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  1. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    Have many of you played skirmish maps. They're pretty much seeding maps and offer similar tdm game play but in Squad lite format. You're never far from the action. I play them now as warm up rounds or if I don't have a lot of time. I'd rather Squad did not do pure tdm and keep its unique gameplay of capping points, role limits etc on smaller map to keep its gameplay consistent and easier to learn for new players.
  2. movement in ADS

    The prone ads sway is just plain ridiculous. That's the most stable stance but gets the worst extended sway. Yes let's have a mechanic to discourage dolphin divers but it shouldn't penalise those choosing to advance / defend while already prone.
  3. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    Iconic but sadly not really fit for purpose. Can't see why GM play the licence card they could do with all the advertising they can get.

    I have a MSI Windforce gfx card that couldn't maintain its factory overclock after heavy stress and needed underclocking slightly. It was still faster than a stock card but couldn't maintain its expected speeds without crashing. Chips are binned because they can overclock but that's not to say they'll maintain that overclock over an extended time I am afraid. You could call it faulty and return it as is not as advertised. It could also be poor case air flow causing the card to crash. You might want to check your card isn't getting to hot as well.
  5. Anti-personnel mines

    There is another ww2 game in development using anti personnel mines. I would like to see how that goes down before judging either way. I used to hate claymores in bf and cod as it's such a low skill weapon.
  6. Snipers

    That is true for the Battlefield games of this world but not really for one that pushes teamwork & communication like Squad.
  7. We already have the ability to reduce the squad size so I don't see why it's even on the table a suggestion. What I wouldn't mind seeing OWI experiment with is giving the insurgents fireteam leader a spawn point for his fireteam members. It could be limited by time / number of fireteam spawns / have a longish refresh timer.
  8. It is not really the same thing to compare a medic with just a pistol and a LAT/HAT. A medic with just a pistol is really there to just pick up downed teammates. He's not really that combat effective unless in cqb, which in the game you're referring to, doesn't happen to often during a round as the map is mainly fields. A medics with just a pistol, no matter how vital, isn't seen as a glory role. A LAT/HAT player however is seen as a glory role and can really turn the tides when encountering armour and save the entire squad with just one well placed round. There is a much greater sense of 'pride and accomplishment' defeating armour than raising your squad from the dead after a particularly brutal encounter. Sadly, not many players see how influential a medic can be during a round and most won't give up being combat effective for the single purpose role of resuscitation of teammates. Perhaps in the future, when we get to 'tailor' our load out a little, we might get to choose between extra rockets or a rifle when playing AT as insurgent and leave it to the SL/player how the role will be utilised.
  9. Progressive RAAS

    I am not sure how capping 1st & 2nd cp to gain armour really changes the rush and hold middle cap meta. What about those vehicle crews? Do they just wait to spawn or grab vehicles and dump them at the caps where their armour has spawned after capping? You can also argue that it's not realistic for an army to advance without armour support. I just feel it's better to have armour available from the start. I think we all would like to see our respective teams performing advance and secure operations, even on pub servers. Perhaps it would help if cap points had weighted ticket bleed. The deeper into enemy territory you advance the higher the bleed with nothing gained for holding the center point. That would put more emphasis on holding your 1st & 2nd cp and stop sitting on the centre to force the win.
  10. Fuel, Food & Water

    PS uses a canteen to refresh your stamina but it never empties. I am more OK with that than using it as another resource being provided through logistics.
  11. Can't Run the game anymore

    +1. Bought an additional 1Tb Crucial Mx500 (brand new) off ebay during the cyber Monday period for £117. Bargain.
  12. Squad vs Insurgency

    I completely understand where you're coming from but I also like the ringing in the ear which adds to the immersion. Perhaps they should add an option just to mute/muffle the game sound for people who suffer from tinnitus like yourself so you don't have an advantage from turning off the ear ringing effect.
  13. Glad you got it sorted and thanks for sharing your solution. Good job you have fast internet. Taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut isn't the most efficient method but it works.
  14. i got an ssd

    Your biggest benefit will come from using it for your OS. Boot times will be significantly faster and overall your PC will feel that much snappier. 120gb (-OS) isn't that large so you'll have to be choosy in what games etc you put on the SSD. You can install Steam games to different drives if you select the option before downloading. Squad really does benefit from loading from SSD so probably should be ones of those you put on it.
  15. October 2018 Recap

    Sometimes though it can be tactically advantageous to give up early. Perhaps the rally is far away from the area you were downed but closer to a previous cap that is now under attack and your SL has been asked to supply troops for that fight. I still think it is OK to have the option to give up but having penalties should make players think first to determine if it's worthwhile.
  16. October 2018 Recap

    Yep, carrot and stick in one combo. For me it's about encouraging individuals to play a certain way rather than punish the whole team for that individual's actions.
  17. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    What does that mean? Do you get FPS drop to 40-55 FPS then it goes back to 100+ FPS after a 'lengthy period'? Certain maps in certain areas are poorly optimised so FPS drops are not unusual. You say you 'monitor' your system. Is it just temps and FPS or are you using something like Afterburner where you can see memory usage, page file usage individual cpu core temps etc as well?
  18. October 2018 Recap

    @Twizted I believe it better to encourage players to wait for a revive through spawn timings then punish the team through ticket loss. This is especially true for public games. OWI just need to find that ballance. In v12 anyone can revive so getting revived before bleeding out is much more likely. A good way I see it working....... Wave spawning is every 60 seconds with a minimum spawn timing of 20 secs then you'll wait for the next wave so 60+20=80 seconds if you give up just at the wrong time. I think OWI should increase the minimum spawn timing to 60 secs and then adjust it based on give up/waiting for revive. If you give up remaining bleed out time is added the minimum respawn time. Wait for a revive during bleed out and the the time is subtracted from the minimum spawn timing. Even those timings are probably not ideal but trying to suggest a way to 'encourage' individuals not to give up with the chance of a 20 sec respawn.
  19. October 2018 Recap

    Ticket loss will just punish the team for giving up and not the individual.
  20. October 2018 Recap

    I can see how giving up now becomes a more appealing option than waiting to be revived. Not having any first hand experience of the changes your description highlights the problem perfectly. Perhaps the wave respawn timing could be lengthened for those giving up with waiting for revive time subtracted from the wave spawn timer. It's a substantial change to spawning and needs OWI to tweak the timings to get the desired player responses.
  21. Battlefield Talks About Squad!

    Yeah the BF3 version.
  22. Battlefield Talks About Squad!

    Damn, I got goose bumps and a wave of nostalgia when the music started. Shame it won't have the destruction of the original.
  23. Game needs more maps ...

    Randomised AAS will also help keep maps fresher for longer. I love learning new maps but I also enjoy knowing what I am headed into and the lay of the land ahead. Adding the randomised element decreases the rinse and repeat scenarios we get now.
  24. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Shame that in the picture on the screen he's holding isn't himself looking at a screen looking at himself. .........infinitum.