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  1. West Coast Tactical is Nazi Germany

    So why did you say that?
  2. Shock

    I would like to see/hear that, as long as it doesn't effect you in a bad way of being able to shoot or stab your enemies in the face.
  3. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    I would not like to see that, IMO that shit that Tripwire Interactive and John Gibson, the president of that company stated that the germans and the russians were thought to run with eighter their rifle in one hand or two hand sound really weird to me. I think it's BS and it looks shit in their game. I agree with the interiors in the buildings, would really love to see more of that. Red Orchestra 2 is not or were not a good game having the same title as the classic Red Orchestra: Ostfront 1941-42. It could have been so much better, with slower paste game and more realistic recoil and handling of the weapons. That game was meant to please the basic player coming from Battlefield and Call of Duty, thank you devs for not going to please the basic gamer as you stated in your interview. The Tiger looks great, hope it sounds and feels as good as it looks!
  4. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Watching the interview as we speak. I really love how this mod is shaping up.
  5. Shock

    By all means, I am open to see how it could be done, but I am a little skeptical.
  6. Shock

    I would not like to have some effects that make me this much disabled in a firefight. Let's say it works like the stun grenades in Call of Duty. I don't want some effect to make me so handicapped because someone hit close to me with an RPG or artillery, I get it though, it looks cool and it does something to the immersion but I don't want it to effect the gameplay so much that I can't defend myself. Think of the US faction vs the towlheads the US will destroy them with their LAV, Tanks, 50., helicopters when that comes in, artillery. IMO it's not a good idea.
  7. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    ChanceBrahh is a hero.
  8. What's up with fallujah west ?

    I also like to know that, they made Fools Road but then started working on other Eastern European maps instead, they just don't look close to as good as any most of the middle east maps. As a fact Fallujah got voted by the community to be one of the maps that were going to be produced to Squad, but they've only done Fools road, which IMO is not a great map. I'll like to see more urban maps, not like Sumari for that matter, toooo CQB and no open fields or roads, but more like Fallujah and Muttrah. Good thing the modding community are doing some progress, like Kokan and Korengal Valley. aaand not to forget Al Basrah!
  9. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    My gosh, my gosh Whenever this game/mod comes out, I'll quit my job and get the Unit with 20+ guys as well as another realism unit of 25+ guys into this mod!
  10. Goulagtime's Video Thread

    *Designated marksman with 4x ACOG scope aka no sniper.
  11. Gun Fire Volume

    Are you as sensitive as my mother? I have the effects turned up to 200%... because I'm badass.
  12. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    If BreihzoO doesn't reply in an hour it's official. The mod will be out mid January
  13. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Hopefully this will be in the next update for Squad as Kokan is in at this point?
  14. Nangalam (Map WIP)

    Looking forward to this.