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  1. SQUAD uninstalled

    play some rounds in Pr... like a..... year of games and come back to Squad . I promise you will have another point of view.
  2. FOB defense gamemode?

    lol 30 minutes to find this suggestion and not to resuggest.. This is one of the game modes i was missing a lot in PR, now we can see here...i hope.
  3. Greetings froms spain

    Thanks Captain and Koschilein... Thanks old friend, our group its wintering since one year...we always try to speak a decent english in the radio to communicate with other squads, this is a must for our teamleaders...but u know...some words in the middle of a firefight... been shooted in spanish... Anyway we are really excited to put the hands over squad...
  4. First of all i would like to give a big congratulations to the team of Squad for this awesome project. Im an old PR player from the o,5 version started to play wit Thors Brigade guys, some games with LP people...and now i think i ll be a noob Squad player from "0,1" version. SPNF group come with me,too, good old players. We are going to start a new project traveling parallel to squad, supporting and ejoying the game so ill keep me eyes close to kikcstarter line to know when its the perfect time to start to move on. For the moment i dont see too many known players in the forums... some Pt guys, ODS, PRTA, i hope ill find more... Good job again for the team of squad...and hello for all. (sorry if i have some fouls writing english)