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  1. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    Please read the OP. These kind of things have to be reported on our forums. We get to many people reporting people on various sites so we ask that they just get reports on ours. Two admins that were on today were myself and Nevbox. Either of us? If not I doubt an admin was online. But please understand that its the Free Weekend. Huge amount of team killing on all servers constantly. Tomorrow it will stop. We have banned 20-30 over the weekend for teamkilling.
  2. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    Who was the Admin? We have had a lot of teamkillers and we have banned a huge amount. Sorry if we missed one. Fill out a report here. http://prteamwork.com/support/reports/
  3. Server Feature Requests

    Could really do with a Warn command asap. In PR we use it a lot to help new players. It doesn't have to be used to tell someone off. Its more about getting a message to that player to help them. Now that there has been a huge increase in online players and new players it would be very useful.
  4. EU Gaming Group has just singed up! Very happy to be apart of this!
  5. Update Notification system

    Thats a different Discord... There is one for Squad Hosting. Ill join that one then Thanks
  6. Update Notification system

    Screen shot the last update announcement in that channel
  7. Update Notification system

    As explained notifications on Discord get lost. If there is a huge amount of chat after the notification message I will not keep scrolling to hunt for it. The notification should take you right to the ... notification. Discord does not do this or its buggy as its still in Beta. The PR system of emailing works really well.
  8. Update Notification system

    yeah im in the server. But putting it in a group chat is not the best idea... if you are not online and there are loads of people chatting then it just gets lost.
  9. Update Notification system

    Cant see it in the announcement channel ...
  10. Update Notification system

    no one else thinks this is a good idea? Like an update just came out and I had no idea. My Steam client told me.
  11. How to set core affinity

    Tbh im unsure. If its not working now, it might just be because the server is an Alpha. I dont see how that can effect it but I have no other idea why it would not work. Lets see if anyone else comments.
  12. How to set core affinity

    So im unsure if it is or isnt multi core atm. The game is in Alpha and each release can have a drastic change. So certain things might not work anymore/well if you get me. I use a program called FireDemon to control my servers. I manly use it to auto restart programs that crash. Here I am able to set the core affinity through a GUI. You will just have to play with it RCon - Someone is working on it. I did see a version posted somewhere. Not sure if its working yet but wait a bit longer for a "Squad" themed rcon toll. But You can enable RCon yourself and use another program if you know how. (I dont ) I use to get two processes. Now just one. Might be the updates have changed that. Not sure. Make sure your server is on Alpha7.1
  13. Crash on most "green" maps

    This is for server support Go here http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/48-software-support/
  14. How to set core affinity

    actually if you read on how to add admins. In your server files there is an option there for reserved slots. The link is an example of what you can do. (each server update the list might change) Ill update the list later but you set up Res slots the same way as admins.
  15. How to set core affinity

    As for reserved slots I thought that link had it in... I will check my server when I get home and update that link tonight.