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  1. Excited for v15

    Hmmm 3 lives and out. I could get behind that. I take it a revive would not be classed as one of your lives?
  2. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    It may not help other maps but for Al Basrah they could add any infantry only spawn point on the eastern island (again) to be able to flank those expensive tanks camping main.
  3. Excited for v15

    I heard they were going to increase running speed. Be able to spawn on any squad member and remove incapacitation & death altogether.
  4. Voice Lines?

    I wouldn't call being able to say 'sorry' is taunting in today's politically correct climate.
  5. High VRAM usage crash

    I am using a 1080ti with 11gb GDDR5x vram on 2560x1080 res @ 1.25 with Epic settings and texture streaming off and I regularly see 8-9 GB vram usage on Afterburner hardware monitor. That's a pretty heavy example to show you where I expect max vram usage to be around. These days you want plenty of vram on your card especially as we go up from 1080p.
  6. High VRAM usage crash

    Screen resolution, texture quality and AA are the main things affecting vram usage. You might want to try lowering the texture quality in Squads settings to see if it helps. Having an SSD will not help vram usage. It'll merely allow faster transfer of data into vram when called. If you've already filled the bucket with the small hose getting a bigger hose isn't going to help. You'll need a bigger bucket for all the water you want or you're just going to have to limit your water requirements. Having the SSD will benefit your system in so many more ways and is a very worthwhile upgrade but it won't cure you lack of vram woes.
  7. Game laggy at start.

    I think for gaming you would of been better to have 16gb ram and a SATA SSD than 8gb and nvme SSD for around the same sort of cost. DDR ram is still waaay faster than nvme SSDs. nvme tops out at about 3.2 GB/s where as the slowest DDR3 is 8.5 GB/s and it scales up from there. It's been proven many times that there isn't that much difference in PC performance in gaming to choose nvme over SATA for the extra cost involved. That cost saving is changing now nvme prices are falling though and the little boost nvme provides is worth it to some. SATA SSDs don't tend to bottleneck any PCs for regular or gaming use as it's usually the processing of the data that is the restriction.
  8. Game laggy at start.

    8gb ram is borderline for Squad but 16gb is plenty. Two questions: 1. Are you using a SSD? Is your OS and Squad installed on it if you are? 2.What gpu are you using and how much vram does it have? Gpu data gets loaded into vram through system ram. If your gpu has 6gb vram and you're filling it that 6gb of data has to pass through your 8gb of system ram. Something has to give. That means data is paged out to the Windows pagefile and reloaded when required. If that's happening on a slow HDD things are going to be choppy for a while like you experience. Having more system ram will help. If you run Task Manager (using ram as well) and launch Squad. Join an empty server and alt-tab out to Task Manager you can check how much ram is being used and how much is committed to the pagefile.
  9. best monitor size for squad

    The 1080 should be fine driving a 27" 1440p monitor. I wouldn't stick with 60hz. 100-144hz is the range you should look for and a low response time. I am running a 1080ti at 2560x1080 with epic settings and 1.25 over-res and regularly clock 70-130 fps (map and view dependent) so I'd expect the 1080 to be clocking above 60 fps most of the time at 2560x1440p. My guess is you'll update your GPU at some point in the future. Do you want to upgrade your monitor then as well?
  10. What do you think i should do ?

    @Frenchie I think Psyrus is saying if you want reasonably priced gaming PC don't buy a laptop.
  11. Voice Lines?

    Feelings trumps all. It's 2019.
  12. Voice Lines?

    I see it as a good addition for mute players but calling out 'contact' without at least a rough compass direction is going be frustrating. Sort it out OWI.
  13. Voice Lines?

    It's coming in v14
  14. Skirmish Maps

    I am not sure giving the advancing team the ability to spawn at a recently capped point would lead to good gameplay. Will spawn timers increase when enemies are near?
  15. Why wasn't i able to pop the tire of an MWRAP with an sks?

    I believe the MWRAP has run flat tyres so you're not going to do much to them with small arms fire. I would of thought the bigger transport trucks would be the same as well but they pop nicely.
  16. Gtx1080ti vs Rtx2080

    I should think the 1080ti and 2080 have similar performance in Squad. If you're not worried about RTX I'd keep the 1080ti and extra vram.
  17. Skirmish Maps

    Skirmish maps are great for seeding and to test out things in a more casual instance. It would be a shame to loose a large part of Squads features to make Skirmish a niche of its own whether you use them or not. For Skirmish maps they could make it so rp don't just disappear when enemies get close but need digging up instead.
  18. Reduce stamina on hit

    Just stop stamina regenerating until healed by medic is enough.
  19. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    Admins and even OWI can't issue a VAC ban as far as I am aware.
  20. With the current death mechanics I don't see any need for increased gore or even dismemberment. Hell Let Loose has it and it really does add to the 'war is hell' shocking moments seeing the many bloody bodies sometimes but that game has 'better' (imho) death mechanics.
  21. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Ahh the passing of time leads to nostalgia not being what it used to be anymore.
  22. Is crosshair overlay allowed?

    Crosshair overlay can be achieved with a piece of sticky tape and a marker pen. Totally undetectable by EAC if you really want to play with one.
  23. Female soldier models

    We have different races in the US side but not for the UK. Why? What different races would be available for the female role if they were to do them? I am sure that most modern thinking individuals appreciate the contribution women bring to present day armies but including character model for every conceivable combination for the sake of inclusivity based on their numerical proportion is a detraction for the devs when they can be directing their efforts where most paying customers would prefer. When I hear a female voice over voip playing Squad I am not interested in their character model reflecting their race/gender and more about if the squad is treating them different to any other team member. So far I have seen/heard zero issues.
  24. I wouldn't worry about it to much. If you ask in a general way like "I need two guys on me to place a FoB" you're making a request and not giving orders as such.
  25. Marksman Changes.

    And do they play medic or marksman?