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  1. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    It's negotiable. You can still plant another and detonate that.
  2. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    Perhaps add a timer so the respawned scout can't detonate his planted IED for 5 mins.
  3. Militia/Ins need M4/G3A3 with scoop (SCOPE?)

    This scoop is it like an optional shovel attachment like a bayonet?
  4. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    Go watch the vid then make the call. If you don't you can't make a reasonable conclusion. They just about played as a squad (much worse than PUBG) but didn't play as a team from what they showed. Still bringing their BF mentality of solo players running around in a group rather than proper teamwork.
  5. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    It was a JackFrag YT vid that put me onto Squad so there is a lot to be said from the exposure as you say. Squad is very much a team game with a good few luls in the action. I am not sure it really fits the YT stars style of play. Watching Jack play BF is a good example of how his playstyle won't translate to Squad very well at all. I've watched Jack and his pals play Squad as a squad and.........it wasn't a good example to show potential new players.
  6. Teamwork incentive

    There are many occasions I have been cut off from my squad and not lone wolfing. Only survivor after an encounter, SL request for someone to help him set a rally, making a logi trip (heading back for the truck) etc, etc. Putting someone at a slight disadvantage of having slower stamina regeneration goes against those situations unfairly. I don't particularly like lone wolfs in a squad (SL has the right to kick) but not sure hindering those who need to run solo for a little bit should be penalized just to annoy those who do it without SL permission.
  7. November 2017 Recap

    OK that's for CROWs. If I was a driver having to head back solo to a repair station I'd want to be able to pop smoke to cover a retreat without having to switch seat. I know vehicles should be two man operated but there are times you want to take a messed up vehicle out of combat for repair and don't need two men. You might be heading back to pick up your own SL leaving your gunner behind as your not fit to fight anyone. That's when being a driver you might want to pop smoke to hide your retreat. Besdies, why should the gunner get all the best toys.
  8. November 2017 Recap

    I really enjoy playing medic just.........not all the time. Gotta try the new toys out once in a while at least.
  9. November 2017 Recap

    Great recap of all the hard work going on. Really looking forward to playing v10 and seeing how the new things change how we play. It's been a epic journey so far and v10 should be another large step. Who will get to fire the vehicle smoke? Gunner or driver? I hope it's the driver. What happens during your vehicle seat transition phase? Black/fading screen and counter to let you know your game hadn't crashed? Such a big change I have so many questions. Might spoil the surprises though.
  10. Release

    Yeah I don't think I could of been so restrained
  11. Alpha 9.17

    I do some of my best work when smashing the keyboard with my fists. Says a lot about my programming skills.
  12. Alpha 9.17

    Not sure they are able to count to one either.......
  13. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    They have a very much improved version out now. The extra row of keys makes all the difference. https://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-tartarus-v2 Recent new/upgrade build OS: Windows 10 Pro Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming * (Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H) CPU: Intel i7-8700k @ 5.0GHz * (Intel i7-3770k @ 4.5GHz) CPU Cooler:Fractal Design S24 (AIO) * (Corsair H100) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080ti Gaming * (Gigabyte GTX 780ti) RAM: 16GB DDR4 Corsair LPX @ 3200Mhz XMP * (16GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance @ 1600Mhz XMP) PSU: Corsair CX600M CASE: Corsair 600T SSD1: M.2 Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 500GB * (Samsung 850 EVO 250GB) SSD2: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB HDD STORAGE: Seagate 1TB HDD MONITOR 1: BenQ XR3501 (2560x1800 21:9 Ultrawaide) MONITOR 2: BenQ XL2411T MOUSE: Logitech G602 KEYPAD: Razor Orbweaver HEADPHONES: Qpad QH-85 * = upgraded from. (Old parts are going to upgrade my son's PC so maximising their value........at least that's what I tell the wife).
  14. Do I get a message if I got killed by a friendly?

    Accidents happen and so does trolling. Prefer the SL to be able to make the call.
  15. Do I get a message if I got killed by a friendly?

    No to prevent reprisals.
  16. Epic Games Lawsuit

    Part of his defence is Epic should not make it so easy to cheat and I kind of agree. However, I still hope Epic win.
  17. Animation System Update

    With v10. All we can say for now.
  18. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    So it's ok for factions to destroy a field hospital (ccp?) but some will be punished for attacking a medical vehicle?
  19. That's his problem it doesn't stay where he left it (Russian vehicles). Bit like rocket techie pod resetting. Bloody rocket fairies think they're helping but they're not. Now they've gotten into the Russian BTRs.
  20. Release after v10? Maybe

    It has become traditional for the devs to put out a hotfix after every update though. I don't expect v10 to be any different.
  21. Alpha 9.17

    Ohh I promise I've been a good boy but I am only expecting socks and underwear.........again.
  22. Alpha 9.17

    I have my reservations about v10 release this side of Christmas. Can't see the devs wanting to deal with the inevitable v10 hotfixes during the Christmas period.
  23. Alpha 9.17

    Ah but you thought 9.17 should of been 9.16. That means it would take longer to get to v10. That's bad.
  24. Alpha 9.17

    Yes it does matter. The sooner we get to v10, the better.
  25. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    It will be much longer than 5 mins in a match and it would break up your squad as those needing medical attention go off to the ccp because the useless medic can only just revive them. Better just to die and respawn at the fob and save half the journey especially if you have no vehicle. And what about the rest of your squad who end up so undermaned they have to just sit and wait for the full squad to regroup to make an effective atack. Ccp would just be a boring addition. I actually enjoy the quite time outs from battle that go to make the firefights that more intense but ccp would be more disruptive and annoying than they're worth for the sake of some realism and to slow the game down.