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  1. General v12 Feedback

    Is there another way to achieve a "Positive impact" with another direction without adding several illogical learning factors to a game that already has several dozen logical ones? Answer is yes. That and only that is my point. It was illogical that you could rush a cap with two guys and throw down a rally to have 7 others spawn in instantly . Things like that are why the wave spawner works great. The reasons players work more together is because they NEED that ammo at fobs and they NEED to support each other. Completely achievable in another, easily understood way. I disagree that it had any impact on players willingness to give up. The only thing PA teaches new players is, if anything at all, that they need to instantly go to the ammo crate after spawning. An easy example of another way: You always spawn normally at FOBs when ammo is available. Rallies have a radius (ex 500m) that allows spawning with full ammo when a (non overran) FOB is in range (build radius overlaps) that has the ammo. Same effect. Simple logic. Easy to illustrate -- simple border color on rally/fob icons or some other UI on/near the actual spawn button/panel. With the added benefit of making squads more focused on objectives and supporting fob creation in useful positions.
  2. General v12 Feedback

    IMO issues I'm hoping get addressed. I still like and play the game and have since day 1 of pre-alpha. I also get ALPHA, first iteration yada yada. Just plain old civil feedback here that may or may not lead to anything you guys already don't know or plan on. Rounds are lasting too long now on bigger maps. Should be aiming for 45-75min rounds. If it goes past 75 min mark I've notice that too many people leave and the teams have half the people to make starting moves in the next round; the 1/2 pop mark usually meaning the server is going to die. I wouldn't mind a server option to set round timer but that would go into the last item mentioned here. UI When Downed -- Keep the spawn selection made before giving up. Haven't checked in v12 but make sure ESC does nothing in relation to spawning and each time you go down the selected spawn is removed. Hopefully that will stop the spawning at the wrong spawn. Player selection on map -- please remove this or fix the stuck scrolling map bug when clicking a player. I assume this is bug or there is more info/functionality coming to make it meaningful. Missing Mag/Mode UI -- Seems to be a just me bug but weapon mag UI disappearing randomly. Can't figure out how to replicate. Help gtx 970, win10, 16:10, latest drivers. Has been happening since v11. I've uninstalled entirely (deleted every folder related), verified, etc etc. Still pops up. Text chat on map screen -- extremely minor but bring back in the [all] [team] [squad] tags please. Just a UX thing for OCD people thinking they just texted intel in all chat. There is also an issue with changing between all/team/squad once you've clicked the chat window... but I get it.. Squad isn't a chat room. End Round/Loading -- Remake the end round scoreboard and carry that screen up until the next map is loaded, with a button to continue. Right now the only time you get to compare your score is for a max of 30 seconds and have no other metric to judge your actions, or lack there of. There's plenty of metrics that would spice it up and make players feel more rewarded/engaged without persistent stats. Gameplay Vic Soloing -- Prevent main gun operation when two crew are not in an APC, IFV or MBT, unless its engine is disabled. At least a server option here please. Ideally, I wouldn't let them leave main without two crew, especially for IFVs or MBTs. APCs being used as APCs -- I honestly don't know how but find some way to promote the use of APCs as actually being APCs. Maybe remove the crewman kit requirement on APCs. That might just lead to more abandoned vehicles like logis get now. I miss PR players dedication to roles ^^ This is a teamwork game after all. Both might be solved if you guys brought in PS style squad role but that's likely a lot of work for something that might not pan out. Bleed Caps -- On all layers, give the bleed cap to that respective team. It saddens me that this is still not the case. Especially impactful on smaller map RAAS layers. Also, IMO, I would not be making maps with more than 7 cap steps. Skirmish Layers with center caps -- Plenty of maps with small, tight objectives that could be used for a center cap on skirmish layers. Seeding needs the middle cap when starting off. I'd absolutely love to see some sort of expansion setup as server pop grows -- < 10v10, you only see middle cap with logis -> 15v15 you get center + 2, light vehicles and emplacements, minus tow/mortar -> 20v20 is game on. And wait 60 seconds after 20v20 to make sure those douches who leave at 20v19 don't give a false positives [edit: Since we're dreaming here... make ticket cost 2x once server is full or > 70 players] And then the elephants in the room: Suppression -- 10-15% reduction of the sway effect OR reduce the average effect by keeping the first shot at max effect with diminishing effect every shot after until you reach minimum -- divisor to the current effect's power. Idea is that max effect comes when the player is calm. Either way the current iteration is just too OP. Persistent Ammo -- Toss it. I get the idea and wanting to try out something unique but there has to be a better, more realistic and UX friendly way, and frankly, it's just not needed and is one major step in the wrong direction. Bare minimum I'd rearm the lost ammo of players spawning at a fob automatically for the sake of UX. IMO Method: Keep the idea that you spawn with the minimum if there's no ammo at a fob. Start with just that. If it needs more then force a full rearm per spawn when there is ammo. Maybe SLs have a max number of rallies before rearm. Maybe add a radius to rallies that allow players to spawn with full ammo if a fob in radius has ammo and minimum if not. The wave spawner is great btw and solved a lot of the teamwork/squadwork issues. But, I would suggest putting a 20 min timer on placed rallies to keep players more focused on objectives. Lastly... Admin Tools.......... Please.. pretty pretty fkn please make it a priority. IMO bare minimums: Chat log -- to mod in tools for chat/spam filters, map vote & report. Logging admin steam ID with kick/ban actions -- to better monitor admins. Personal broadcasts -- to talk to players without disrupting the gameplay of others. Ideally in it's own little format with a black backdrop that can't be missed unless blind.
  3. Wake Atoll

