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  1. the wrench

    Bullets don't travel far through water and do any significant damage so I hope you guys have not messed that up. Much rather see restrictions for players using water as cover by limiting the time they can stay submerged and firing their weapons. For example if you remain underwater for more than 10 secs you start taking 25% damage per second. If submerged prone in water you move verrrry slowly.
  2. Just an idea but what if. ...... 1. Buy full price Squad & you can buy PS DLC at a reduced cost. 2. Buy full price PS (standalone) & you can buy Squad at reduced cost (bit more than 1 maybe).
  3. You have one of the biggest QA teams in the gaming industry for better or worse.
  4. So does that mean those who just want to play PS have to buy Squad 1st? That would possibly put a lot of people off. I fancied DayZ but didn't want to buy Arma2 to play it when it came out.
  5. Lol, you do your talented team a disservice. Your team is pioneering the game development and building the base from the tools provided by Epic. PS guys are tweaking your game to give it the WW2 flavour so many of us want to see. I bought into Squad because it's a game I want to play but also it's a game I could watch being developed and gain an insight of how it all comes together maybe even helping in some small way. I can clearly see a difference in how Squad & PS are being developed and I am on the outside.
  6. PS is a mod of Squad, where Squad is a new game built on UE4, but you know this already. The fact the PS devs are waiting for OWI to complete their various parts (animations, tracked vehicles, etc) says it all. The PS team are doing a great job with lots of work and I am happy they would like rewarding for their efforts and will gladly pay for a WW2 mod of Squad.
  7. You can turn off the beeps etc in your Squad settings. Unfortunatley taking away squad voice chat would turn players away to the 3rd party options so my guess is it's here to stay even if a little unrealistic for a WW2 game.
  8. I disagreed with Blitz's comments on who should get to play but having watched Drewski & Psi stumbling around for 10 mins not using any tactics I had to switch them off. Not a great advert at all.
  9. It's a tactic unlikely to work out. It'll only work if the team is slow off the mark to cap that first point. It can be caped before the opposing team can even get there and then it doesn't matter.
  10. Ahh, I don't do TwitBook. Forums, Discord & Reddit that's my limit. I'll just have make do with videos and feedback. I hope any links get reposted here for our viewing pleasure.
  11. Single person claim approved by SL would be fine with me. I hope they will take a pillion. SL+1 really plays to the mobility advantage the insurgents are expected to have.
  12. You have the video. Good evidence for player bans for griefing.
  13. You forgot this one. When Insurgency Sandstorm comes out on UE4 and has vehicle it should fit the OP's criteria.
  14. Sorry @Tartantyco I don't like the idea and think it would even have the opposite effect you're trying to achieve with players rushing about to cap individual flags instead of pushing through an area to clear it. What might work is actually having less cap zones but larger ones. Think of a bunch of your little caps amalgamated into a large area that players have to control to force the cap. As for the speed of capping that should be relevant to the amount of forces you have in the zone like BF1 does.
  15. Tbh without some details (OS, CPU, GPU, game situation) reporting on positive/negative settings changes just adds to the mystery of if they actually do anything to increase performance.