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  1. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Hm I think you missunderstood. I quote the imortant part here: Because in a real firefight you have such an insane amount of stress that it will always influence your accuracy and even your gun handeling, you will often be unable to go into a proper fireing stance because of the terrain and you carry at least 15kg extra arround with you sometimes for hours. Everyone can fire a rifle accurate at the range. Obviously on the range every soldier will do good but on a real mission having real combat is no comparison. Maybe videos are better to understand. Compare this: to this: to this: In case you miss my point. In the first vid you see how soldiers do pretty much everything as wrong as they can in a real stress situation and forget everything they learned. In the second vid you see how they are supposed to user their weapon. In the third vid some random gun fanatic has some fun at the range. TL;DR Having shooting range like accuracy in a realistic wargame is BAD because it simply is unrealistc to shoot as well in combat as on the range.
  2. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Dude the "Range" and Reality have almost nothing in common. Just watch some Helmet cam videos from Afghanistan and tell me that these professional soldiers do as well as you do down range. They dont. Because in a real firefight you have such an insane amount of stress that it will always influence your accuracy and even your gun handeling, you will often be unable to go into a proper fireing stance because of the terrain and you carry at least 15kg extra arround with you sometimes for hours. I assume you are no soldier so you can't really imagine that. Every Child can fire a weapon in a safe enviroment like a range. So in the end v10 gunplay is more realistic then v9 because Squad isn't a range simulator but a war simulator even if the recoil is exagerrated it is better for gameplay. Just my 2 cents.
  3. The Best Gun in the Game

    The long rifle! But I admit I was only able to play 1 hour this weekend and the dragunov Was the only weapon I really used. It is a one-shot-one-kill machine!
  4. Tank need at least 4 man to operate

    IMO A Tank commander position is a must have, I always struggled leading a tank squad, radio with other squads AND drive + watch for enemys. It should be like it is in PR at the moment just with a 3rd position for the commander who can either look out of the hatch (don't really need a mg and IRL it would be manned by the loader and only for close range defense) or have his "commander view" with thermals and so on. It should always be possible to man a tank (or APC btw all combat vehicles could need 3 man) with 2 man minimum but to get the most out of your vehicle a commander is a must.
  5. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Operation Lumberjack?
  6. Surrender / taking prisoners

    I even made a search on the forum looking for "surrender"... If one of the DEVs already said no to something like this there is not much point. Seems I have missed that.
  7. Surrender / taking prisoners

    Yes you will always have to get them back to your main, so the enemy team has at least the chance to rescue prisoners. I thought about friendlys getting any intel immediatly but a timer of 5 or 10 min before you get any intel might be better. Almost all numbers I wrote can be changed to something more fitting and its just to give you the basic idea. Edit: regarding the Dynamic mission. Think about PR, sometimes an armored vehicle is tracked but not under immediate threat by enemys. You take your supplytruck, drive to it and repair it while the enemy Squad that tracked the APC tries to finish it off. Basically this IS a Dynamic side mission. The Objective is to get the APC rolling again and there is a reward for the winning side, either an enemy APC less or your own APC combat ready again. What I propose is not that different from this example or even building FOBs or taking out a AAV so your Trans can fly in. AAS wouldn't be the same without those "sidemissions". Just don't get hung up by the term "sidemission" I just was unable to discribe it better.
  8. Surrender / taking prisoners

    One mechanic I miss in all Wargames is the option to take prisoners. In reality, no matter if it is conventional warfare or asymetrical warfare, many soldiers/civilans are captured alive by their opponents. The reasons for taking prisoners or surrendering vary but the main reasons are: Active Capturing: -Intel -Media attention (taliban vids) -leverage ("we have this guy and murder him if you don't...") Surrendering: -Survival -beeing surrounded by a bigger force -beeing unable to fight back The main problem with these things in a multiplayergame is the player. The player doesn't fear death, "Why would I let myself get captured and give my enemys an advantage, when I can try to take a few with me?". How could this be implemented? I thougt a bit about it and think that nobody would let himself beeing captured, maybe expect for Roleplay reasons, if there is no punishment. So basically if your forces are at least 2:1 to all enemys in a certain radius (for example 100m) and you have either direct sight to the enemy or he is in 20m range (shoutrange) you can demand surrender. The enemy then can choose to surrender, tell them to fuck of or stay silent (there should be no indicator for the capturer if he fullfills the requirements or not). If he chooses to surrender the player lose control over his character and is treated like he just died without any additional punishment for him. Then AI takes over the character and behaves similar to Counter strike hostages. They cannot run away, fight or do anything else (they are constrained) you can put them in vehicles or move them on foot. The objective is to bring them back to main and then your team gets a bonus (will talk about that later). If he chooses to ignor the demand to surrender everything stays them same, except that if he dies then he will have some sort of punishment only to him(not sure what exactly atm but I guess it should be spawntime, it should be very unpleasnt so you really think about better giving up). Of course there should be an additional risk for the Capturer, so if he judged the situation wrong, he or his squad will also get a punishment of some sort, so that shouting "give up" will not be a nobrainer. For example if he demands surrender while he does not fullfill the 2:1 requirement any dead squadmember will have a longer spawntime (only a example). As soon as someone surrenders there will be a message to the team saying something like "A comrad got captured in A5, save him!" and if the team manages to bring him back savely to their own main, this team gets a small bonus. If the prisoner is killed in combat by friendlys there should be a heavy team punishment, if the enemy kills the prisoner there should be a not so heavy punishment. What can this add to the Game? It is basically a sidemission that can change the flow of a normal AAS game. It would be a sidemission that could happen anywere and WILL play out different everytime. The enemys can try to lure rescue troops into an ambush or divert the enemys attention from another attack. It should be something that doesn't happen all the time but if it happens it is something you cannot ignor. What will be the reward of this? I am not entirely sure atm, but for a Insurgency game mode it would be of course intel. In AAS gamemode intel could be FOB positions on the Map or the current rough position of all enemy squads. A simple Bonus would be additional tickets. So that was what I was thinking the last few days about, please give me your feedback on my idea.
  9. Vehicle Capabilities

    I am pretty sure thermals will be ingame. But they can be a lot more balanced then in BF2:PR if: -the optics are damageable/destroyable ( optics don't react well to bullets or explosions) - fire / smoke other hot stuff blocking the view as well as fog ( would be cool to set up fires to provide smoke cover) -more realistic amount of light at weapons (more) and more consequences for vehicles if they get hit (tracked, turret blocked, optics damaged, engine destroyed, fire inside, etc.) -map design provides areas for inf with good protection (woods, citys, canyons etc.) and less "overlooking the whole map from one hill" like the test map for example.