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  1. FYI, as it costed me "some days" to solve it... After downloading the last update i got a steam error message: with the following link to the steam knowledgebase: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2274-IFLV-5334 I really tried everything in section "Basic steam troubleshooting", but nothing worked. After some days searching the internet and two game deinstall/install/move folder cycles i ... gave up... You know, "7 days to die" (experimental) got live, so i was "busy" anyway ;-) ... But while playing i recognized that i was used to start "7 days..." via a desktop link, but Squad via the Steam-client. So i tried to execute the "squad_launcher.exe" in "steamapps\common\Squad" and i got an error message "file not found". But the file was there with a size of 1089KB and the steam "verify files" process said again "all OK". This time i searched the internet for a problem with "existing executable not found" and stumbled over an EA forum post for "Origin": https://answers.ea.com/t5/EA-General-Questions/Windows-10-cannot-find-Origin/m-p/4887580#M175606 And really in "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options" there were two "entries" for "SquadGame.exe" and "squad_launcher.exe". After deletion of these "keys" Squad was running again... BTW: I have no glue where these registry came from... a matrix problem i guess ;-)
  2. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Update: maps for v10 Upgrade: Added mortar-calculator and 300m-Grid New link: https://www.airpressuretendency.net/squadmaps
  3. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Due to lack of time i won't maintain the squadmaps/viewer anymore. The site will be closed with end of March 2017.
  4. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Update: Maps => alpha 8.6. Link
  5. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Sure! In fact that's not "my" maps, copyright is still by OWI... BTW: Amazing tool...
  6. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Upgrade: Cursor shows coordinates with keypad now... Link
  7. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Upgrade: Cursor displays grid coordinates now. "Keypads" are coming soon... Hint: The reference point of the "grab"-cursor is in the center of the hand, not one of the fingers ;-)
  8. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Update: Maps => alpha 7, Link
  9. Admin guide on wiki, thoughts?

    Great work! You can add this to the Wiki by yourself. Just register and edit the page where you think it would be fitting best or create a new one.
  10. Moving the user manual to the wiki

    I have to point out that the map pages were done by others. I just enhanced the wiki template for the "map infobox" ;-)
  11. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Upgrade: Added map scale overview
  12. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Update: Maps => alpha 6, Link
  13. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Update: Maps => alpha 5, Link
  14. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Update: Maps => alpha 4.1. Link
  15. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    I got several requests to post a tutorial about how to get the map images. Voil√°!