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  1. It's just as effective, if not more, to shoot a man in the pelvis or the chest. It's kinda hard to put a round in the "apple" when adrenaline is pumping through your veins. So, a good alternative is center mass when you can barely handle your body, let alone your weapon.
  2. Most likely, or they messed up the head space and timing.
  3. Never operated one, but I know the m2 can get up there.
  4. Eastern Europe 1969

    A very unappreciated topic, I like it! The Yugoslav wars would also be a unique time period of the later cold war time frame just with less war crimes.
  5. Insurgents VS Insurgents

    What's the difference?
  6. Another Game mod Idea

    Sounds neat, I like the creativity. I'd like to see minor side missions included with AAS or insurgency, like for MEC vs Rebels "NATO airdrops weapons and supplies for the rebel forces" capture/secure for a brief time of being able to use higher tiered gear and supplies for rebels. As for the superior force I.e. MEC, Russians, ext. It would deny the rebels a way to level the playing field.
  7. Will they add US Marines to the game.

    Hopefully if they do install the USMC, they implement the M27 IAR. The M249 SAW is being phased out.
  8. Will they add US Marines to the game.

    Nice try Mr. Airbourne ^ Murica!
  9. Will they add US Marines to the game.

    I can't wait till either this faction is released or is installed as a mod.
  10. Will they add US Marines to the game.

    ^^ Actually supports ISIS
  11. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    Shhh.... He's on to us...
  12. Music!

  13. Claim kit feature

    If they implement mounted TOWs, I'll take 152mm of HEAT any day.
  14. What guns would people like in the game

    Yes, but in very low numbers. It's not like they could up and manufacture one in the FATA like they do AKs. We occasionally came upon some, but rarely due to 7.62x51mm NATO rounds being scarce in a post soviet occupied nation.