage. .. Haha.. Can't wait for the closed pre Alpha on the 24th.. This game looks right up my street, look forward to seeing you all out there. Peace.