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  1. Squad

    The customer isn't always right. And the cost to serve some customers is higher than the value their business brings. Hence, 'bad' customers should be avoided. The above is just a general point and I'm not suggesting the OP is a 'bad' customer. To the OP, I'd say it is fine to suggest changes, but it should also be recognised that your opinion is one among many. The Dev team have to balance all views to maximise the player base and keep the product viable commercially.
  2. V8 Optimization

    I get 60 FPS much of the time, except on full 75 player servers where it might average about 48-50. Like I said I noticed a definite improvement on this most recent version - think it was Fool's Road in particular that was suddenly very smooth, whereas previously the dense tree and foliage seemed to hold the frames at 40 fps. I run most settings on Epic at 1920x1200 using a 970 GTX and an i7 6770k. Clearly, there is some way to go until everyone can experience that give the feedback, but it doesn't sound too far off.
  3. Graphic blur

    When I look into the distance on a clear day in real life, in the UK, my eyes will not be able to pick out a blade of grass at 2 miles distance. When I've been in Egypt or Australia, you can't see crap with any clarity in the distance because of the dust and heat haze. I'm guessing it is the same in the Afghanistan or Iraq etc. Ergo, laser accurate vision at distance should not be possible in the game. Even with binocs you are limited to what you can make out. For me, the lack clarity at distance is a feature allowing different tactics than have been seen in other games.
  4. V8 Optimization

    I would have thought they would add more features before optimisation. Afterall, what's the point in optimising if you break everything by adding new facets to the game? The current version works well for me - after being away for a while, it feels like there has been an improvement to FPS.
  5. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    I thought they ditched Land Rover (in any combat form) a long time ago? I'd prefer to see those vehicles we spent billions on introducing - Mastiff, Wolfhound, Foxhound etc.
  6. Squad Ranks?

    Not interested in anything that limits the game for the player that doesn't have time to play regularly, such as me. The last thing I want to see is that after finding some precious game time I discover that I'm limited in anyway from gameplay opportunities compared to anyone else. If people want cosmetic ribbons and other such nonsense, that's fine, but it should purely be cosmetic/aesthetic.
  7. BTR

    I thought the difference between a cannon round and a machine-gun round is that one is explosive and the other is inert. I wasn't aware it was anything to do with calibre? I'm thinking along the lines of aero weapons e.g. Hispano cannon versus browning MGs. Learn something new everyday, I guess.
  8. Still no penalty for getting shot?

    Camping in the bushes on approach routes to objectives will actually be fun when vehicles and logistics are implemented. RPG ambushes backed up by support weapons will be awesome. Holding elevated terrain is generally a good idea in real life too. I'm looking forward to the run and gun dynamic being detuned in the future updates.
  9. Full of points FOB after setup

    I think all that can be said at this juncture is... Q.E.D.
  10. Full of points FOB after setup

    I would have thought living in Hawaii would make for a more a calm, chilled out character. You'd probably explode if you had to live in Grimsby.
  11. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    *swooooosh* The sound the point made as it went over your head at 50,000 ft. That screenshot shows the fidelity of the vehicle physics. It's modelling all kinds of variables which will make for a much more realistic experience.
  12. I wonder what the reviews looked like when PR was a minimod with infantry only maps? PR was massively constrained by an ancient engine and look what they achieved. If the Squad devs have enough working capital to fund their development goals they're golden. Get the features in, do a massive marketing push and the reviews will soon be positive. If they are relying on a run-rate of purchases then it is more complicated - but both the kickstarted and early access were successful.
  13. Current levels of clever hacking?

    Not sure, but people are definitely exploiting wall clipping bugs. And then there are people turning down all graphical settings to increase visibility of enemies in cover. So essentially people are using exploits to play outside the 'spirit of the game' - which is more testament to their need to 'win the internet' (and in the case of one forum poster who shall remain nameless, continually boast about it on here). However, I played a round last night where I had a field on over watch as AR gunner and took down a couple of squads over the space of 20 mins who were trying to take the river bend objective. I'd found decent cover - so at least those guys were playing the game as it was meant to be played. I salute them for it!
  14. Are there any Plans for artillery

    Worth doing a search - lots of threads about mortars and such like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I only play sporadically these days. Played tonight and one game was rubbish with no communication from the SL or within the squad. Jumped to another squad and the SL was changing so often, it was hard to keep up. Next round I SL'd and the guys with me worked as a squad and stayed together. So overall, for me, it's the same old, same old. Some you win, some you lose when it comes to finding teamplay!