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  1. Brief A11 Status Update

    @Gatzby Thanks for the great news on v11 imminent arrival. We were on v9 for so long the quick jump from v10 to v11 seems a blur. So much changed with the dynamics in v10 due to the vaulting. Such a simple addition (maybe not technically) but advancing through or defending built up areas has changed dramatically. What are we to expect with v11 that will change the game so much that it warrants a fresh version number? Casualty dragging? British Forces? New vehicles (Bradleys)? The March update hinted at a lot of that stuff but didn't elaborate if it might make it into v11. I don't mind if OWI want to keep it a surprise but stuff like 'an optimization pass on Chora' for instance and some hint of say a new faction only help to keep the hype alive.
  2. March 2018 Recap

    No disrespect to Gatzby's contributions but I feel it's the lack of developer feedback here when they're active on other social media that has probably made people less interested in the official forum.
  3. The Wrench -- March 2018

    Squad mods are looking fantastic. They're certainly a positive addition to Squads longevity in a gaming era where modding had been shunned. Just hope I can find servers playing these stunning looking maps.
  4. Bipod seamlessness

    I'm not sure what situation you're trying to find a solution to? If it's the restricted arc once the bipod is deployed I'd rather see a key (F?) where you can raise the gun with deployed bipod and rotate but be unable to fire until lowered again.
  5. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be these days.
  6. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    For now. Do you remember how Squad looked when it launched? It's taken a great deal of time and effort to get to what we have now. I have to say the environments HLL has are the equal of Squad/PS tbh. The area around the St Marie Du Mont church makes you really feel like you're there. The Black Matter devs are very talented and I am sure they get the models looking top notch in time. Now the question is are they able to wrestle UE4 into working as well as OWI has. Periscope Games devs have the head start on Black Matter but I think there still is room on my SSD for both WW2 tactical shooters. Personally I'd love to play both games and will support these little guys showing the AAA boys how to inovate.
  7. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    @SlumLord I am confused. You say you'd gladly spend thousands on supporting Squad/PS but you're asking for a free copy?
  8. Falling Damage nerf?

    I prefer things that are based on realism in a game that way you're not surprised about what just happened. Jump down far enough to get injured and start bleeding but still standing there as if nothing happened - wtf? Did I just supposedly end up with a bone sticking out of my leg to cause me to bleed? How come I am still standing and can sprint as fast as I did before if I just broke my leg? Little things that make the game a bit more immersive because they're grounded in realism. That's what I'd like to see more of.
  9. Falling Damage nerf?

    If you test out fall damage on the shooting range you'll see you need to be quite high (est 2m) to inflict significant damage on yourself. You can end up in a bleeding state from fall damage which I still find a little strange. It could happen but isn't overly likely irl. If you end up sustaining significant fall damage I think a better way to indicate it other than bleeding would be for your character to just fall over like when your shot or knocked down by vehicles. You shouldn't just be able to jump down, sustain an injury and kill a foe while still standing.
  10. Unreal engine games failing to launch

    Both VCRUNTIME140.dll & MSVCP140.dll should reside in your C:\Windows\system32 (32bit version) and C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (64bit version). Check if they are there.
  11. The premise of making a game because you think it will be popular and make a lot of money is the realm of the AAA houses. The reality of making a game your passionate about and want to play even if it maybe more of a niche game, not appealing to the mainstream, is more akin to the independent development houses like OWI. I believe the best and most innovative work will come from those with that passion and not those chasing the money. Now if OWI really wanted to have made a battle royal style game from Squad I am sure they probably could of, one way or another, but they have said they would leave that to modders which show me they have zero interest in it. In lots of ways I am glad. You only have to look at what happened with H1Z1 when it started as an interesting zombie survival game, Sony sold it to another dev team, introduced King of the Kill and then chased the money leaving the original survival game to turn into the car crash of a game it is now. TL:DR Developers should stick to what they're passionate about and success should hopefully follow however mainstream or niche.
  12. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Oh my. Going in behind enemy lines. I wish you luck.
  13. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    My understanding is anything purchased before the Steam EA release entitles you to a free copy of PS. Summer 2015 is before that so you're in luck.
  14. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    As a EA Steam purchaser of Squad I don't qualify but Periscope Studios I salute you.