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  1. I think you are forgetting how to SL. SL places markers, spots mortar hits with binos, and doesn't need to be next to mortar team. The 2 people on the mortars shoot. 1 person runs logi for ammo if needed. the rest of the squad can work near SL or if SL can't handle that much have them set a Fire Team Leader and give the remaining squad members a task. Having a 3-4 man locked squad for mortars is lazy.
  2. it's recommended always, but only necessary if you have problems.
  3. Gallery Told you I'd post 'em therealCaramel.
  4. What do you think about pre-capped flags and a in-main initial spawn hold period of 1 minute after the first count down.
  5. gameplay doesn't need to be slower overall. Only the start to the round needs to be delayed. After the timer counts down make a 1 to 2 minute "hold" period in main. No on can leave. Teams can organize where they are going and how they are getting spawn locations organized as a team. A delayed beginning where SL's can coordinate would alleviate a lot of the frantic "rush to X" mentality. The game already can play extremely slow. The above mentioned additions seem like arbitrary limitations and don't serve the immersion or the entertainment factor IMO.
  6. right, so same pace, but more planning time with a spawn in restriction zone. Seems like a few additions but nothing too major. Also, about the spacing, I meant use the same maps we have now, but make new objective locations which are further apart. The objectives used currently do not make much sense and force the game into battlefield-style matches. Even though i enjoy the new conquest mode on OP first light, Squad's main game is deteriorating due to first cap rushes.
  7. in your video there is a sound at 0:33 when you click on the AT kit
  8. I'm still waiting for them to add time to the "start match" period. There is little time for the team to fill enough SL's and coordinate a plan. It becomes a rush to vehicles just so you don't get left at MAIN by an SL that fills 3 spots in a transport and leaves.
  9. its the rush to enemy's first or second cap meta that is making squad old. a SINGLE objective map would refresh this
  10. Please create a game mode where both side fight over 1 objective. No multiple points or capture bleed. Just one, single, objective.
  11. 1) Space objectives further apart from each other. Especially from the MAIN spawns. 2) Matches need to start, and play, slower.
  12. *Arma* PLEASE DONT BIND COMMANDER TO LOCATION. If anything it should be to a vehicle
  13. the damn planes have scared me for over a year
  14. any chance you're talking about the in-game clan tag? that would add in front of your steam name