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  1. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    It's one big grey area really. You could argue that as a reproduction that you can't physically touch then it's art and allowable to copy. What about logos? Are they fair game as well? I don't think so. Nobody should be allowed to put others companies logos on their website and call it art for example. So is ok to say digitised a Porsche 911 or Mclaren Senna as long as the logo isn't included? Hang on, the 911 is probably more recognised as a Porsche than its actual badge logo (just like the Humvee). Now I don't support AMGs decision to not allow the use of their intellectual property in games. I think that decision does them more harm than the good. I do though support any company choosing what is done with their intellectual property, whether physically or virtual, for commercial gain. That 'art' decision is wrong imho and will open a big can of worms.
  2. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    That could end up having far reaching affects in gaming. Example: Racing games have to pay homage to Ferrari etc and not show them damaged. If the ruling stands it can all be pretty much passed off as art.
  3. Worst Squad server I ever joined.

    It's Jensens Range. Anything goes I am afraid. Now if they act like that on their non training maps server I'd be concerned but it doesn't look promising.
  4. Joining squad to improve helicopters

    I really enjoyed the skill level required to fly helis properly when playing Take On Helicopters and by the sounds of it you could certainly bring realism to Squads helis. Squad though is moving in a more casual direction, while trying to capture a larger player base, so I am not sure how welcome that realism would be. Just off to check out Airland Helicopters. Looks up my street. Anywhere I can keep up to date with progress?
  5. Upgrade gpu or what

    CPU usage you quote is for all cores. You need to look at individual cores as well. 2 x cores @ 100% + 2 x cores @ 0% = 50% CPU usage. Squad doesn't take advantage of all the cores most recent cpus have.
  6. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    I think most SLs would hate having to micro manager their squad to that degree. I know I would. Can you imaging being in contact with the enemy and have multiple 'give up' requests pop up. Their role is difficult enough already without this added distraction.
  7. Graphic Updates

    The gtx 970 was launched in 2014. It's done you well (still a relatively good card). As it's well out of warranty and starting to feel the strain you really should consider saving for the gtx 3070. The PS4 was launched in 2013. That's due an upgrade shortly also.
  8. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    Giving up you can only spawn at main. If you bleed out you get to chose spawn point as is now. They would need to adjust bleed out times from their current settings.

    How about if you give up during bleed out you can only spawn at main. If you bleed out you have all the options available as it is now. I think the bleed out timer needs adjusting for this mechanic though.
  10. They should give the drone a payload capability and IEDs a weight. That way the drone flight model is affected by the weight added making it more difficult to fly when loaded. It would even prevent the drone taking off with to much weight. I know, brilliant right? Not really, just more realistic.
  11. Penalize Lone Wolfing

    Just make stamina regenerate slower when out of xx meters range of SL or a section leader (negative moral thing). If they run around Rambo like instead of providing Intel and setting traps and use up their stamina then let it be whatever OWI decide is a negative effect of little to no stamina to punish lone wolfing. The only trouble with this scenario is when you end up as sole survivor in as enemy encounter and everyone in the squad takes a respawn for tactical reasons.
  12. Sniping Massacre

    Random recoil depending on stance when not using a bipod so you don't come back on target and require aiming correction would help. Having never fired any marksman rifle depicted in Squad I have no idea how much they actually 'kick' in reality but they seem rather tame and easier to get back on target than I would expect, especially the Dragunov.
  13. Under water Radio

    With the longevity of the glitch you have to wonder. As a game based loosely in realism, to varying degrees though, I still believe it to be error rather than feature. Hopefully a dev is reading the forum and going 'Oh, we should really fix that' but due to their silence on their own official forum I doubt it. @Gatzby get the word out to the team please.
  14. Voice Lines?

    If idiots want to be trolled why shouldn't the rest of the world just ignore them and get on with their lives.
  15. Helicopter Joystick Support

    If they're going to support helis they could go a little further and support other vehicles as well. Controlling techis, bikes, truck etc would all benefit at least from controller support.