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  1. imo this isn't acceptable, however i got all the faith in the fact that the developers will try to fix it
  2. Hey, just installed the new update, first i noticed that my game went blurry, then i noticed that when i join a server with 60/72 slots i can't join the server, it doesn't show any error or says that the server is full, nothing like that..? when i then refresh the server still shows 60/72 slots and i still can't join. Also i got a huge performance decrease... i went from about 55 fps on medium to 16-19 fps on low... Any explanation would be great. Best regards, NathanSB
  3. I have not revieved my key

    Hey Jacki36, i had the same issue as you and fixed it by sending a e-mail with proof of the purchase to [email protected]
  4. Haven't recieved my Rifleman key

    I received my ket after i sent a e-mail to support, thank you all
  5. Haven't recieved my Rifleman key

    i've send a e-mail to support, lets see what happens..
  6. Haven't recieved my Rifleman key

    I'll try that, thanks
  7. Haven't recieved my Rifleman key

    I already did, it aint there :(
  8. Haven't recieved my Rifleman key

    Hey guys, So i bought my Rifleman Tier Pack about 5 months ago (21st of July) but i haven't recieved a key yet, (i do have proof of the purchase) If anyone could help me out with this that would be awesome! Greetings, NathanSB
  9. UNDER 10 minutes till squad releases on steam!!

    How did you guys receive your key? i still have nothing :(
  10. It's finnaly 15th!!

    I haven't recieved my key yet :(
  11. Can't Pay Squad With Paypal Balance?

    Thank you, I just bought the game!
  12. Hey, Before im buying the Rifleman Tier im wondering if it will ever be possible to upgrade to Squad Leader Tier when the game is already released. Thanks in advance Best Regards, NathanSB
  13. Can't Pay Squad With Paypal Balance?

    Thank you, that should probaly do it!
  14. Hey, So i don't have a creditcard to pay Squad with so i saw on the Paypal site that you have the option to donate money from your bank account to your Paypall account, but when i want to buy squad it only gives me the option to pay with creditcard Thanks in return, Yours faithfully, Nathan de Bruijn