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    Magnificent flying machines, especially prop planes from WWII
  1. Oh, watch out, they don't want it as realistic as possible. Why? Becouse developers think that casual gamer cannot handle more then 5-7 keybinds. I would love to see it, but ... we will have to wait.
  2. Suggestion for weapon lowering.

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7359-common-faqs/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/806-please-no-raised-weapon-as-default/?hl=mods
  3. Arma 2 still worth it?

    Depends, what are you looking for? SP, PvP, CooP? Arma 2 is still good game, and for me better looking and optimized then Arma 3. They fucked up Arma 3 in many ways. If you are going for SP, go for it, story is not bad, DLC's are worth the pay. And many story mods to find on armaholic. PvP and CooP, cannot say, but I believe that there will be always some server up.
  4. What job do you got?

    Student of mechanical engineering - technologist, closing to be bachelor. No job at this time, no need, study college for free.
  5. November 2015

    Fools Road looks awesome, oh and the explosions. My graphic card will have hard time keeping with this.
  6. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    Well, Kuba is shorter of my real name Jakub (translated James in english). And when I was at summer camp, there were 3 guys with name Kuba, so camp leader choosed 3 nicknames for us: Kuba, Kubaj and Kubas, try to guess which I got :-) . So I stick with this nickname to this time. Also I added 94 and CZ. 94 because I was born at 1994, to prevent idiots insulting: "Fu.. off, 12 year old noob kid" etc. And CZ, becouse I'm born and living at Czech republic, so when someone meet me and he is also Czech, he can recognize easily that I'm also from Czech republich so he can speak to me in czech language.
  7. Accept every name?

    I'm pretty sure that SQUAD will have some sort of filter, that will not allow really bad names, including: Hittler, Nazi, KKK etc. But about Fat girl vagina, I'm not sure, I would like to hear answer from development.
  8. What we want in new WW2 game

    Damn, I was so hyped for few minutes. New Battlefield? Second World War? and then I realized there is new EA that produced Battlefield 3, 4 and paid mod for it. So useless DLC's, no mod support. I want just game that will be good as Battlefield 1942, that will be PC exclusive, with mod support, dedicated servers .... I miss the old Battlefield, time to install them again.
  9. Hello, Kickstarter is the most famous funding webiste that allow fund the new ideas, games, gadges, art .... and many more things. And as I said, no it is not bad, you can still preorder this game, for same price as on Kickstarter. EDIT: You only missed special offers for Kickstarter funding, such as for higer amount of money you could get SQUAD dogtags.
  10. Tom Clancy Bundle $9 average.

    one word: Uplay
  11. Squad Steam Achievements

    Achievement Title: Do you copy? Achievement: Didnt use microphone during whole battle
  12. Unreal dev grants

  13. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Great job, you have to be bored as hell, thank you
  14. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    May I ask for Czech Republic?
  15. Wow, that is great idea, not hearing anything, not even voice ... oh yeah