    Added some images for Peale Island -- Nothing all that special as that island was abandoned but I'm using it as a kind of mini fools road with mostly forest & terrain battle zones only.. maybe a surprise or two
  4. Wake Atoll

    If you're looking for Palms... not very many there. If anyone feels like making me some new ones, I'm all about it. My attempts didn't go so well. Mostly what I need are these guys:
  5. Wake Atoll

    Yep. Never did finish it though... or even played on one of the servers testing it The main issue with the PR version was the editor's capture point system. Squad's system is much more robust with many more options. There will be a few other surprises beyond what I could do in PR that should assist the style of gameplay I'm shooting for. ... this version also has twice the landmass, at ~6.4km from west tip to east tip . PR version was ~3.7km. So no camping a carrier (not that I have one) or cross lagoon sniping on this guy.
  6. Wake Atoll

    Name : Wake Atoll Location : Wake Island Atoll Size: 8km Game Play Type: Focus on light mech infantry I originally worked on this as a map for PR a few years ago but the BF2editor and I didn't see eye to eye on crashes. I've been at this for a few months on a 4km version, but recently amped up to an 8km version. Landmass is a little larger than actual scale. I will be posting updates of each section as I get through them and return to each when I get to detail passes. End result will hopefully be a gentle reminder of BF's Wake with the tactical chaos of Squad. Album Wilkes Island (W Island) Peale Island (NW Island) Wake Island (E Island)
  7. Banned for joining a squad

    He was mostly responding to the other post. The one I was asking to be edited because it has nothing to do with said server, what so ever, but reads as if it does. Completely unrelated because None of his points have ever been done by an admin on our server, outside those mentioned by us. But I'm going to go out a limb here and guess you didn't read the other parts except those that triggered you and then found a single drive-by reference to validate it (keep that in mind). Fire Truck might get a little defensive, but speak up if you have had to actually admin a FF on, unfiltered chat game server with local and command coms. Those who just want to play a good game are always welcome, and there are a large majority who come back daily, but there are many new and some existing people who think the game operates like COD, BF etc -- "If the game lets me do it then I can do it and everyone else be damned". Our players, admins and server are not there for a personal Ape-shit session and OWI intelligently gives a decently wide berth to handle situations as a licensed server. Just to name a few that I've personally handed out, while keeping in mind a kick allows a person to return instantly while a ban is anything from an hour to perma: There's the "I'm pro" players who just yell at every other squad leader in coms or chat (warn, kick or ban if repeated unless another rule is being broken). The guy blaring or harassing over local constantly and won't quit (kick/ban). The guy who joins with a blatantly racist name(instant! perma! ban!) or obscene name (kick) or straight up says such in coms or chat (ban/kick). The guy who thinks its fun to drop a grenade while screaming a war cry in the middle of his team (30d-perma ban), shoot his old SL or whole squad because he was kicked him from the squad (kick or ban if witnessed by an admin or trusted regulars), blow up friendly vehicles in main (ban), sit next to enemy main and camp (warn/kick/ban), continually spout about hackers and bad admins because they can't think about anything except rushing to kill something (these guys usually rage quit on their own). I could fill pages with reasons for things that truly surprise me daily. Needless to say that it gets triggering because you expect more from people. Having to admin this much does not reflect a systemic server specific issue, and I know you all would do the same thing, with the same or similar severity, if you were in our shoes. Otherwise, you would see a steady pattern of your server being empty, constantly.
  8. Banned for joining a squad

