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  1. Joystick Compatibility?

    Can't find anything today about Joysticks... anyone got theirs to map in Squad? Are they even compatible?
  2. Missing HUD elements

    Should add im getting this with any kit now... not just SL. So its got worse.
  3. Missing HUD elements

    Still not fixed in V12
  4. Low FPS good rig

    Turn super sampling down to 1.25. Then you can turn a few others back up.
  5. Low FPS good rig

    Its not an answer... spending more money on hardware when its not even a hardware issue. Its a game issue the devs need to fix.
  6. Low FPS good rig

    Yeah its just Squad messing up with releases. We will just have to lowers our settings for now. please don't give dumb solutions. Im sure I don't need to explain how stupid your answer is.
  7. Low FPS good rig

    ill have a go thanks
  8. Low FPS good rig

    Thanks for this. Yeah im not turning my GFX settings down low. Of course that helps but why should I? Should work. Yeah as a temp fix I have reduced some settings to make it playable. vsync is on as I only have a 60hz monitor. No point getting screen tearing as well. I have huge fps drops as well down to 0 ever so often too. Squad need to fix this asap.
  9. Low FPS good rig

    Yes forgot to say. Log file https://mega.nz/#!Y5w2WQRQ!Ewgk7uEyCxDosyrQTWFWurDdd4iCjXC9h9FWjEFNtU8
  10. Low FPS good rig

    Tried to do a fresh install of GFX Drivers. Check the ram thing CPU: i76700k GPU: MSI nVidia 1080ti RAM: 16GB DDR4 SSD Samsung Evo 830 V11 my FPS dropped from 80 - 25/30 fps with full GFX settings. No idea why its dropped so much. V10 was fine.
  11. Missing HUD elements

    I have the same issue. But only as SL and not all the time. Only since V11
  12. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    Please read the OP. These kind of things have to be reported on our forums. We get to many people reporting people on various sites so we ask that they just get reports on ours. Two admins that were on today were myself and Nevbox. Either of us? If not I doubt an admin was online. But please understand that its the Free Weekend. Huge amount of team killing on all servers constantly. Tomorrow it will stop. We have banned 20-30 over the weekend for teamkilling.
  13. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    Who was the Admin? We have had a lot of teamkillers and we have banned a huge amount. Sorry if we missed one. Fill out a report here. http://prteamwork.com/support/reports/
  14. Server Feature Requests

    Could really do with a Warn command asap. In PR we use it a lot to help new players. It doesn't have to be used to tell someone off. Its more about getting a message to that player to help them. Now that there has been a huge increase in online players and new players it would be very useful.
  15. EU Gaming Group has just singed up! Very happy to be apart of this!