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  1. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Three little letters. I.E.D. Automation won't work.
  2. I really dislike these type of threads that 'criminalise' those with progressive hardware because they may have an advantage. What next you want us all caped to 60fps because those with higher end gpus have the advantage of frame rate. I am sure your 980ti is already giving you an advantage over other players. Having the best hardware is not about gaining an advantage but getting the best experience for your finances. The only way you're going to have a somewhat level playing field is if you game on console. Even now that's getting messed up with keyboard & mouse support and tweaked version of the current gen console
  3. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    All theories. Proof is in the pudding as they say.
  4. July 2018 Recap

    I find people that prefer voice activation over PTT usually like the sound of their own voice to much.
  5. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    Medic role will change soon. It won't be that he has to find and resuscitate every downed player. Teammates will be able to do that also. Resurrected players will be seeking out medics soon for healing. Playing as a medic and getting downed will not mean having to take a respawn as teammates will be able to get you up. Will that mean medics will play a bit more risky without the need to babysit so much? Only time will tell.
  6. Project reality : Battlefield 3

    already being discussed here........
  7. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Is there a link to follow this project?
  8. Razor Wire

    It should have a random chance to get stuck in it as well as a deterrent to players just pushing through it knowing they only lose a small portion of health. Or even start players bleeding out and needing to bandage.
  9. Squad vs Insurgency

    Apparently not. Insurgency Sandstorm is suffering from a big performance hit using scopes just like Squad did. JackFrags was making complaints about it in his recent vid.
  10. July 2018 Recap

    Playing for the team and winning is ultimately the reason to play but you still need to judge your performance so you know if you've played well /improving. I don't remember the number of revives I've made in a round as medic but do enjoy knowing how much of a contribution I've made for the team in the end if I've had a busy round. It'll be the same for logistics drivers. They'll need some way of judging their performance or they just won't be bothered to do it and we'll all be wishing someone will. Public games can also be very hit and miss with the quality of your team. Even if my team loses I take pleasure from seeing a good squad score and knowing we did our best.
  11. July 2018 Recap

    You shouldn't go building a game on wishes though. They're more likely to play logistics if there is an incentive. Seeing a logi score and gauge how well you did compared to your last game and even letting other now how much of a contribution you've made to a team win are pretty strong incentives. Those with potato PCs who have a hard time shooting can make a big difference playing logi.
  12. July 2018 Recap

    Nice update. Thanks Gatzby. Not sure I like the idea of crewman only having access to the repair kits. Can we not have a kit on vehicles you can retrieve as a regular soldier. Vehicles are going to become very important due to the persistent ammo changes and having to rely on a crewman to come and fix up a vehicle is going to severely hamper teams. It's a similar deal to how medics operate but with vehicles instead although crewmen will be much harder to find.
  13. With localised damage to vehicles and maybe a decrease in their survivability against LAT/HAT I don't see a big downside to persistent ammo. The vehicle might not have to worry about that LAT guy respawning at a nearby RP but it may be pretty badly damaged and possibly can't move. We've really got to see how it plays out. The joys of Alpha I suppose. I don't really like the push towards logistics playing such a major role for infantry squads at this time as it hasn't in the past and I've had a lot of fun but I am open to see how it pans out. Overall it's a more realistic side to warfare that can be a deciding factor in any battle. Playing logistics is going to become as important as playing medic in keeping an advance rolling. OWI had better find a way to reward those fulfilling a logistics role so they can judge if they had a good game.
  14. June 2018 Recap

    Yeah. Recap or I won't go medic.
  15. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    Nope. Squad is to good to be free. Don't want no microtransaction bullsh*ttery. Game extras hopefully will come in the form of mods just like the good old days. Squad is a community based game not a free for all.