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  1. Marksman Changes.

    Long range (>300m) engagements in Squad rarely happen due to the maps and the amount of cover available. There are exception and that's where the DM can shine. At the typical engagement range (<300) DMs are no more effective than a scoped rifleman and usually worse due to the recoil. Personally I'd like to see all DM rifles get a bipod with significant increase in shooting stability (like the LMGs) to buff it over just taking the scoped rifleman instead especially as more optics are coming. The most infantry kills (39) I have in one game was fulfilling a DM role but actually playing as scoped rifleman engaging the US at <200m as Irregular. It was invasion on Chora and we'd been pushed back to the last cap (Monolith) and I was holding the northern field mostly singlehandedly. It had good sightlines and I feel the only way I could of done better with a DM rifle would of been having a slightly better zoom but mainly have better follow up shot stability as it was a target rich environment.
  2. Fog Of War

    Pah. Whippy aerials are the single greatest and most important feature being added. My immersion is suffering without them. Can't wait for proper water effects when traversing through it as well. Seriously though FoW should mix things up very nicely. It's good knowing future caps and setting up fobs in advance but it does lead to a lot of repeat actions and 'wacky races'.
  3. As has been said not all games are exclusives just some recent new releases as Epic try to controversially roll out their competition to Steams virtual monopoly. Epic are charging much less for hosting games in their store than Steam and also offer significant discounts if those games are made using Unreal Engine. It's a big win for the likes of OWI as they will get a bigger cut of their game sales, can put more money into development and support the game for longer. There is a lot of negativity towards Epic store because of the exclusives and they way they were implemented with big games moving to their store after being initially marketed on Steam and switched almost last minute. Lots of user complaints about lack of store features (refunds, friend lists, having multiple launchers, etc) most of which Epic are working on. Steam has made it easy for users and now many don't want the change. Personally I'd prefer a single place for my games as well but Steam has not really been charging, I think, fairly for hosting games for some time and now Epic are here shaking things up. As for the spyware. I have yet to see anything definitive that confirms spyware and what info is being exchanged any more than many other pieces of software you're likely using daily. It's just another reason the angry mob use to complain imho.
  4. Not transferring but adding to the Epic store.
  5. V13 Test Crash

    It could be bad ram, gpu, psu or a driver issue. You don't mention your psu but I assume it's decent judging by what you've spend on other components in your system and you don't seem to have issues with other games. Squad uses lots of ram especially with gfx cards with lots of vram. You could try running a ram stressing program to eliminate possible ram problems. Make sure all your drivers are up to date. Personally I've been using Driver Booster and is been great at keeping track of what needs updating with my system - 8700k, 1080ti, 16gb 3200. If you have a 2nd screen you could try running Afterburner and displaying useful info like ram usage, vram usage, cpu core temps etc while gaming to see what is stressing your pc and help determine where you may have an issue. Maybe your ram isn't fast enough ;-)
  6. Vehicle damage smoke cripples crew visibility

    Leave it as it is. Vehicles are op anyway. You shouldn't be engaging the enemy with your ass facing them anyway.
  7. Computer specs

    Why did you buy another laptop? For the price of that laptop you could of got a better gaming desktop and had a waaay better path for upgrades.
  8. Scope periphial zoom

    So did Squad before it was removed for performance reasons. The devs had to render a scene twice which was the big performance hit to get around engine limitations. Now I am not sure if Epic have added PiP already or are still working on it. Perhaps someone in the know could chime in on PiP in UE4.
  9. Scope periphial zoom

    I believe Epic are planning to include a PiP function in the Unreal engine. Once that is available the devs might revisit zoomed in scopes with native peripheral vision.
  10. February 2019 Recap

    Any HMG will take them down, not to mention RPGs. Don't forget about the ZU-23 AA Ural. Helicopters are pretty weak that's why they hide behind hills and have long range optics. Don't forget armor adds weight and that is an enemy of any flying machine. You just need to add some more weight to them.
  11. February 2019 Recap

    Out of all that I got most excited about the thought of seeing whippy aerials. I know, I am weird.....or just easily pleased. The improved vehicle destruction is a big plus. Great work devs.
  12. [WIP] Qwai River but not really

    Looks fantastic. Hope to see OWI possibly make it official. I don't find many servers running mods and your map looks to good to not be played.
  13. Randomized Invasion Gamemode Suggestion

    I have some issues with your suggestions. 1. Nobody likes running from main to get to the action or even the fist CP. You should at least get Mrap/Techies as the are in effect recon vehicles and should be used to take that first point. 2. If we do get fog of war for rASS then logis are not going to be much good until you at least know where the 2nd CP is so you can place FOBs effectively. These might be better to roll after the first CP has taken. Better still don't delay their spawn and let the team choose how/where they want to FOB up. A loaded logi in the field is better than one at main. 3. I don't mind if the heavier armored vehicles spawn later after a defined amount of CPs have been acquired as I am not a big vehicle player but, if I were, I'd be a bit peeved having to sit the game out waiting for my vehicle to become available. Not sure how it even benefits the game. It would probably just end up penalizing a slow starting team or one that hasn't been bothered to wait for the armor to spawn and be there at that time.
  14. January 2019 Recap

    I know it's Squads goal to encourage teamwork but that takes a different path when it comes to 'detonating' your team mate. Yes it's fun in a gaming sense but in reality it would be the driver of the VBIED who controlled his destiny and so it should be in game. Trying to orchestrate a VBIED in its current form is very problematic not helped majorly by the comms delay.
  15. The Italian Armed Forces!

    WHAT!! Women on the front lines. What game would do that?