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  1. Mics still don’t work

    You don't want to set playback through a microphone. Set it to record instead.
  2. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    To reward good play vs poor play they could link the respawn timer to the personal score you have achieved for that particular life. Of course OWI might have to tweak the scoring system but it needs work imho anyway. Capture a point, kill a couple of enemy and dig up an enemy FOB reduces your respawn timer. Whereas losing a vehicle qiickly without getting a kill, accidentally making a tk and giving up while incapacitated should significantly increase that respawn timer. TLDR: Anything that scores positively decreases the respawn timer and anything scoring negatively increases it.
  3. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    Great stuff. Can't wait for your v10 stuff. I really hope they give you the tools so you can do your magic.
  4. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    You play standing up? Am I the only one doing it wrong? I thought all them gaming chairs were also for fps games and not just the racing ones.
  5. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    Nice find. Going to check that one out. Cheers.
  6. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    It might be a solution that the last rp spawn is reserved for SL only by default. He should be able to allow a spawn on request but as soon as he sets a new RP it defaults to a reserved last spawn again. Might stop all the discussion to hold last spawn for the SL that ends in frustration when some unknowing plonker takes it. I know we should all know/learn how to play but you can have a squad of nine and it just takes one to ruin it and really set your squad back and potentially your whole team.
  7. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    My main reason I am not playing is I can't reach my keyboard. By that I mean I am 1900 miles away from my PC. When I've tried to play the thing that puts me off is the lack of good servers I am able to join. I can sit and wait 15-20 min in the queue to join only to find the map changes and a large portion of the players bails. I tend to hang around hoping it'll fill up again for a good round but generally by the end game it's filled and players bail again. Hard to get a good round in these days it seems.
  8. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    If you already have a PC faster than my 8700k @ 5ghz + 1080ti why even bother with Squad on console when the game is primarily based around keyboard & mouse, needs good communication and when the game doesn't currently support Xbox headsets microphone. I don't believe there is enough console players truly interested in the niche style of play Squad provides to make it worthwhile experience. That's not being all PC master race like as I also own a PS4 (gathering dust after Last of Us).
  9. Anti Tank

    #Me to.
  10. V10 and...??

    Now the devs are back hard at work building up to feeding the insatiable demand for v10 perhaps they can open the public test branch again for........public testing.
  11. V10 and...??

    Christmas is over. Crack the whip. The masses are revolting.
  12. We're throwing around ideas here for a problem, I don't really believe exists anymore. I say the problem doesn't exist because this thread was originally posted in reaction to the rush meta that has been already dealt with through the capping mechanic. We already have mortars, rocket techies, grenadiers, 30mm/.50cals and tanks in the near future to softer an object. We may end up getting A10 warthog strikes in the future which, I am not keen on, will be a type of devastating attack you have no response to. Artillery will just be something similar to that. Mortars I am fine with. They attack you. You go and hunt them down and destroy them. Fixed or, even worse, off map artillery where there is no counter is just a frustrating mechanic.
  13. Anti Tank

    This could change in v10 however. With a rangable sight I might be attempting those kind of shots. At least I might be able to see what I am aiming at rather than guess.
  14. So when my team is doing well and moved up past the center cap and working to move on we have to put up with some dic sitting untouchable in his main base lobbing shell down on us. No thank you. It's like having the behemoth in BF1 because your team isn't doing so well but at least you can kill it.
  15. Talk me into getting squad

    +1,000 I find that I am not that bothered if my team wins or loses if I have had a good SL and the squad has done it's best.