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  1. Update: Maps => alpha 8.6. Link
  2. Sure! In fact that's not "my" maps, copyright is still by OWI... BTW: Amazing tool...
  3. Upgrade: Cursor shows coordinates with keypad now... Link
  4. Upgrade: Cursor displays grid coordinates now. "Keypads" are coming soon... Hint: The reference point of the "grab"-cursor is in the center of the hand, not one of the fingers ;-)
  5. Update: Maps => alpha 7, Link
  6. Great work! You can add this to the Wiki by yourself. Just register and edit the page where you think it would be fitting best or create a new one.
  7. I have to point out that the map pages were done by others. I just enhanced the wiki template for the "map infobox" ;-)
  8. Upgrade: Added map scale overview
  9. Update: Maps => alpha 6, Link
  10. Update: Maps => alpha 5, Link
  11. Update: Maps => alpha 4.1. Link
  12. I got several requests to post a tutorial about how to get the map images. Voil√°!
  13. I exported the ingame minimaps as 4096 x 4096 px JPG. Might be useful for planning. Enjoy! 17feb16: Tutorial added. 02mar16: Updated to 4.1 22mar16: Updated to 5 27may16: Updated to 6 29may16: Added map scales overview 08aug16: Updated to 7 11aug16: Added grid coordinates display 16aug16: Enhanced coordinates with keypad information 12nov16: Updated to 8
  14. Of course NOT... :o shame on me, thx
  15. After several hours played i have to say that it doesn't really feel like an Alpha. It's just serious fun. Having said that... ;) It would be great (especially my little finger will thank you) to allow a key-binding for a "double tap" to stay crouched permanently in addition to hold the crouchkey for a shorter time of crouching. Maybe another tap to the same key or a change to prone etc. or sprinting would release this "permanent action". Another very handy feature - as i know it from ArmA - would be the possibility to bind two-keys for one action. As example: Instead of holding SHIFT and W to sprint, just move your finger a bit "to south" and press W+S at the same time to sprint.