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  1. LMG

    Two man hmg crew would be great and is a worthy addition for the kind of teamplay Squad is pushing. Giving the the main man the hmg and his sidekick the ammo and some binos for spotting and directing fire makes those rolls both useful and fulfilling to play.
  2. Windows desktop scaling shouldn't have any real impact on a directx game that has independent settings for resolution and scaling. Interesting find. I'll have to experiment myself to see if I can gain some fps by messing with Windows desktop scaling. EDIT: Just done my own investigation. Going to 150% windows desktop scaling gives me a significant downgrade in my games resolution. It's like going from 1080 down to 720. Even putting the in game scaling to 150% didn't bring back the same quality I had when both settings were at 100% scaling. That's probably why you're seeing an increase in fps. Oh BTW the game wouldn't run in fullscreen with 150% desktop scaling but would in borderless (didn't try windowed).
  3. Ahh I see at 13:18 you've brought the Tommy squad lead secret weapon to rally the troops.......the cup of tea.
  4. You had your reward. It was that no one pointed and laughed as you walked in the street.
  5. the wrench

    I like the way they modded the spelling of December. Very fitting.
  6. I know player stat tracking should be a thing in the future at some point so players can get some gratification from checking those. Rewards can also come in the form of Steam achievements i.e. Warmonger = Complete 1,000 victories with your team. Any other ranking/boosting reward for victory is not required.
  7. It's not dead, it's resting. Beautiful plumage.
  8. Loving the polish you're giving your map. If I was a lighting engineer I'd space my lights so there were no really dark areas between the lamps. You have dark areas between the lights. Now it could be just a matter of the amount of light the lamps give off, radiated or intensity. Obviously adding more lights increases graphical load so the fewer the better. It's supposed to be the middle east so just plonking down some lighting without much consideration for the areas lit up still seems appropriate though.
  9. Yes, I hope so, but they're a lot less stealthy than a truck.
  10. I agree with you @StrikerC123. Far better to have to 2x logics truck moving supplies forward (main>fob>fob) than making them do round trips from main. Obviously if you remove all the supplies from that middle fob to supply the frontline fob then you'll be unable to spawn at that middle fob until it's been resupplied. It's just the way of military logistics. It's really bad if you've made the long logi trek from main to a frontline fob to be discovered and destroyed when close to the frontline. Is enough to put you off doing that important logistics job altogether.
  11. Insurgency & Squad are done to a different scale/view distances and therefore graphical strain but it's logical to believe both would benefit from good PIP scopes.
  12. Have you not found a Jensens Range server? Usually madness going on but still fun in a deathmatch style. You can try all the stuff and build mad FOBs to see how it works. You can even have techi races around a track if you desire.
  13. As has been reported before also (devs aware) widescreen monitors also suffer colum alignment issues on the server browser.
  14. @maddog2201 If you expect two rendered scenes to halve your fps in staggered rendering you might as well render them at the same time and take the fps hit then. The devs said they may look at this once Squad is further in development and better optimised and that to me sounds like the best that's on offer currently. What I would prefer is for Epic to make optimised code for doing a PIP function that allows devs to do scopes more effectively. There is definitely a market for it even outside of Squad.
  15. So the SL kicks the dumb schmuck who took the last spawn only for him to hound the SL to stealthily get his revenge by TK'ing. I do agree we shouldn't need any hand holding but when moments of stupidity can lead to toxicity you need some kind of prevention. Don't give the kick/ban/admin answer as it's pretty easy to ruin a game and not be noticed. Far better to have a simple prevention that no one can argue against and won't cause repercussions.