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  1. Reduce mortar spam

    yeah sure
  2. Medic-nation

    More smoke for medic, like it was in early builds, would make me happy panda.
  3. Unfortunately this is sad truth in every game. If you want decent game with squads cooperating and people folowing SLs join some clan and go to play events like CCFN.
  4. I have register earlier and have more posts on forum than you = My opinion is more valid and has more truth. lol Para
  5. Admins, Devs. . . time to wake up!

    Somebody got buthurt on internetz, wow who would guess that this can happen.
  6. Pitch black shadows?

    Hi, yes I was playing Borderless and had pitch black shadows. Switch to FullScreen fixed it. thx
  7. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Just had this awesome game on ReCoats #1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=577691842
  8. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Added Chora
  9. Music!

    Black metal .... You can hate it, you can love it, but there is always some hidden master piece in it ... anyway for any metal fan I suggest to check this site http://www.angrymetalguy.com/ they have some solid reviews and I alyways find some really good stuff there. soo refreshing after all the english
  10. such a pity

    Then buy better PC :P
  11. November 2015

    Static randomizer omg this is completly changing game. And all others things look absolutly fantastic. Cant wait to play on Chora. Question: I see russian forces on desert map. Looks like KohatToi. Do we get new flag layouts for russian forces or switch some versions from US to Russia?
  12. Kits, Roles, Limits and Steam launch

    I would limit it to 3 as 2x LAT and 2x UGL in each squad would bere horrible spam. Yes UGL damage is now lowered by half, but you can have double of grenariers and LATs on map now. With limit on 3 you could have all round balanced support 1x lmg 1x lat 1x ugl or if you want to make your squad more specialized ( like more antitank capability or more antiinfantry ) you would have to make a sacrifice in some other kit. Or maybe include ACOGs as support kit also and keep it to 4. Honestly I would prefer each suppot kit be only 1x available for each squad. But we will see how it plays out.
  13. Music!

    some old stuff some new stuff some funny stuff
  14. Sandbag spam is huge issue on insurgency mod now. I played many games on both sides (defending sandbag castle and attacking one) and if done right, attacking team dont have any chance to get inside and destroy cache. Some supply points hot fix change on insurgency before EA would be good.
  15. How does Logistics work exactly?

    In current build there is no Logistics. To build FOB you need as SL two members of your team close to you and you just place it. How it will work in future when vehicles are in only devs know :)