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  1. Destroying Vics At Main

    Simply make it so if it hasn't been claimed it can't be damaged.
  2. What counts as a kill?

    The points scores is a measure of how you have performed just like kills, vehicles destroyed, caps taken but doesn't show specifics so players are less inclined to chase personal achievement bragging rights. It's how it's implemented right now that doesn't add true value to the score measure. I hope they keep a majority of what you suggest as private stats as I get sick of people boasting of kills as it is as if it's all that counts.
  3. What counts as a kill?

    If the Stryker done some initial damage and you got the kill shot with your rocket it amounts to the same thing. It's the teamwork that counts. I am not sure if it happens but maybe you should get team points on the amount of damage you do to enemy vehicles even if they don't provide a kill. If you damage/destroy a friendly you need to get negative points as well.
  4. Just a suggestion to 'unlock' the SL role. Just stop players selecting the role until they have played X rounds (5?, 10?) on a winning side. Hopefully in that time they'd of been exposed to some decent SL and learnt basic SL tactics from more experienced players. Of course they'd be able to select the role on the range to test things out before the heat of battle.
  5. Animation System Update

    Nice read, thanks. Just the kind of insight I hoped for to enjoy the journey to full release.
  6. September 2017 Recap

    I've looked and looked but the BRDM definitely has four wheels.
  7. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Looks like they'll have PayPal pledging sorted for the beginning of November.
  8. I have no idea. All I know is what I saw and that was I guess under 1km x 1km. The rest of the map might still be wip as far as I know.
  9. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    No. You may be thinking of Post Scriptum which is based off of Squad.
  10. September 2017 Recap

    Don't forget all the motion capture work they done recently. It still needs a lot of tweaking. What they have shown has still been very much work in progress. Like you say animations 'kind of working'.
  11. My concern is the actual size of the map they showcased. It's all fine and dandy having great graphics on a small map but it's much harder to do as the map size grows.
  12. September 2017 Recap

    It's not a tweaked animation system it was a complete re-write. It was/is a lot of work.
  13. Let's check out that list. ...... R6S - finished BF1 - finished ArmA - finished CSGO - finished RS2 - finished Squad - Alpha I suggest you're not suited to early access. Come back once Squad is finished for a fairer judgment.
  14. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    What Squad needs is a Zombie faction. Personally I'd like some sort of training ai either on the range or one that you can spawn in on maps.
  15. Turn off enemy vehicles

    I like realistic options in games like turning engines on/off. It's just that little bit more realistic and therefore immersive. However if it's causing a problem and realism says players should be able to drive enemy vehicles if left running I am in favour of engines turning off automatically when a driver leaves the driver seat. Car jacking sounds fun but it'll bring consequences that won't be.
  16. i7 8700k new cpu

    It is lol.
  17. Move right key binding

    You are missing counting the thumb keys which are in effect another 10 so it would be 30, not 20. If you were to use 3 of the thumb (shift) keys you can use a complete different key layout. That in effect gives you (20+(10-3))x4=81 keys available without moving your hand into a stupid scrunch or near impossible stretch you would have to do on regular keyboards. Use whatever works for you but I won't ever go back to using a regular keyboard for gaming as they don't work well enough for me ergonomically.
  18. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    JackFrags has just put up a YT vid on HLL. Wonder how much effect he has on # of backers. It was one of his vids that put me onto Squad.
  19. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    There will be a German faction so you could try your hand at defending it. Eastern front and Pacific maybe kickstarter goals but that doesn't mean they won't get done if the goal isn't reached. Just that it may take longer. Same as Squad. Go on back it, you know you want to.
  20. September 2017 Recap

    If they at least give the transport choppers gunner positions at least the squad being transported could man those positions. I rather land / take off knowing someone is there to try to give some support fire. If players want to play as gunner crew they would also have that option.
  21. Move right key binding

    Yes there is software out there to reprogram keys but even keyboards are uncomfortable to use compared to certain keypads, especially laptop keyboards. OP said he had a disability and he might just find a gaming keypad that would work better for him than any keyboard could. As for your less accessible keys for your left hand comment that is totally untrue. My Orbweaver has four rows of five keys and ten potential keypresses just for your thumb all without moving my hand. That's without using any of the three shift positions which give three more programmable settings for the each of the keys. A keyboard just can't compete.
  22. Move right key binding

    Instead of reprogramming in game keys have you ever thought about a programmable gaming keypad like the Razer Tartarus or something similar. Being programmable you can have any key where you like.
  23. Turn off enemy vehicles

    I always turn off enemy vehicle engines. ..........with my rockets. Woo haha.
  24. September 2017 Recap

    Nice recap. Interested to see how territory control maps play out.