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  1. Servidores Brasileiros

    Caros novatos, para conhecerem os servidores brasileiros de Squad, bem como toda estrutura que o cerca, provendo informações, dicas etc, acessem: # Comunidade Gamer [discord] https://discord.gg/5KHZWrc [forum] http://www.comunidadegamer.com.br # JSB- Join Squad Brasil [discord] https://discord.me/jsb [forum] http://www.joinsquadbrasil.com.br # Squad Brasil [facebook] https://www.facebook.com/groups/983792924974544/ [steam] http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Squad-Brasil
  2. Clan Vadios - =*V*=

    Discord do clã VADIOS: https://discord.gg/yuYeNFX
  3. Comunidade Brasileira De Squad é Aqui!

    Chegaram meio tarde...kkk O autor do tópico está sumido há tempos...
  4. Tanks and bomb cars

    I would like to see bomb Cars...
  5. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Nice Work..
  6. Super Dupper Secret map WIP!

    Amazing... good job!!
  7. Kokan Squad Remake

    ohh... nice. Congrats for work!!
  8. Helicopters

    Have enough patience...
  9. A new game mode??

    Agreed... There will probably be a mod... unfortunately...
  10. The Wrench - June Edition

    We will make the best possible....
  11. More than the vehicles I want...

    Fast Ropes will come before the helicopters, apparently... lol
  12. hi guys new guy here

    Welcome... be happy.
  13. Emblem on the uniforms

    http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=26 Who bought the clans package will have some benefits.
  14. RCON Server Configuration

    Sure ... that we all want, and we will soon...
  15. Are there any plans to make in game ladders climable?