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  1. Possibility of modding WW2

    Thanks for that quick and precise answer. You have my thanks fine sir!
  2. Possibility of modding WW2

    Hej Guys, I just have a question. Will it be possible to mod ww2 weapons, new maps and so forth into Squad. I read that modding would be quite open so I am guessing that this would be possible right ? Just a quick yes or no to confirm and I would be ever so happy.
  3. Thank you for the quick answer. I just could not find any information about what happened with my purchase.
  4. I bought 30 dollar version of the game several days ago and could read that people who did not create an account and sign in before purchase still got an answer about their purchase. They said about 1 day of wait time. Atm I have waited for 4 days and have still not heard anything. How do I resolve this problem ? - I have the paypal transaktion - I now have an account