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  1. Penalize Lone Wolfing

    Just make stamina regenerate slower when out of xx meters range of SL or a section leader (negative moral thing). If they run around Rambo like instead of providing Intel and setting traps and use up their stamina then let it be whatever OWI decide is a negative effect of little to no stamina to punish lone wolfing. The only trouble with this scenario is when you end up as sole survivor in as enemy encounter and everyone in the squad takes a respawn for tactical reasons.
  2. Sniping Massacre

    Random recoil depending on stance when not using a bipod so you don't come back on target and require aiming correction would help. Having never fired any marksman rifle depicted in Squad I have no idea how much they actually 'kick' in reality but they seem rather tame and easier to get back on target than I would expect, especially the Dragunov.
  3. Under water Radio

    With the longevity of the glitch you have to wonder. As a game based loosely in realism, to varying degrees though, I still believe it to be error rather than feature. Hopefully a dev is reading the forum and going 'Oh, we should really fix that' but due to their silence on their own official forum I doubt it. @Gatzby get the word out to the team please.
  4. Voice Lines?

    If idiots want to be trolled why shouldn't the rest of the world just ignore them and get on with their lives.
  5. Helicopter Joystick Support

    If they're going to support helis they could go a little further and support other vehicles as well. Controlling techis, bikes, truck etc would all benefit at least from controller support.
  6. FPS limit main menu (when not in server)

    Until they get around to menu FPS limiters consider it a warm up period for your gpu.
  7. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    Just rename it BTR.

    We have Star Wars (modded) in Squad now. Wait for it........
  9. Be good if all of those waiting in a que joined a small skirmish style map to 'warm up'. Maybe just a single cp of the map they're waiting to join.
  10. [WIP] Bushehr [ squad map]

    Looking great. I like that you're thinking about playability and not just making it aesthetically pleasingly.
  11. reduce fall damage

    I don't mind taking damage from long drops. Make the damage related to the height. I do object to bleed. It would be nice to have an audio response to that damage along with a visual reaction like suppression. Again they should be relative to the amount of damage taken. A nice yelp and short lived suppression for minor damage and a cry in pain and almost blackout for high fall damage.
  12. VRAM crash with a 6gb 1660 ti?

    Check out your log files to see if that gives a clue to the reason for the error you're experiencing. You'll find them here. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs
  13. Is your anti-virus/firewall blocking EAC? Try disabling it and running Squad normally to check.
  14. Stuttering

    I think your problem is related to your 970s Vram. Although it has 4gb GDRR5 anything over 3.5gb of usage causes the cards performance to deteriorate. Here's an explanation of how the memory on the 970 is used. https://kb.newegg.com/knowledge-base/nvidia-geforce-gtx-970-memory-allocation/ You could run something like Afterburner or GPU-Z to check your Vram usage when you experience freezes to confirm. Both of those programs will show your GPU & CPU temps as well.
  15. SQUAD: Whiplash. Fast-paced gameplay trailer.

    Damn, that game look fun. What is it? I wish the BF music was playing though. Is that bad?