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  1. Added some images for Peale Island -- Nothing all that special as that island was abandoned but I'm using it as a kind of mini fools road with mostly forest & terrain battle zones only.. maybe a surprise or two
  2. Name : Wake Atoll Location : Wake Island Atoll Size: 8km Game Play Type: Focus on light mech infantry I originally worked on this as a map for PR a few years ago but the BF2editor and I didn't see eye to eye on crashes. I've been at this for a few months on a 4km version, but recently amped up to an 8km version. Landmass is a little larger than actual scale. I will be posting updates of each section as I get through them and return to each when I get to detail passes. End result will hopefully be a gentle reminder of BF's Wake with the tactical chaos of Squad. Album Wilkes Island (W Island) Peale Island (NW Island) Wake Island (E Island)
  3. If you're looking for Palms... not very many there. If anyone feels like making me some new ones, I'm all about it. My attempts didn't go so well. Mostly what I need are these guys:
  4. Yep. Never did finish it though... or even played on one of the servers testing it The main issue with the PR version was the editor's capture point system. Squad's system is much more robust with many more options. There will be a few other surprises beyond what I could do in PR that should assist the style of gameplay I'm shooting for. ... this version also has twice the landmass, at ~6.4km from west tip to east tip . PR version was ~3.7km. So no camping a carrier (not that I have one) or cross lagoon sniping on this guy.
  5. He was mostly responding to the other post. The one I was asking to be edited because it has nothing to do with said server, what so ever, but reads as if it does. Completely unrelated because None of his points have ever been done by an admin on our server, outside those mentioned by us. But I'm going to go out a limb here and guess you didn't read the other parts except those that triggered you and then found a single drive-by reference to validate it (keep that in mind). Fire Truck might get a little defensive, but speak up if you have had to actually admin a FF on, unfiltered chat game server with local and command coms. Those who just want to play a good game are always welcome, and there are a large majority who come back daily, but there are many new and some existing people who think the game operates like COD, BF etc -- "If the game lets me do it then I can do it and everyone else be damned". Our players, admins and server are not there for a personal Ape-shit session and OWI intelligently gives a decently wide berth to handle situations as a licensed server. Just to name a few that I've personally handed out, while keeping in mind a kick allows a person to return instantly while a ban is anything from an hour to perma: There's the "I'm pro" players who just yell at every other squad leader in coms or chat (warn, kick or ban if repeated unless another rule is being broken). The guy blaring or harassing over local constantly and won't quit (kick/ban). The guy who joins with a blatantly racist name(instant! perma! ban!) or obscene name (kick) or straight up says such in coms or chat (ban/kick). The guy who thinks its fun to drop a grenade while screaming a war cry in the middle of his team (30d-perma ban), shoot his old SL or whole squad because he was kicked him from the squad (kick or ban if witnessed by an admin or trusted regulars), blow up friendly vehicles in main (ban), sit next to enemy main and camp (warn/kick/ban), continually spout about hackers and bad admins because they can't think about anything except rushing to kill something (these guys usually rage quit on their own). I could fill pages with reasons for things that truly surprise me daily. Needless to say that it gets triggering because you expect more from people. Having to admin this much does not reflect a systemic server specific issue, and I know you all would do the same thing, with the same or similar severity, if you were in our shoes. Otherwise, you would see a steady pattern of your server being empty, constantly.
  6. I was referring to said server from a moderator's point of view on said server. 99% of your points have never been done on said server. Please edit your post to pertain to said server. Thanks
  7. If you are not the OP, dev, moderator or server admin then please don't reply to this thread. I'm not saying yay or nay to what happened here or saying what follows actually pertains to the OP. It will be handled internally and routinely review bans. I'm just saying this because I've kicked way too many people for being this kind of toxic, and occasionally throw a ban hammer if it is severe enough. I don't want to do it but the other players deserve the ability to focus on playing the game. If you don't like your squad leader, leave the squad, join or create another squad, or even leave the server if you feel it's that bad. Don't trash talk them or the server while in game. Don't type it out in chat just so others can feel your "pain". Don't join another squad and continue your anger. That is what we call a toxic player. It is not uncommon for a player to receive a 1 day, 7 day, 30 day or perma ban, depending on severity, for being Toxic to the community. Keep in mind most admins aren't there to be admins, but to play the game. Having to kick 30 people for being Idle/AFK/Unassigned, 15 for intentional TKs, and 5 for being toxic etc as well as ban at least 5 for being racist, returning to continue their infractions or are those who just want to watch the world burn is all the opposite of what they want to do with their free time and most don't have patience to make you a safe space.
