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  1. Try Afterburner though. You should see dips or spikes in cpu usage (by core) or in the gpu usage. It could help point to a culprit.
  2. You could try running full screen but i don't think that's your problem. With your hardware you shouldn't have that experience. It's like something else is taking priority away from Squad every few seconds or causing it to halt. With a fresh Windows install we could pretty much eliminate malware but it's still not beyond the realms of possibility. What programs do you have running in the background? Anti - virus? Firewall? Router issue? Maybe a Bios setting. You might want to try running Afterburner and charting cpu/gpu usage, ram/vram usage etc to help see where the problem stems from.
  3. GPU Memory Issue

    vram is loaded through system ram. The data will often remain there unless overwritten and will get pushed to the page file. So like you thought it is just for system ram really.
  4. Newbie need help

    Cache cleared?
  5. High temp while playing

    That points towards it being the cooling solution being a problem as has already been discussed. Short of making sure you have good case airflow and a clean functioning gpu cooler there isn't much more you can do without spending money. The fact your gpu has a sh*t fit before it reaches its safe limits doesn't bode well. Different chips of the same design will all overclock to different levels and yours might not of been a good pick for Gigabyte to overclock. I had as brand new factory overclocked gpu from MSI that would overclock to its stated levels but would artefact and crash after prolonged use. I had to wind back the overclock to get it to work reliably. You might have to do the same.
  6. High temp while playing

    There is something strange about your card. GPU-Z shows your boost clock going to 1241 Mhz yet your screenshot shows a GPU clock speed of 1354 Mhz. If it's set to overclocked no wonder your cooling solution is struggling. Interesting little read. https://www.hardocp.com/article/2015/08/11/gigabyte_gtx_980_ti_g1_gaming_video_card_review/4 Seems Gigabyte 980ti G1 does go above stated boost clock in game.
  7. Help me find a PC

    You might want to have a look at recent prices then. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/pgsC8Y That build doesn't have OS, monitor etc though and is using some cheaper end components but should be a very nice gaming machine. He could probably pick up a 8700k and still be under £1500.
  8. Help me find a PC

    As a first PC I'd buy a pre-built from a good name custom builder unless you have a friend who'll help you. The fact you're asking for help here leads me to think you'd be doing it by yourself. If your PC is just going to be used for gaming go for a fast Intel cpu like i5-6700k, i7-7700k, i5-7600k or i7-8700k. Gaming is still very reliant on CPU speed more than core count although that is slowly changing so having extra cores now maybe a wise choice. The advantage of the Intel k chips is the extra speed you'll get from overclocking them which helps them beat AMD in gaming. If you plan to stream while gaming or any task that will take advantage of multi cores you should seriously consider AMD Ryzen chips. They might not have the outright performance of overclocked Intel chips but they're close enough but in those multi core applications they kick Intel butt with their high core count. Spec a machine with 16gb DDR4 3200mhz ram. It's the sweet spot for gaming these day. You'll want to take advantage of the multi channel memory access where the cpu can read multiple sticks of memory simultaneously. This boosts memory throughput. 2x 8gb would be my choice and still leave room for possible memory increase later. I wouldn't go back to using a non solid state drive as my main OS drive as the responsiveness of the PC is vastly improved over old HDD technology. I wouldn't worry too much about going for a nvme over a regular SATA SSD if money is a factor. Nvme drives cost quite a bit more than their SATA equivalent for not much difference in noticeable speed. Yes is nice to know but your going to notice a lack of storage space more than any speed advantage. Go a 500gb SSD or nvme (if you can justify the price). You can easily add more storage options later yourself. Keep in mind 500gb isn't very big these days. Win10 will eat up 50gb with its install and page files and games are coming in around 30gb so that 500gb and your usage may have you adding another drive sooner than you might think. The gtx 1080ti is a great card but even it will struggle to get high fps at 4k without turning down the eye candy. Currently there isn't anything better unless you go for a Titan and they're even more ridiculously priced. Make sure your PC has a decent brand PSU and at least 600w. PSUs are a very important component in a stressed PC and going cheap can lead to lots of problems. The biggest consumers of power are CPU (especially when overclocked) and GPU. A 600w PSU will give you some headroom for future additional hardware. I wouldn't be tempted to add say a 1000w as that's just overkill unless I planned to add a 2nd 1080ti and go sli.
  9. Glad to hear. You had me believing your PC was a desktop with those parts.
  10. June Free Weekend

    You could always take the opertunity to step up and SL and show the new recruits how Squad is played. You would be helping the game grow.
  11. The biggest killer of fps in Squad is shadows and resolution scaling. I would go for medium shadows and no more than 1.25 scaling. Turn off motion blur etc. Those will just pull down your overall fps. The best thing to do is go on Jensens (shooting) Range. Spawn up the hill overlooking the main area and mess with your settings to find your best quality/performance compromise. Be aware that the real game maps have different levels of optimisation (and vegetation) and will give more, but usually less, fps. Just a little observation of your PC specs but I notice you have a single stick of ram. With that you're not taking advantage of dual channel capabilities of your motherboard for high ram throughput. Not sure I would choose the i7-8700 over the overclockable i5-8600k if it is a PC mainly for gaming. Did you miss the k off the 8700 or did you get it for core count and price?
  12. Little White Helicopter Pt.2

    It was the lack of info or point to the thread that probably lead to it being locked. A bit like this one. Perhaps if you state what map it was and where it would be more interesting.
  13. May 2018 Recap

    Nice to know and should allow a vehicle crew to get themselves out of trouble and save some tickets even if they're out of the fight for a little bit. Will we just interact with the vehicle to get it moving or will we get something a little more immersive. I can understand the simple interactive fix at this stage of development but would prefer something a bit more involving as a QoL update further down the road on this epic journey.
  14. May 2018 Recap

    Sooo disabling/damaging vehicles is going to happen soon which is great but how about fixing them up again. You can't drive a disabled vehicle to a repair station. Are we to assume we'll have to build a FOB/repair station nearby to fix disabled vehicles or have OWI got something up their sleeve to surprise us with? Repair/recovery truck perhaps?
  15. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Adnams Ghost Ship, Brewdog Punk IPA and Guinness on draught are my current favourites.