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  1. It will come, shot penalties will come. They'll change the game in great ways too, engagements will have the right to-and-fro to them, and we won't see any 180 spinshots no mo'. Suppression upgrades will also help reduce spinshots.
  2. I've found with no antialiasing, enemies feel plenty visible over large distances. If anything is a factor, it's just proper camouflage. It's even better with 200% res scale, but I get a microstutter of sorts; even with 55+fps, it plays like 30fps, especially noticeable when turning. Must be a frametime thing. Anyway, offtopic.
  3. This would be an easy project for a modding team to pick up, at least for texturing. It would be easy to take the currently existing techhie and simply add more unique variations to the paint. It's another thing to add different types of 4x4s because vehicle modelling is not the easiest thing in the world.
  4. Yeah guess that's true considering they have the same damage model and all that. I dunno, we'll see where it goes.
  5. Yeah other than the bullet-spongeyness of it, it's a very appealing mindless shooter. Driving that light tank around is OP as hell but very fun.
  6. It's a pretty harsh model, but it seems appropriate for fully loaded soldiers (Russia, US). I don't think making stair movement speed should be increased much because ascending/descending a flight of stairs in a combat situation should be a meticulous process. If there's any quick changes to make, I would make the Insurgents and militia have less speed penalties because of their light loadout. Also, tell us specifically how it is getting you killed a lot; I'm not sure about what part of slow stair movement is getting you killed.
  7. I would enjoy all the maps more if Squaddies could figure out how to do troop transport properly. It's so rare to see vehicles used effectively.. I wonder how long this period of "people are learning how to use them" is going to take? It's killing me slowly.
  8. Yeah it's just another iteration of the new battlefield style. I would love to see an AAS gamemode for battlefield, would completely change the way conquest is played. Oh well.
  9. Another BTR related question: the turret can hardly aim down below zero degrees. I have never been gunner in a real BTR before, so I don't know if that's how they actually are? Wasn't sure if this was intended or just part of alpha process.
  10. @Drav will there be an attempt at both distance field shadows and distance field ambient occlusion or just DFS?
  11. Definitely like the concept of allowing a team to choose their own loadout in terms of vehicles. However, this idea might fit in better as a mod rather than in vanilla Squad. With a 50v50 gave of pubbie players, it's so much more simple and enjoyable to just have vehicles on a timer.
  12. Currently, there's no good ways of guaranteeing 60 fps. Eventually, your setup will probably net you 60 fps steady, or something near it.
  13. There's something very satisfying about watching LAT-HAT montages. Can't get enough of them. Good aim, by the way.
  14. This is gonna be a wild ride with vehicles coming in right before/during the matchups!
  15. poll

    Well, realistically, I'll get a chance to play all these roles in the next update, but the one I'll be spending the most time doing is being a passenger. Because the most seats in a transport vehicle are as a passenger.