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  1. RallyPoint ► Squadcast Ep:02 : Squad DEV Interview

    I'm in no way offended, and I'm not sure how my post came across in that way. I was just making it clear our stance on the name, as it was clear in the posts above (and a comment on our video) that people were discussing them being called the same thing.
  2. RallyPoint ► Squadcast Ep:02 : Squad DEV Interview

    I'm not sure how people would get confused and think it's part of the same thing. The videos are being posted on different channels, with different hosts and in different styles. Like I said in my last post, we didn't purposefully copy the name you guys are using. We like the name, and I think we'll stick with it. Para has far more subscribers than our current channel, and his content is clearly being viewed and enjoyed, as is ours. Nobody is missing out on anything with them both being named 'Squadcast'.
  3. RallyPoint ► Squadcast Ep:02 : Squad DEV Interview

    Nope, we actually hadn't seen it before putting ours up - although I'm sure you can understand; 'Squadcast' is kind of the first thing you jump to when doing a podcast on Squad. Great video mate, the audio fixing really did the trick. Looking forward to seeing more stuff.
  4. FOV needs a change

    One of the few good points of Battlefront is the fact that you can go all the way up to 120 on the slider. If Squad had this it would be perfect.
  5. FOV needs a change

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/4496-squad-fov-for-motion-sicknessnausea/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/2686-squad-fov/ Please, PLEASE make a change to allow the FOV to be higher. I love this game so much and I'm so excited, but right now it makes me feel really ill and it'll ruin it for me if nothing is done. I understand you have a lot of opinions to consider but as an individual I have to really beg you to make this change. It'll literally be the difference between me (and many others like me) being able to play the game or not.
  6. Squad FOV for Motion Sickness/Nausea

    Thanks for clearing that up! I'd hope so, but then again there are so many major titles that are released for PC without them, I always feel it's worth an ask. Would be nice to hear from a Squad Dev/Rep on if there are any plans.
  7. Squad FOV for Motion Sickness/Nausea

    Thanks for your response Taz. I didn't realise the FOV is over 100 by default, unless you've changed it manually? Even if it is by default, it still makes me feel ill!
  8. Hey there, Not sure if this is the right place to make this post but I guess it does count as feedback. I made a similar post a while ago but got no response from any mods/devs so thought I'd have another crack. Essentially, I love the game but it makes me feel as sick as a dog. This is down to the current FOV of Squad - I understand that it is in no way narrow but for unfortunate folk like myself who suffer from motion sickness the ability to increase a game's FOV is a real relief. For example, I love playing ArmA 3 - but to play in first person I have to have 110 FOV to feel comfortable. I think adding the ability to change the FOV either in-game or in some sort of .ini/config file would be really awesome and make quite a few people happy (and less sick). I think the game is going to be really great but I'm really worried I won't be able to enjoy it because it'll make me unwell. I understand this problem only effects a minority of people; but all the same it's something to consider. Kind (and slightly queazy) regards, Reasoner
  9. Squad FOV

    Raising the FOV. For example, I used to play Milsim ArmA 3 - forced 1st Person. The only way I could play it was by altering my FOV to around 110. If a game allows me to go to 110 FOV, I'll go there every single time. Lowering the FOV would make it worse.
  10. Squad FOV

    Hey guys, Just had a crack at the game and I absolutely love it! I really think it's going to make a fantastic game once fully released. I want to keep playing it but I have one issue - motion sickness. I understand the game is at 90FOV and for anyone normal that's fine, but I'm really susceptible to MT and the game is making me feel unwell. Is there a way to force an FOV change yet through any configs? And if not, can anyone confirm if they will be putting an FOV setting in the game or configs at some point? The game is going to be awesome but if it gets locked to 90 there's no way I'll be able to play it, which would be a mighty shame. Kind regards, Reasoner