    I was referring to said server from a moderator's point of view on said server. 99% of your points have never been done on said server. Please edit your post to pertain to said server. Thanks
  9. Banned for joining a squad

    If you are not the OP, dev, moderator or server admin then please don't reply to this thread. I'm not saying yay or nay to what happened here or saying what follows actually pertains to the OP. It will be handled internally and routinely review bans. I'm just saying this because I've kicked way too many people for being this kind of toxic, and occasionally throw a ban hammer if it is severe enough. I don't want to do it but the other players deserve the ability to focus on playing the game. If you don't like your squad leader, leave the squad, join or create another squad, or even leave the server if you feel it's that bad. Don't trash talk them or the server while in game. Don't type it out in chat just so others can feel your "pain". Don't join another squad and continue your anger. That is what we call a toxic player. It is not uncommon for a player to receive a 1 day, 7 day, 30 day or perma ban, depending on severity, for being Toxic to the community. Keep in mind most admins aren't there to be admins, but to play the game. Having to kick 30 people for being Idle/AFK/Unassigned, 15 for intentional TKs, and 5 for being toxic etc as well as ban at least 5 for being racist, returning to continue their infractions or are those who just want to watch the world burn is all the opposite of what they want to do with their free time and most don't have patience to make you a safe space.
  10. After v8.2 notes. Since you did some toggle work. Any chance of forcing an "unlean" after sprinting or jumping? IMO it's just goofy as all get out. Nip the sprint crouch leaners in the bud and solve a little human error frustrations Dream world would have an option that turns lean-left into a lean-upright while you are currently leaning right -- if you're leaning right it would take two lean lefts to get to actually leaning left. And any hope of letting stamina regenerate when crouch walking? or some visual cue that we're crouched, other than what appears to be a 6" drop? Maybe not UI solution but... uh the gun being raised a little more, holding it more tightly, a bit of shoulder showing IDK
  11. Alpha 8

    bull... this is 110% legit. Look at those vehicles.
  12. Is my computer not good enough??

    Video card might be fine, I had a buddy playing on a 750. But like raging said, it's a bit rough right now for everyone regardless of specs. If you have a budget for it I would upgrade the cpu, probably meaning motherboard, cpu, cpu fan and ram, but keep a budget in there for a new video card just in case it's too sluggish. [edit] and fork out a little bit to get Intel over AMD. I would say this regardless of Squad's(UE4's) issues with AMD.
  13. Very long loading time

    Not sure if it still works but clear/delete the log files. Next time might still be slow but after that it sped back up. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs Other thing I noticed is that once you start the game you shouldn't click anything else until it loads. Seems that if I click away it will take 10x longer to load. The whole getting into a server part will hopefully be upgraded on one of their near future releases... as that browser drives me nuts too.
  14. Random Fatal Error

    It's a patch man.... not a cure all. They just introduced probably the largest addition to the game so far and it will take some time to hammer out during this alpha process. It's not as clean cut as building something physical, where you can see something break and know why it broke. We've been here before after the EA release and it all got better. Same thing will happen again.
  15. Trigger happy mixed with not being able to see people well, at least for me. I played PR for years and Squad since day 1 (preA day 1) but still get twitchy to where I occasionally put a round or two in friendly vehicles. Fearing that I won't get the first shots off.