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  1. Pub Crawlers is giving away 1 free copy of Tabletop Simulator to a lucky member of the discord. Entry ends Wednesday the 21st at 2200. Tabletop Simulator Pub Crawlers Discord
  2. This issue has more to do with how people chose to play compared to game play mechanics. One of the major influences is vehicles; the speed of games massively increased. Prior to vehicles, games took a few minutes to initiate. Rather then rushing caps, the priority was setting solid spawn locations and holding areas with Squad Leaders coordinating as a team. The best way to fix this relies on: The SL's ability to lead and work with other SL's on team The Squad's ability to follow instructions Players understanding of their roles Map Familiarity There's been previous discussions about how to change the flow of games. The game mechanic we need is more diverse game modes. Insurgency, THIS: or something more dynamic than PAAS/AAS.
  3. Level 3 backpacks are huge giveaways, specially when the circle gets closer. shit, wrong game
  4. i hate bandicam, can't help you there, but you can turn on a notification for status while using shadowplay. it lets you put it in any corner of your screen. when you're live or recording it's green, otherwise it's transparent/grey
  5. We Welcome You to the Pub Crawlers! We are made up of gamers from all over the world, and all walks of life. Pub is a community, where Regulars can come and go, we require no application. Our mission is to operate much like your local pub, included with all the shitty banter and debauchery one respectfully would find. Keeping in this tradition we do not want to tell people what to say or think, our identity is not set in stone but it grows with each person who calls this place home. Currently, we have 80 members and continue to grow daily. Community Discord: https://discord.gg/BGnDyw2 ** WE ARE SEEKING MORE PLAYERS FOR COMPETITIVE SQUAD EVENTS [ISKT, CCFN, ETC] ** Other games we play: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Elder Scrolls Online PUBG Escape from Tarkov Rocket League Black Desert Online The Forest CS:GO Miscreated Hell Let Loose Hunt: Showdown Post Scriptum LoL Ark: Survival Evolved Star Citizen Cheers
  6. January 2018 Recap

    PS started as a mod of Squad, moved to stand alone. Think of it as a branch from the squad tree.
  7. January 2018 Recap

    i passed out right before the post. was waiting with the f5's in formation but Sgt. Scotch brought em' in early
  8. Guess I should stop checking http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/12-progress-updates/ and http://steamcommunity.com/games/squad/announcements/
  9. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Hey OP, click the link you shared. Scroll down to the comments.
  10. Isn't it just been workshop updates? Current release is still on 9.15
  11. How can run more 43fps....

    The fastest RAM your CPU can handle is DDR3-1600, that is incredibly slow in regards to what Squad requires. Upgrade your CPU before you install new RAM.
  12. I've made a single person squad named "Commander" in a public game. Worked well with all the SL's, made sure to assist and help resolve issue between SL's adequately. Stayed at main, read the map, and put instant markers from SL chat callouts. It was fun IMO