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  1. March 2018 Recap

    Not as popular as they once was, surely.
  2. Rally Point

    your google translate is pretty rough so it's hard to deliberate on any of your points: if you really want a hardcore mode, there should be no rallies at all honestly. they disrupt proper gameplay flow more than anything else.
  3. Dismount MG from jeeps

    I am not a fan of being able to remove the turret off an existing vehicle, i would be okay with being able to store large weapons in the back of transport vehicles tho.
  4. Rally Point

    I don't think rally points need any more buffs. Why would this be beneficial to gameplay?
  5. Pretty friggin handy! Hopefully we can make this the case for all faction outfits; I have been wanting to do this for the unorganized factions to create lots more outfits since they are, you know, an unorganized group.
  6. [WIP] Karasu

    Great work so far. That last screenshot is a highlight for me, feels like a map I'd want to play on.
  7. [Free Assets] British Props Asset Pack

    Appreciated! <3
  8. Will new textures come in full version?

    Yes. I can't link you to the quote, but a dev did say they would be redoing a lot of landscape textures. For example, Kohat. If you are speaking of the player textures, most of them are near final. Insurgents will be redone at some point though.
  9. M110 marksman rifle off center scope

    It'll be fixed in the v10 update. It's been an issue since the rifle was released.
  10. 4K Micro Stutter?

    One thing I think worth bringing up is that it's probably more of an UE4 engine issue than a Squad issue. When I investigated into it, I found that it was occurring in a few other UE4 titles, such as "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux." Take a look at a google search for that and you'll see similar stuttering occurring there as well. Just thought I should bring that up.
  11. 4K Micro Stutter?

    I get microstutter too. For me, it's triggered by using 200% res scale at 1080p, bringing me to 4k. If it wasnt for the microstutter, i would be able to play at 4k.
  12. New Counter-Vehicle Tactic?

    Part of the fun of "alpha." Not really of much concern, as it will go away in a few development cycles. If it was here after 1.0, then it'd be an issue.
  13. Stryker VS. Russian BTR

    In time, will the firing range be treated like a server so all networking features work? in essence, a local server would be created.
  14. Slow movement

    Will there be any mechanics to stop players from walking along thin walls, such as the walls on an afghani compound? a bit of a buzz killer when a player is essentially running along 8-inch wide beam.
  15. Scout kit: Binos + Cell Combo

    Oh, well that's a nonissue, it's more of a coding thing. It would be perfectly fine gameplay-wise, just would need to be coded by devs/modders and accepted into the menu system.
  16. Animation Transitions Too Slow

    Hey, one thing that you may not be aware of yet (seems that you are new) is that a new animation system is coming in the next month or few; one of the great new features of this system is that it will allow more fluid weapon transitions. Grenadiers will immediately be able to put their hand on the 40mm and fire, without going through the "put away weapon" anim. You will be able to cancel any/most switching animations, such as from rifle to grenade, or rifle to bandage, etc. This makes accidental weapon switching a nonissue The base animation speeds are very realistic and those have been discussed a number of times (like 20+ forum/reddit threads). Those base speeds will not change, as they are based on real values. If anything, the animation speeds for many things is very forgiving, as the soldiers we play in-game are psychotically calm in some of the most terrifying of situations.
  17. Scout kit: Binos + Cell Combo

    Yes, so my thinking there is that having separation between "ready to throw a grenade" and "doing anything else" is a good thing. For one, it allows for dynamics between the grenade tossing squad and the grenade receiving squad. If the grenade thrower has to shoulder-strap their weapon for 3 seconds to prep and toss a grenade, this allows the receiver to read the situation and counter the thrower while he is disarmed of his rifle. If the tosser asks his buddy to cover him while he takes out his nade, then he is rewarded for playing strategically. If you remove this transition, you lose these two gameplay dynamics that otherwise make for more interesting engagements. One thing I would be fine with is, once your grenade is being pulled out, you can hold down the mouse key and you don't have to spam mouse1 anymore.
  18. Scout kit: Binos + Cell Combo

    looking from a gameplay point of view, it's a pain in the ass, as many squad lead actions are based on where the center of the screen is; if the binos are swaying and changing your line of sight from the patch of trees 100m out to the ledge 2m in front of you that you are peering over, it makes placing a good marker a pain in the butt. The amount of time wasted from placing a bad marker through first person, going to erase the bad marker, then placing the proper marker negates the major benefit gained through doing it first person.
  19. How boost supply drivers motivation ?

    One fun thing I have considered (probably impractical, but what the hell) is to have a radio in the cab for the driver and passengers to listen/**** around with. MP3 just recently went patent-free, so there may be interesting things to work with there. A synchronous connection with last.fm or a music streamer of some sort would be the cream of the crop for logi drivers. been done in APB (all points bulletin), wonder if it could work in this situation... Anyway, on a more likely topic, I do think NPC logistics as a backup would be extremely beneficial to the squad ecosystem. The primary system should still be player-driven logistics, but there are times when an AI logi driver just makes sense, games where the match drags on and the last thing anyone wants to be doing is driving logi. There is a balancing act there though, as using the AI logi system should have its downsides to incentivize player-driven logistics: AI drivers should only stay on roads, never spot dug-in mines, drive at a realistically slow pace, and have no proper response to ambush except keep on driving till they escape or die.
  20. Squad scrambling (like mentioned before, this is different than completely scrambling the teams) is a necessity for the future of Squad, in some form or another. Best and worst squads should be shuffled accordingly to keep gameplay balanced. Since Squad will unlikely never have any kind of matchmaking, this squad scrambling/balancing is the closest thing to it in order to keep teams fair and matches interesting.
  21. I definitely think this is a fair system. Also, this allows the squad leader to decide if the callout should be broadcasted to the team or just kept within the squad, so it keeps more discretion to the SL. I would also wait until fireteams are in place, as the way the chain of communication operates with fire-team leads will be different and may not necessitate the marksman/scout deploying marks at all. We don't want additional marker clutter from inept marksmen/scouts if we can avoid it, after all.
  22. Scout kit: Binos + Cell Combo

    Having the grenade a separate slot from the weapon/no insta-throw is good for gameplay balance. However, with the IED detonator and binoculars, there's a huge incentive to pair these items together without any bad gameplay side affects. I would have it so you can choose to have either out by themselves, or both out at the same time. Like if your detonator is already out and you press 6 to pull out your binocs, your binocs will go in your right hand and your phone stays in your left.
  23. Mortar Squads & Teamplay

    ah, but it's not. There is no dynamic for map size with that limitation. Sure, on Sumari, 2 per team is perfectly fine. but on a huge map, even like the experimental 6km x 6km map, 2 mortars per team is an unnecessary and hindering limitation, where there are multiple fronts of battle and 3+ logi trucks running separate routes. With that knowledge, you give each map a separate limit that the map creator decides, or you keep it simple and make mortars expensive so they are not plopped down willy nilly.
  24. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    There is definitely some dissolution of teamplay because of the frequent newbie squad lead. It's hard to blame them, though, as there is no good tutorial or reminders built in-game to guide new squad leaders into doing their job properly. Of course, it is alpha, but a new player should not have to watch youtube video tutorials just to avoid being yelled at by your teammates your first time squad leading. A new squad lead should not be taught how to win the battle immediately, but instead taught how to properly communicate with other squad leaders and squad members, and also properly indicate that they are new to the Squad experience. If there's any "tutorial" this game needs, its just something that encourages talking and asking questions. One of the best features of Squad is its great community; people (often) love to help someone trying some role for the first time, as long as they know the person is new to that role (e.g. being a squad lead, firing mortars, being BTR gunner, etc).