  8. After v8.2 notes. Since you did some toggle work. Any chance of forcing an "unlean" after sprinting or jumping? IMO it's just goofy as all get out. Nip the sprint crouch leaners in the bud and solve a little human error frustrations Dream world would have an option that turns lean-left into a lean-upright while you are currently leaning right -- if you're leaning right it would take two lean lefts to get to actually leaning left. And any hope of letting stamina regenerate when crouch walking? or some visual cue that we're crouched, other than what appears to be a 6" drop? Maybe not UI solution but... uh the gun being raised a little more, holding it more tightly, a bit of shoulder showing IDK
  9. bull... this is 110% legit. Look at those vehicles.
  10. Video card might be fine, I had a buddy playing on a 750. But like raging said, it's a bit rough right now for everyone regardless of specs. If you have a budget for it I would upgrade the cpu, probably meaning motherboard, cpu, cpu fan and ram, but keep a budget in there for a new video card just in case it's too sluggish. [edit] and fork out a little bit to get Intel over AMD. I would say this regardless of Squad's(UE4's) issues with AMD.
  11. Not sure if it still works but clear/delete the log files. Next time might still be slow but after that it sped back up. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs Other thing I noticed is that once you start the game you shouldn't click anything else until it loads. Seems that if I click away it will take 10x longer to load. The whole getting into a server part will hopefully be upgraded on one of their near future releases... as that browser drives me nuts too.
  12. It's a patch man.... not a cure all. They just introduced probably the largest addition to the game so far and it will take some time to hammer out during this alpha process. It's not as clean cut as building something physical, where you can see something break and know why it broke. We've been here before after the EA release and it all got better. Same thing will happen again.
  13. Trigger happy mixed with not being able to see people well, at least for me. I played PR for years and Squad since day 1 (preA day 1) but still get twitchy to where I occasionally put a round or two in friendly vehicles. Fearing that I won't get the first shots off.
  14. glitch

    Those worked in v6. Probably just a bug. All will be working in due time.
  15. Just stop responding to his rants. Just adding fuel to his flames pointlessly. Anyway... Thank the Devs for a quickfix. Got through four rounds with a freeze at the end.
  16. hahaha... nice stalk
  17. It only take 5 minutes(?) for a fob to be active without supplies. It's not that detrimental to operations especially when you have a rally to fallback to. If your team is really always in need of logistics or transport then create a trans/logi squad and be the people who supply on demand. [edit] As for the extra men. This goes back to another thread of abandoned vehicles. Having 3 lets you reclaim abandoned vehicles and having enough people to drive both back to main on your runs. Also, ask yourself what happens when you do run into enemy and the driver gets killed? (abandoned vehicle unless you have more people with you) The latter part of getting somewhere and putting a fob but having to suicide to get back to main for supplies is a failure of the squad & team, not the game. Plan beforehand on fob locations, leave main with what you need or have a logistics squad or transport squad and request transport or supplies. I believe devs have already said that they are sticking with 3. So there is really no reason to debate this.
  18. I've ran through every console command they provide us in A6 (? maybe A5) but could only get rid of it with a restart. Would be nice if there was a console command to reset the UI or something. ...But now that the major hurtle of releasing vehicles is over they'll probably have a lot more time to focus on fixing issues like this one.
  19. They'll hammer it out. Don't worry. The devs want to play a polished product just as much as we do.
  20. BTR

    That's a team fail if A. You don't have any ATs in your squads. B. You don't have secure spawns. C. You don't have access to ammo. D. If everyone is just running around in the open like a chicken with its head cut off. Most rounds have at least 4 squads. Meaning there is probably two ATs in close proximity. Getting 3 shots off from cover shouldn't be that complicated.
  21. This is due to poor Squad Leading and control (even though I haven't checked what happens when you kick someone while they're driving @IrOnTaXi?). This will hopefully be resolved once you start getting a dedicated logistics & transportation squad --- Drive a logi to supply fob and drop off one guy at a reclaimed vehicle to return it to main, or have a protected convoy doing both supplies and transportation.
  22. After seeing some A7 gameplay, can I ask that you guys put the chevrons back on the SL weapon [icon] itself. This was a main factor of picking my squad in A5. Thanks
  23. Smurfs bro... Smurfs. I don't think they touched on the turtles and smurfs in the same vehicle. It was really annoying in PR when you had that smurf that just wouldn't exit your vehicle but for large capacity trans etc that only requires 1-3 crew I would assume it is allowed.
  24. I love some of you guys.... Beg for information Get a metric shit ton of information Complain about information Beg for release Get bad ass alpha release Complain about release Return to Step 1. Devs, thank you for the update! Awesome stuff. Can't wait to try the alpha and see how all your hard work plays (wasn't that hard for me to say, as I sit on my picnic table patiently waiting)