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  1. Switching Squads

    Thanks guys ... !!!! I got one more question ... Why I can't resupply from the Weapon Caches during Insurgency Maps ... Looks like Bug or there is special meaning of it ..
  2. Switching Squads

    Hello all, I want to ask you guys about that ... I dont know If this is a bug. I spawn in a Squad with regular kid and than everyone left and so as I ... but when I join in new squad, My weapon changes and I remain only with 2 Magazines of ammo and Dont have Foeld dressing and nothing ... What is that, some kind of Penalty about the squad switvhing or System of preventing Kit Stacking ... Thanks !!
  3. AMD, info question topic

    Hi all I need to Share thia with you ... My system specs: CPU - I5 3550 quad 3.3 Ghz with Turbo Boost Up to 3700 Ram - 8GB GfX Card : Radeon R9 280DualX 3GB DDR5 384 Bit.. I am Playing on Borderless cuz I Stream inTwitch and o 1440x900 75Hz. I am playing generally with 50-65 FPS ... In Smoke there are drops to 35FPS ... I have only FPS Issues in the Forrest Map (I dont know how is the exact name cuz I am new) The developers added a new Compound to it In the Russian Spawn Point ... Some Kind of Factory ... And Etc I was suffering of FPS Drops during Playing with Epic ... Its Playable But I am Annoyed of it ... and I decide to find out whats going on ... so I done this Overall Graphics Settings - High FXAA/Temporal - Off Resolution Scale - 150% Anti alaising x2 AO Levels Tirned to "None" Post Processing to High Shadows resol. To 2080 Shadoes quality High Bloom Quality - High Vram Graphics Quality to High(3GB) Effects - High Motion blur - Off Motion Blur quality - Off Restsrt the Game ... and Join In ... :) P.S. I think I found the best FPS Killer in the fame ... this is Ambient Ocollusion Levels ... When I turn it to Off, since then I enjoy the game ...
  4. Can my setup handle squad?

    Mm Interesting . . I am starting to think that the Ping is crucial for the FPs. I got : Radeon R9 280DualX 3 Gb Ddr5 Intel Quad i5-3350 Ram : 8 GB... And I play on 1440x900 on HIGH with Resol. Scale up to 150 with AO levels Turned OFF, Without Motion Blur ... In the most Maps I am playing with 50-65 FPS except the one with the grass and the trees ... it some kind of new map wich there was added a new Compound . Its forrest map ... Therr I was suffering from FPS Issues ... and it was interesting ... but everythng all is OK ... And Playing on 100 Resol. SCALE... looks so ugly ... :X But everyone are talking about that, the game isnt depending on GFX Card thst much right now than the CPU ... After the game relese there will be and Should be enough optimizations for everything to run smoother
  5. Okey ... Thank you guys ;)
  6. I don't rly have any problem with Any game ... absolutely .... I don't have problems with S.Q.U.A.D in game or everything ... Only in Closing the game this is 3rd time show uP ...
  7. Hey guys ... hello I am asking for something that sometimes appears in closing the SQUAD game ... "The instruction at 0x0aac49c0 referenced memory at 0x0aac49c0. The memory could not be written"
  8. What is happening Guys ... I was playing and than LOADING SCREEN appear from nowhere ... than NO SERVER in the List ... Is it only me ?!
  9. General estimate of Minimum Requirements

    Well I thing there will be a problem for me ... :\ I am wondering to try this game on my rig ... Playing with 4 GB DDR 3 1600 MHz Ram Nvidia GTX 550TI 1GB DDR5 Intel® dual core CPU G2020 2 x 3Ghz THat's All I have ... :\ And I will buy this game no matter of that i will be forced to play it on LOW specs ... The Experience is important ...