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  1. Everyday Carry Everyday Carry is a new group oriented at fun squad play and mature interactions with like minded individuals. We created this group to build a small group of mature gamers (21+ or 18+ on request) to play FPS and Milsim style games including, Squad, Arma, War Thunder, and many others. We are a very small community that will be aiming to fill at the most 30 slots of active gamers primary in the Squad game. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to play in a squad where all of the other individuals are playing tactically just like yourself. This would be the community for that. Our expectation with Squad is that this could be the best game to play for that milsim experience for Arma players that want that PvP aspect. Our group has over 10 years of experience in military games starting with Operation Flashpoint, and the original ArmA. We want to outline to you what EDC is all about: No Ranks - There are no ranks only roles such as a dedicated AT, or dedicated Marksman. We do have a system where we pick Squad leaders based on performance and fidelity. Relaxed Environment - No yes sir, or any of that, We aim to play and enjoy ourselves. Multiple Games - We play other games as well! we aim to make this priamrily Squad but that wont limit us to playing other games when we get bored! If you are looking for a relaxed and fun place to play Squad drop a comment below. Ill be sure to get in contact with you! Thanks and see you all on the battlefield.
  2. I get this sometimes and all i have to do is restart my computer, its almost like my computer deadlocks the background process for this game. but a restart usually fixes it. Specs: i7 4770k @ 4.2 Z87 Pro GTX 980 Ti
  3. For the sight not shooting where you want it to. It really comes down if you know Muzzle Discipline. Each Rifle that has a scope means that the barrel is below that. this is not Counterstrike where bullets originate from the middle of the screen. It takes time to learn Muzzle Discipline which is why its crucial in training our Armed Forces today.
  4. Looking for a solid group of guys age 21 and over to form a new group. I have been looking at various units pop up and none of them grabbed my attention. I really want the atmosphere of a mature group of guys getting off work and putting in some hours behind the virtual gun together. I think we could have a lot of fun playing tactical with a group of guys we get to know. As of right now it's just myself as most friends haven't purchased squad yet. I want to build a great website and community for this group. Lets get this thing started! I'll be mocking up a logo for us pretty soon and will be putting my day job to good use and building us a great website. If any of the larger groups can help support us that would be great. Love this community and can't wait to join in depth.
  5. Ridiculous FPS

    Sorry for double post
  6. Ridiculous FPS

    Post your specs probably the best way to get a anwser... I run everything epic with a i7 4770k and a gtx 980ti and get around 70 fps
  7. Ridiculous FPS

    Post your specs probably the best way to get a anwser... I eun everything epic with aan i7 4770k and a gtx 980ti and get around 70 fps Post your specs probably the best way to get a anwser... I run everything epic with a i7 4770k and a gtx 980ti and get around 70 fps
  8. Will Squad support VR of any kind?

    Ghost leaning? If you lean in the vr you lean like that in game. Same thing.
  9. Will Squad support any types of VR? Coming from being a full time Arma player I really would like to know if I can or will be able to make use of my Track IR when playing squad. I believe this is crucial to be able to look left and right and not be so horse blind when playing shooters. Any information would be appreciated!