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  1. You are right that Ryzen has much better IPC than before but the focus still ends up that it's not as good as the 7700K, even if it's kicking lesser chips that are priced much higher. That is especially true when you can overclock the 7700K so well compared to Ryzen currently. There is a lot to like about AMDs new chips and I never expected them to even be as close as they are. They still need to get past all the new chip issues before stealing my money from Intel. Though you might like this...
  2. @banOkay Very nice. I am glad to see good improvements for Ryzen when devs target it specifically. The only fly in the ointment is that Ashes Of The Singularity is the type of game that benefits from being able to spread the CPU load across many cores. Optimizing that plays to Ryzen's strengths no doubt and is probably the unexplained reason for it's significant gains in performance. Unfortunately I don't believe such optimization is going to bring such big gains in games, such as Squad, with less opportunity to become more multi-threaded. Even a small boost is probably worth it though. AMD have to keep the pressure on Intel or we only get the slow incremental advances they had been turning out for the past few years. Win / win in my book.
  3. I agree, but why did you pick the mythical two circle mask image. Every binocular I have ever looked through and adjusted only gives a single circular image field.
  4. Try Day of Infamy until PS is released for your WW2 fix. Insurgency+WW2. Or a mess about in the F2P Heroes & Generals.
  5. I'd rather they took away turret rotation on mouse movement altogether and make players rotate with A+D keys. We could then have realistic turret rotation speeds and make IFV gunnery a little more skillful. The humvve though should keep the a small amount of lateral movement on the mouse like bunkered HMGs have. Stuff like insurgents/militia technicals should keep full mouse aim but anything with a proper turret should rotate with A+D.
  6. v10 you'll hopefully be vaulting that 0.5m prop and be unable to fire anyway.
  7. Rather he didn't unless he does it with a Ryzen CPU.
  8. I much prefer the rock, paper, scissors approach to gaming. With the scale of the maps artillery would be out of place as it would have to be an AI operated call up from off map with no way for the enemy team to counter it. Mortars though are coming and I definitely want to see them. Coordinating an attack by roughing up the enemy before an attack is just the kind of action Squad is going for. Teamwork being the key there. Being on the receiving end of a mortar attack knowing you're likely to be stormed soon would be pretty scary.
  9. Yep, but a user choice none the same. Suppressive fire can also be effective in certain situations and you might just get lucky. Right now with your character unable to fire it just feels wrong.
  10. The beauty of Reshade is it's so easy to see what effects it has as it's all in game and on screen. I will say it's best to get your desired look with as few shaders used as possible so as not to affect your performance to any great degree. Have fun experimenting.
  11. The feeling when your squad has played their best but your team has let you down...
  12. Rumours are easy to find if you look. It's the truth we want.
  13. Hmmm, hearing rumours of CoD WW2. Back to its roots indeed. Now I'd probably play that for the campaign and a nostalgic element/quick gaming fix but I still prefer a bit more depth to my gaming these days.
  14. I personally prefer in game AA off, x1.25 resolution scaling, LumaSharpen, Vibrance & SMAA. Any AA all does depend on your native screen resolution though. With 1440 you may feel you can get away without an resolution scaling and AA altogether.
  15. If you're turning on SMAA in ReShade be sure to turn off any AA within Squad itself.