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  1. could just have the rifleman symbol, but the gun in the middle of the diamond gets a scope. *shrug*
  2. let's see if the new FOB with HAB updates from v9 help to avoid any of these issues.
  3. That won't be coming yet but ammo from vehicles will likely come in the future. if not thru Squad devs, thru modding.
  4. Yeh rally points will definitely get a refresher in the near future.. spawns in general are not optimal as they stand, for both FOBs and rallies.
  5. FIXXXER, don't stress, things are getting better, not worse, with this change. I assume there will be no ready position in 1st person because it will look jerky if you have your weapon down, then try to shoot right away and the gun snaps up instantly?
  6. No, not yet. You probably already know this, but this will all change with v10 and the upcoming inventory changes. Devs haven't specified exactly how the new inventory will be navigable, but I'm sure it will be 10 times better than what we have.
  7. Chance, I see why you guys implemented that water damage effect, it will be great to have that river/lake an actual obstacle instead of people walking across underwater like in Pirates of the Caribbean xD.
  8. Yeah changing this up will make animations look so much cleaner. Separate question, will 3P character models lean over when sprinting and turning or is that not planned?
  9. Crater Lake is a place in Oregon, pretty cool spot actually. Only thing is I don't know what the tactical value of a lake is, really, unless your men are very thirsty. It would be a good detail on the map, but I don't know if I would center a cap point on it except on maybe 1 of your layers.
  10. It's definitely by design that it takes more than 1 headshot. Any of the rifle calibers are a 1 hit headshot, end of story. Everything else is either bad hit registration or something. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I have a possible solution to this issue that keeps AAS relatively linear, but still makes the rush mechanic not so crippling. A rush will be more of a hindrance than a "cripple." I'll try writing the blueprint tonight in the SDK and see if it works. Basically: the flags up until the middle cap are nonlinear for your team; you can cap the second point before you cap your first. However, you cannot push the enemies back past the middle cap until you have all your previous flags capped. This solves a number of things, most importantly, rushing. If a team rushes the other side, they can inconvenience the other team by holding up on their flag, but it won't stop the players fighting over the middle point from having a purpose at the middle cap. Could work.
  12. It will come, shot penalties will come. They'll change the game in great ways too, engagements will have the right to-and-fro to them, and we won't see any 180 spinshots no mo'. Suppression upgrades will also help reduce spinshots.
  13. I've found with no antialiasing, enemies feel plenty visible over large distances. If anything is a factor, it's just proper camouflage. It's even better with 200% res scale, but I get a microstutter of sorts; even with 55+fps, it plays like 30fps, especially noticeable when turning. Must be a frametime thing. Anyway, offtopic.
  14. This would be an easy project for a modding team to pick up, at least for texturing. It would be easy to take the currently existing techhie and simply add more unique variations to the paint. It's another thing to add different types of 4x4s because vehicle modelling is not the easiest thing in the world.
  15. Yeah guess that's true considering they have the same damage model and all that. I dunno, we'll see where it goes.