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  1. http://www.quixel.se/dev/megascans <- this one looks really impressive
  2. Steam Early Access Follow Up

    http://steamspy.com/app/393380 if anyone is interested: Owners: 27,716
  3. permanent objects (feature)

    it's not about dead bodies, but I think something like a bloody bandage doesn't really affect the performance
  4. hi guys, i don't know if it's too late but how about a feature in which objects stay on the field, like an fired AT4 or bloody bandages?
  5. +1 I hope co-op will be in the game
  6. Unreal Engine Pron

    oh my..*-*
  7. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    The Austrian Armed Forces would be cool but which scenario?
  8. Unreal Engine Pron

    dat graphic
  9. Ask A [Dev]S A ?

    Will there be randomly spawned side missions?
  10. I think everything below 2001 will be too much effort at the moment and as far as I can remember, the developers said the setting will be near future and past
  11. Dynamic Contextual End Of Round Events

    I like this idea. At the end of the round I would like to see how many tanks, jets, helicopters were destroyed and how many people were killed just to summarize the intensity of the fight. (Like in Arma)
  12. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    You guys know it's still in progress, right?