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  1. No icons. We don't have a pop-up icon for this IRL. Doesn't make sense to put an icon, it should be an animation solution in regards to character movement, not more HUD.
  2. Name: Command & Conquest Concept: Played on Conquest map layers consisting of vanilla Squad with the addition of a Command player role on both teams. Details: Commander role will be played by a single person, one on each team, in their own Squad as a Squad Leader, labelled [Commander]. This player will be restricted from having their boots on the ground by staying in ADMIN CAM for the duration of the match. Further more, the Commander would be restricted from using local chat for the duration of the game. The Commander can speak freely over SL chat or directly to squad leaders. These restrictions are intended to limit the role of Commander to simulate realism. Full restriction listed below: All Players: - Minimum of 1 Referee per team - Commander role must be filled to initiate game - No Chatbox usage (exception for Squad Chat ONLY) - No local voice chat to Commander - Breaking a limitation results in immediate removal from current game Commander: - Required to stay in ADMIN CAM mode for the entirety of the match - No local voice Chat - Must be in their own Squad, without any other members - Role cannot be switched for any reason during the match. IRL comes first but that's a realism to commanders and communication. Role may be switched after games end or before games begin. - Allowed to use ALL ADMIN CAM options to highlight friends or enemies. - [Optional] The ability for Commander's to stream will be preferred if their is interest in the community to watch the games Squad Leaders: - Can be removed or replaced at Commander's discretion Any insights you may have are appreciated. Cheers
  3. Can I get accepted in the community?

    Yes? Probably why I did it in the first place. Probably because it's the biggest issue of new players, age regardless. Also, see how the player name and the verb you used correspond?
  4. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Few years back I found it in Project Greenlight links and immediately bought the Squad Leader package off the website during CPA
  5. SA Servers

    band together and buy one then?
  6. what is our label on gaming community?

    a Squad Member. es simple
  7. Duplicate mouse cursor

    Also may be worth it to clear your cache. In Game Settings > Clear Cache [button] is in the bottome right of your screen
  8. When will squad devs start optimizing ryzen for more fps

    You have 4GB VRAM. Get a better GPU first
  9. Can I get accepted in the community?

    Can you? Yes. Will you? That depends on you. Do you want to? Then: 1) Use communication channels wisely (Squad chat for squad level importance, Local for everything else) 2) LISTEN to other players and how they communicate ("ENEMEY ON MY BODY!" does not help anyone) 3) Do what your are best at/most interested in. (Don't be a medic if you don't want to medic people) 4) Be willing to learn, this post is a good start. Get in game and give it a shot!
  10. Squad unplayable with no players

    I'd vote for Jensens for anything < 20 players. Then OP First Light for <40 Sumari <50 but that's just because Jensens is awesome
  11. Invasion mode message

    Wait a week and the sale players will have learned. Happens every time there's a sale infographics. Put a picture of the map with big green arrows pointing at where and how the map progresses? very little text would be preferred
  12. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    its a group game that individuals play. The group wins the game. [USA WINS!!!] The individual tracks their own efforts in said game. [Oh cool I had 6 revives as medic and did XYZ in points to help my team win] It's best to show both.
  13. It's definitely possible. IDK if this is why's it's being hashed out so far but, it has happened
  14. Motorcycle POV

    POV should be moved back away from handle bars and slightly down. Also, motorcycles feel too light and traction like there's slick pavement below the tires no matter where you drive, even while on sand. And I second Stom's input: