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  1. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Still going strong! Participating in Clan nights and clan matches! recruiting 21+ apply today!
  2. October 2018 Recap

    Great job devs! Love the new uppdates comming with V12!
  3. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    We are still going strong and looking for new players!
  4. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Used to roll with these guys! Such a nice bunch of lads[emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Random single word posts.

    vegavinnuverkamannalyklakippulykill (<- real word in Icelandic)
  6. Welcome to Squad! Nice to see a fellow "Íslending" in squad, did not know that we had players here :o See ya on the battlefield!
  7. Age range of Squad Forum Users

    Good to know lol
  8. How old is the Squad community?

    20 going 21, live on a island called Vestmannaey wich belongs to Iceland 3.5 hours driving/sailing from the capital.
  9. Age range of Squad Forum Users

    20 years young, not old but not a kid, feel old as sh** tho :P
  10. Try to get everyone on 1 hour-30min before the "high" time (20:00GMT for uk time i think) and help seed a server, prefereble one wich is popular! Allways welcome to the [RIP] server if there is space for everyone :) Btw, if theres like 1 or 2 players left out, try asking an admin to make room for them (might work but no guaranteers) Hope you figurw this out and hope to see you on the battlefield! -Numz
  11. Some kind of a "party" system will moslikely be oplemented soon. If your playing with friends, find half empty servers and wait for more players to get on!
  12. Epic round!

    Closest round ever on [RIP] server tonight GG!
  13. automated messages/ads for server ?

    It will be in the game soon I think :)
  14. Happy Holidays!

    Congratz Dev's! Happy holiday to everyone and there loved ones![emoji106]