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  1. Game needs more maps ...

    Randomised AAS will also help keep maps fresher for longer. I love learning new maps but I also enjoy knowing what I am headed into and the lay of the land ahead. Adding the randomised element decreases the rinse and repeat scenarios we get now.
  2. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Shame that in the picture on the screen he's holding isn't himself looking at a screen looking at himself. .........infinitum.
  3. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Game needs optimising though. On at gtx1080 you only get 200-300 fps with the wallpaper engine. In Squad it used to be in the 1000s on my 1080ti in the load screen.
  4. +1 The performance boost is an added bonus.
  5. Squad Vehicle Radio

    This already happens on local comms. Although amusing at times I wouldn't want it to become a feature.
  6. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Do yourself a favour and get a SSD. Use it primarily for your OS but Squad will get significant benefits if you install it on the drive as well. It won't cure memory leaks but it will certainly reduce their impact on your PCs performance.
  7. Damn it guys, I want a silencer on my sniper rifle so I can get a great k/d while out lone wolfing and no one will know I am there. It'll be great fun for me.
  8. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Afterburner does a great job of graphing your ram usage if you want to keep an eye on it. Do you have a SSD for your OS (page file). Is Squad installed on it? That freezing could be Windows dealing with a memory leak. It'll be more obvious if you're using a slower drive. Background programs like Chrome can also use excessive amounts of ram and are notorious for memory leaks so you might want to eliminate those from your leak hunt.
  9. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    That's a great reference pic. Having stood next to a few different ww2 tanks I'm truely surprised how compact the modern mbt actually is.
  10. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    @SpecialAgentJohnson What about scale? The videos I've seen make the MBTs look smaller than I'd expect them to be. Never been next to any modern MBT but the MRAP seems like a giant in comparison.
  11. Just make the key to fire coax rebindable and not have to switch ammo type to do so. Problem solved for everyone.
  12. Low GPU and CPU usage with i7-6700 and gtx 1070

    If those are the figures you get playing Squad and other games I believe you have a problem. Your going to have to do some diagnosis. Check your Bios settings to confirm it's all as is should be. CPU clock speed, ram timings etc. As both cpu and gpu seem understressed it could be a ram issue. Check you have the latest Bios version for your motherboard. Next I would test your components individually. Use something like CPU-Z to stress your cpu and see if it's responding correctly on all cores and the clock speeds are ramping up to there max (4ghz for the 6700 I think). CPU-Z should tell you your ram speed and timings but you should also run so diagnostics on it. Windows key + R keyboard shortcut, type mdsched.exe, and click OK to launch the Windows memory tool. Use something like GPU-Z or MSI Afterburner and test your gpu to make sure it is performing correctly. Clock speeds, temps etc. If all your hardware is fine I'd move to drivers. Personally I use Driver Booster to help keep most of my PC drivers up to date. I prefer to get my gpu driver direct from Nvidia but the rest I allow DB to source and update for me and don't have any problems. Make sure you change its setting to stop it loading and staying resident though. Good luck.
  13. Low GPU and CPU usage with i7-6700 and gtx 1070

    Squad won't use all the cores efficiently in a multicore CPU. Your i7 has 4 cores + 4 hyperthreaded cores so you 'effectively' have 8 cores. If 3 of those cores are stressed 100% with the other 5 doing next to no work your CPU usage could easily show 40% even though Squad is trying to extract the maximum from your CPU. i.e. don't take overall CPU usage as a measure of how a game is stressing your CPU. Check out the individual core load using something like Afterburner or Task Manager before concluding it's a possible CPU issue. The GPU is another matter though. It should be processing and delivering frames as quickly as it's fed the data to do so (CPU, RAM & storage are key for that to happen). Your GPU should be at or close to 100% utilization unless you have an imbalanced PC or you have a software/OS/driver issue. i7 6700+16 Gb DDR4+GTX 1070+SSD seems a great combination and you should be getting nice fps at 1080p, certainly above 60 fps. You might have a hardware issue. Does the PC work in other games etc? Check all your fans are working and free off dust. You might have a software issue - defunct configuration, drivers, corrupt game files. I personally would start by clearing the games cached user data files (bottom of game setting) and getting Steam to verify the game files. That's the main cause of poor performance.
  14. Pasted my 3k

    Well done. Not sure whether to applaud your dedication or acuse you of having far to much free time to clock up 3k hours in game. ;-)
  15. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    The AI is used for deep learning anti aliasing and looks to provide a good boost.
  16. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    I don't think this (new) generation of RTX cards will run Squad very well using RT so I would have to say it won't be used anytime soon. Didn't you find it strange Nvidia never gave out any gaming benchmarks? Lets see what they're like once in the hands of the tester. I bet they're not much more than 20-25% faster in games than the current 1000 series cards and that's without flipping over to RT.
  17. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Three little letters. I.E.D. Automation won't work.
  18. I really dislike these type of threads that 'criminalise' those with progressive hardware because they may have an advantage. What next you want us all caped to 60fps because those with higher end gpus have the advantage of frame rate. I am sure your 980ti is already giving you an advantage over other players. Having the best hardware is not about gaining an advantage but getting the best experience for your finances. The only way you're going to have a somewhat level playing field is if you game on console. Even now that's getting messed up with keyboard & mouse support and tweaked version of the current gen console
  19. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    All theories. Proof is in the pudding as they say.
  20. July 2018 Recap

    I find people that prefer voice activation over PTT usually like the sound of their own voice to much.
  21. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Medic role will change soon. It won't be that he has to find and resuscitate every downed player. Teammates will be able to do that also. Resurrected players will be seeking out medics soon for healing. Playing as a medic and getting downed will not mean having to take a respawn as teammates will be able to get you up. Will that mean medics will play a bit more risky without the need to babysit so much? Only time will tell.
  22. Project reality : Battlefield 3

    already being discussed here........
  23. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Is there a link to follow this project?
  24. Razor Wire

    It should have a random chance to get stuck in it as well as a deterrent to players just pushing through it knowing they only lose a small portion of health. Or even start players bleeding out and needing to bandage.