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  1. Ya i'm 3rd gen ivy, and while performance fluctuates a lot, in many cases i run around 60 fps. with a gtx 1080.
  2. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Any chance these could be uploaded somewhere w/o compression? Imgur by default adds some compression to save on space. I ask because they are so amazing, that's all
  3. FV510 Feedback

    Has anyone checked in 12.1 if the commander camera is still slaved? The patch notes mention "Fixed being unable to move the camera in the FV510 commander seat" as one of the bug fixes, so it may not be the case anymore. Either way works for me, just curious. It probably works better for gameplay to have it unlocked.
  4. Have been using HeSuVi for a bit now and I appreciate having it, it definitely helps with positioning. I needed to tweak it to get the volumes and angles to not sound wonky, but once it's dialed in, it's quite a nice experience.
  5. Welcome! I won't respond to all your points, but: 2] This was just implemented in v12! Pretty cool, huh? 4] I would rather reduce acceleration than reduce top movement speed. There will be a public outrage if movement speed is reduced any more. All your additions will be happening in the future.
  6. FV510 Feedback

    Agreed on all your points.

    Transmission needs some work still, agreed. My ideal Shift-key implementation would be similar to DIRT: Rally's semi-automatic gearbox, with a twist. Transmission's normal state is automatic, but user has manual input from Shift-key to sequentially downshift thru gears. If the downshift causes the engine to redline (say, travelling at 100kph and user pushes down to gear 2), then it automatically shifts back up. This strikes a balance between convenience of auto transmission, but being able to get extra power from lower gears when requested.
  8. Thank the lord! Been missing for too long now, that beautiful thing.
  9. Where the HECK am I getting shot from?!

    I haven't played enough v12 to tell. I recently added 5.1-to-stereo HRTF to my sound setup, so I'll try to see if suppression sounds are completely non-directional, or if they have a lead-in and trail-out in one axis. It's a balancing act, though. If you make the shooter's direction too obvious, the target becomes overconfident and won't feel the suppression effects, even if his screen is nearly black.
  10. The new system works great. Maybe once dragging is in-game, we could alter squadmates' ability to revive, but this implementation is much more enjoyable. It's nice that a squad doesn't always need 2 medics now, too.
  11. March 2018 Recap

    Not as popular as they once was, surely.
  12. Rally Point

    your google translate is pretty rough so it's hard to deliberate on any of your points: if you really want a hardcore mode, there should be no rallies at all honestly. they disrupt proper gameplay flow more than anything else.
  13. Dismount MG from jeeps

    I am not a fan of being able to remove the turret off an existing vehicle, i would be okay with being able to store large weapons in the back of transport vehicles tho.
  14. Rally Point

    I don't think rally points need any more buffs. Why would this be beneficial to gameplay?