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  1. @koschilein It would be nice if there was a list of steps for those wanting to run a custom server as a sticky somewhere.
  2. SW:Battlefront 2

    EA probably were not bothered by the ones protesting, who wouldn't of bought credits anyway, although they were trying to frustrate them into it. They want the serial whales who will glady pay to reach the top. EA were not expecting such a public challenge but I honestly don't believe they would of chosen to remove the micro transactions if Disney CEO hadn't put his foot down.
  3. @Psyrus We are entering new territory now with mod introduction, you could be correct they would appear as custom servers, but I believe OWI should be able to keep some control over their game.
  4. No multiplayer. You need a server licence for multiplayer.
  5. SW:Battlefront 2

    @LaughingJack Recently heard the games microtransactions were removed at the request demand of Disney CEO. I am sure EA wouldn't of removed them because of player complaints but when Disney's IP is getting hammered the big stick comes out. I don't know how EA are going to monetise things now. They can't just lootbox cosmetics because Disney have so much input into Star Wars lore they won't let players have fancy outfits and multicolored weapons.
  6. Thoughts on these Specs

    V10 should please you even more then.
  7. Mini-map

    Ultra wide screens come into their own when driving or gunning as the map is offset to the right giving decent forward vision. I close the map when on foot and in combat, just looking at it for vehicles checking for casualties and SL orders.
  8. Alpha 9.15

    Hopefully it'll be fixed with the new UI when it arrives. It's not just small monitors that have issues. Ultra wides are messed up along with 4k as well. Don't think you're being singled out for special treatment because you have small monitor.
  9. Thoughts on these Specs

    Nice balanced machine. Just make sure you have a good cpu cooler to take advantage of the k.
  10. Poor framerate

    Well the only thing I see that could be holding you back with your specs is your cpu. UE4 is more cpu ipc dependent on a lot of early access title still in development. Your i7 3820 should be turbo'ing to 3.8 but it might not still be enough or you could have a heat/throttling issue. You can run `Stat unit' in the game to get an idea where your troubles lie or you can run MSI Afterburner and graph/monitor all the major system parameters to aid identifying your stuttering issue.
  11. Poor framerate

    8gb or 16gb ram? You'll get stuttering with 8gb and full texture loading on when trying to take advantage of your gtx 1080. Are you running from a ssd? With a i7 [email protected], 16gb, Gtx 1080, ssd and mainly epic settings I'd be pushing 80+ fps on most maps with no stuttering.
  12. Alpha 9.15

    Thanks dev team. No introduction of micro transactions, that's a relief I would love to know a little deeper why some gpus are struggling with Mestia.
  13. SW:Battlefront 2

    Lol. Pic should have 'Mummies Credit Card' shoved in the slot though.
  14. Potential Squad Purchaser and need info please

    I do believe that 2hrs is actual playtime logged by Steam. You could just be in the game menu or browser and that would count as playtime. I am pretty sure you won't need the refund option but it's there if your PC is having problems running the game.
  15. SW:Battlefront 2

    I think LaughingJack meant was it any good not whether anyone approves of the greedy lootbox cash grab. The game does look lovely but underneath it's still a BF game. Run & gun, but now with added P2W. EA may of suspended sales of crdits/lootboxes but they will make a return once everything calms down and people have bought the game.