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  1. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    We need locked squads for proper vehicle/asset use. Its worse for the new players to join a "tank" / "transport" / "cas" / "APC" squad and then be useless in those as infantry. If you could just lock your apc squad then the new players will join the infantry ones. Server admins can handle stuff like having too many locked squads or whatever. We have seen these things get worked out in PR before and surely eventually SQUAD will also get more servers handling with server specific rules regarding balance, rushing, locking squads, offensive language, wasting vehicles and such. I think i saw one of the servers already make a rule about not soloing vehicles and another about not having all clan members on one team (except on fridays). WE NEED LOCKED SQUADS NOW PLS THX
  2. And if this would be something that couldn't be turned off then i guarantee a lot of people will start using teamspeak as default sq voip.
  3. I disagree because those cosmetic skin things and whatever lose uniqueness when there are more people that have that. The people who buy it get the goodies. When the game supporter gifts a key to a friend, how is that friend a game supporter like others who actually pay for it... btw i also have the key without the cosmetic stuff and perfectly happy with the way it is and should be
  4. How is the game compared to BF2:PR?

    I strongly disagree with this statement. In my experience it takes way less shots to kill people in squad. SVD one hits people a lot of the times in squad, in PR it has to be a headshot or 2 shots with svd. Any gun kills much faster and with less bullets in squad in my experience. Edit: main problem with shooting atm is that a lot of the times when i shoot a guy and see him die, he will still shoot back at me after he is dead on my screen. I guess that on his screen he died later or something. So it is common that 2 guys shooting at each other will result in both dying. It can't be a bullet travel thing since it also happens close range.
  5. wilhelm scream?

    i think i heard one too on fools road, thought it was someone on teamspeak. still not entirely sure if it was in game
  6. How is the game compared to BF2:PR?

    Hi, current long time PR player and early acces squad player here. General feel: Reminds a little of a much slower movement Insurgency (game) in the sense that you can aim really fast and super accurately, move around very responsively and LEAN. Base building: You can build a crazy huge base if you like but unlike PR that needs 2 crates to build a certain max amount of deployables, you will need construction points. Currently, since there are no supply vehicles, the construction points regenerate, giving you infinite resources to build castles and stuff, in the future will require supplies to build. Also, like in PR, building bases is a waste of time and effort in most cases (as there is currently no HMG or TOW) but in insurgency mode and some specific flags it is useful to barricade enterances and windows with deployables. Kit selections: Limited within squad and within team to a certain amount. Meaning that if one day there will be an expensive HAT kit developed, it will probably be very limited within the team and you cant farm kits as far as I know. Command structure: I think that someone said somewhere that it is likely that a commander could be a thing in the future. Currently sq leaders and their cooperation. Communication: Like PR - local and squad + a channel for sq leaders (currently only sq leader to all other squads) R9 390, i5: Should be able to run in high/epic im guessing. Im running medium on i7 and r9 280x (fools road at low med, other maps high to get around 50 fps)
  7. Squad Leader Functionality

    I agree that these seemingly small things are really important because having a more accessible, easily usable map with a little more details will make the squad leading more effective and also it would make the work of the medic much more user friendly (especially seeing if a guy is lying wounded or not; figuring out where is the guy that said "I need a medic HERE"). I think that the medic aspect is one of the main things that keeps squads kind of more scattered around compared to PR - its just too much VOIP hassle and map gymnastics to figure out who needs what where.
  8. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Good bunch of players and a nice server but since i'm a negative dick, i'm going to whine that it feels like often times most [RedCoats] are playing in the same team against pubbies that haven't played together and are by average less experienced, making the games often one sided and with a predictable outcome. I would love to see redcoats spread around in both teams. Think of all the banter you can have in TS talking smack after wiping eachother. Kisses to Japs and Cky Leo
  9. Suppression a little weak?

    I am happy to read that most agree that PR suppression effects were too much and annoying and if Squad has significantly lower suppression effects, i'm satisfied. Also, someone posted earlier that the SAW was the gun that suppressed and rifles killed - i think that you will get a similar effect by firing the SAW accurately anyway because once people learn that a deployed, accurate shooting SAW is very effective, they will seek cover since it is deadlier than most other rifles. Currently, in PR, if you know a street is being covered by a competent AR, you will not cross it. If the opposing squads PKM is set up and killing at a superior position while your SAW guy is walking around, your guys will seek cover because the big gun will kill you fast if used effectively. In PR, most experienced players agree that suppressing fire is ineffective even with the disabling effects and deviation it has now because goal nr. 1 is almost always to kill the enemy. Therefore you shoot to kill and I don't expect it to be much different in this game either, once the players get more experienced.
  10. Noise on loading/keyboard screen since 3.1

    Same, r9 280x, i7 3770k
  11. Suppression a little weak?

    I feel like any extra suppression effects would feel to artificial. I think that it is in the game like it is in real life - if the bullets make you feel like they might kill you, you seek cover. If not (you are behind hard cover, minimally exposed to his vision) then you have intel about where the enemy is and what he is doing and so you can shoot back or move as you wish, just like in real life. Experienced players will be able to determine whether the full auto fire has reasonable chances to hit anything or not so they will use this against you more than IRL soldiers would. But since this game isn't an ARMA type simulator, as far as I know, I think that this sort of psychological things of imagining how a soldier would FEEL should be left out of the game. Otherwise we might as well add suppression effects to people who see their teammates die or a squad full of enemies rushing towards him. I would like this game to stay away from the psychological tactics and aspects. Other topics: I've seen 1-2 shots generally kill with any assault rifle so i don't see why the damage would need to increase. As for weapon accuracy, I feel like everything is too accurate and its very easy to hit any close/mid range targets. From what I have seen from people streaming the game, some people just suck at putting the crosshair on people and firing in effective fire modes instead of full auto without aiming properly so i expect that to improve.
  12. Map zoom levels

    If i remember correctly, you can only use the scrollwheel to zoom the "enter" menu, not the "m" map. If I am moving around or need to be able to switch in and out of the map quickly, i generally use the "m" map, since I can move, look around and more importantly, i dont have to take my left hand off of WASD keys. Therefore zooming for me and probably for many is entirely reliant on the N key and I also feel like you have to mash it too much in order to get your intel of the surroundings.
  13. It would be cool, if the losing maps had a chance of being picked in case of a close vote. This is how I would like it: 3/5 of the votes are for map #1 -> 3/5 chance of that map being picked by the system 2/5 of the votes are for map #2 -> 2/5 chance of that map being picked by the system As for current PR votes in some servers, a lot of times there is a vote for AAS vs INS game modes and usually at least 1/4 of the people want to play INS but in reality INS is played very rarely. I know that adding maps is not a priority right now but I thought I'd still suggest this.
  14. 90% of the real footage i have seen of the middle eastern enviroment doesn't have the weird floating dust anywhere. Why would that be immersive??? Because they have it in other games? EDIT: didnt read trough, i wanted to say that i dont like the default dust flying around the ground, like they have it in insurgency, cod and other ones. grenade, bullet impact and that stuff makes sense
  15. Damage Impacting Agility

    Strongly agree with this suggestion. Great to see a relevant gameplay related suggestion once in a while! I wish it was like in the Insurgency game except that the slowed, distracted state should stay until you are healed. So annoying in PR when you have a positional advantage over a guy, you aim for 4 seconds, hit a guy with the G3, have your recoil kick your aim to the sky and a nearly dead guy turns around and gets to shoot back like nothing happened. On the other hand, I think that these wounded effects should be fully curable by a medic because having permanent disabilities would slow and hurt the gameplay.