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  1. February 2019 Recap

    Any HMG will take them down, not to mention RPGs. Don't forget about the ZU-23 AA Ural. Helicopters are pretty weak that's why they hide behind hills and have long range optics. Don't forget armor adds weight and that is an enemy of any flying machine. You just need to add some more weight to them.
  2. February 2019 Recap

    Out of all that I got most excited about the thought of seeing whippy aerials. I know, I am weird.....or just easily pleased. The improved vehicle destruction is a big plus. Great work devs.
  3. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Looks fantastic. Hope to see OWI possibly make it official. I don't find many servers running mods and your map looks to good to not be played.
  4. Randomized Invasion Gamemode Suggestion

    I have some issues with your suggestions. 1. Nobody likes running from main to get to the action or even the fist CP. You should at least get Mrap/Techies as the are in effect recon vehicles and should be used to take that first point. 2. If we do get fog of war for rASS then logis are not going to be much good until you at least know where the 2nd CP is so you can place FOBs effectively. These might be better to roll after the first CP has taken. Better still don't delay their spawn and let the team choose how/where they want to FOB up. A loaded logi in the field is better than one at main. 3. I don't mind if the heavier armored vehicles spawn later after a defined amount of CPs have been acquired as I am not a big vehicle player but, if I were, I'd be a bit peeved having to sit the game out waiting for my vehicle to become available. Not sure how it even benefits the game. It would probably just end up penalizing a slow starting team or one that hasn't been bothered to wait for the armor to spawn and be there at that time.
  5. January 2019 Recap

    I know it's Squads goal to encourage teamwork but that takes a different path when it comes to 'detonating' your team mate. Yes it's fun in a gaming sense but in reality it would be the driver of the VBIED who controlled his destiny and so it should be in game. Trying to orchestrate a VBIED in its current form is very problematic not helped majorly by the comms delay.
  6. The Italian Armed Forces!

    WHAT!! Women on the front lines. What game would do that?

    Would love the Brits to get the Jackal and it be able to deliver FOB supplies. Armored logi anyone? It would add a different element to the faction and play style for that vehicle.
  8. January 2019 Recap

    @Hotpokkaminny Ruling out 'politically inconvenient' factions is a consequence of any commercial game trying to sell in various markets. Different case for a mod.
  9. Dragging Animation?

    Can't wait for it. I am tired now of telling my casualty to 'pull back into cover' once I res them. Hopefully they sort the casualty flying into the air on revive as getting res'ed in a building often leads to them ending up on the next floor up and many times trapped. Not much point in dragging them into cover, res'ing, and then for them just to have to suicide and take ever longer to get back to the fight.
  10. Ranking System?

    Ahh I see you're a stick person. I prefer the carrot. Maybe just reduce their stamina gain to zero to encourage sticking with the squad. Bit off topic though. Appologies.
  11. Ranking System?

    I play medic a lot and I do enjoy it so I could end up with a nice 1,000 revive medic ribbon award to show my 'experience'. Next time I play I'll probably get squad lead going 'Hey Major take medic' after he's seen my ribbon. Sometimes I like to pick a different class and don't what to be pigeon holed just because I got the badge.
  12. Ranking System?

    I have to agree. I mainly play medic so don't give me the HAT and expect me to do well even with 1,000hrs.
  13. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    Don't remove the medic pistol. It's the quickest deployed self defense weapon when you're caught healing. Anybody else will generally have their primary out. Knives are pretty useless when you're fighting against players using teamwork but knifing the odd camped out loner is such fun.
  14. Tanks? No maps playing them?

    Maybe because they are so strong they can dominate a game and it's putting inf players off so server admins are not running them to much. Future damage modelling should help. As LAT you may get a mobility kill if not an outright kill which should give you more of a chance.
  15. Redeploy From Main Base

    It's not just me though. I would expect a majority of players who sat down to play a tactical fps game would dislike taking time out to return a vehicle to main. There are other games out there that cater to truck driving and deliveries much better than Squad does. I would expect players that enjoy that aspect would be playing those games instead.
  16. movement in ADS

    I don't mind the removing ADS view for a cradled rifle when crawling as long as when you stop and ADS again you don't have the excessive sway.
  17. Redeploy From Main Base

    Yep. Logi run is the necessary evil and can be somewhat exciting trying to get back undetected and provide the resources to aid your team. Returning a vehicle is just a boring trip to put the vehicle back in the pool while the rest of your squad moves on for some fun.
  18. January 2019 Recap

    FOB hunting gets so much easier with a UAV. Many are going to be placed indoors which will limit their possible location drastically.
  19. Vehicle damage in the future

    Just caught up with how vehicles are damaged in the future for PS and I guess there is close collaboration with OWI so expect Squad to take a similar path. I really like it and it's very similar to the way War Thunder does their damage model. Hadn't seen anything on here so thought I'd share. https://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=736220
  20. Redeploy From Main Base

    I don't see players taking the time returning logi vehicles to main when they can leave them at their fob ready for another logi run. They also use transports to shuffle around the battlefield. The trouble comes when they're squad wiped with no rally and the vehicle way out in the middle of nowhere. No one is really going to take the time to return vehicles to main to then redeploy. I have a few times inadvertently spawned at main and would of loved the option to redeploy at a fob/rally though.
  21. Wheel support for vehicles

    I think it's due to come in a QoL update in the future. At least I hope so as I struggle with keyboard driving as the vehicles get faster, especially the bikes.
  22. January 2019 Recap

    No one would ride a chopper off road. Where is the realism? Small little dirt bikes are much better. You'll have to fulfill your Hell's Angels indulgence with the current 'ring a ding' insurgent bike.
  23. January 2019 Recap

    So you mention some very good reasons not to have player controlled CAS in Squad and still want them?
  24. January 2019 Recap

    You're probably correct. They always play better in invasion and insurgency game modes.
  25. January 2019 Recap

    Loving the new vehicles they look fantastic. Hopefully the improved damage modelling will take some of their current domination of infantry away. I know Squad puts asymmetric gameplay at its heart when it comes to factions in particular insurgents vs US. I am wondering what they will get to counter drones/superior armour/A10s. Insurgents will always struggle against conventional forces by their very nature unless its compensated artificially. I hope its not just a ticket adjustment thing.