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  1. Is it worth sacrificing the quality of the player base (my only experience been Australian and West Coast US servers) for the sake of an extra 1000 or so of what I would assume are likely temporary concurrent players? https://steamcharts.com/app/393380#3m If a player considering how long this game has been out before has not purchased this game until now its likely they generally are not familiar or prior fans of the more sim/tactical shooter. The quality of experience on all public servers has dropped due to new players unfamiliar all flooding the servers within a similar time frame. If you're new to a title like this, what a mess of a first experience you'll have. ~16000 players towards the end of July back down to approx ~6500. All this does is turn players away from the game and I've noticed a lot of what are/would have been regular players (especially due to the smaller size of the AUS/NZ player base you saw the same names often) have seem to taken a break from the game due to the reduction in quality of any given game. I think a model of slower longer duration growth, maybe free weekends or so after every significant update that involves new assets or maps is simply smarter and retains a better average experience level within the player base (which is what new players need to understand this game).

    Do you play wearing surplus cams, boots and a helmet as well?
  3. As already mentioned, it simply wouldn't be worth it. I stopped playing for 2+ years with my old PC as it was struggling when Squad was inf only. That was with a Phenom 965 paired with a GTX460 OC'd. I used get around 25 fps with lowest settings played with a lower res as well.
  4. AMD Phenom II 965 GTX 460 (OC'd) 6gb DDR2 ram @ 800mhz Win 7 Settings: As low as possible. 1280x800 resolution. About 20 fps. Sometimes as low as 15. Max is 25. No, I'm not joking.
  5. The lack of LAT kit accessibility was the problem with BF2PR. The vehicles are/essentially are gun trucks at the moment. Use them behind infantry.
  6. Maps

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/49-alpha-map-logar-valley-overview-image/ Look for yourself OP.
  7. Kitless Loadout System

    Eh I don't think it needs to be this complex. I think kit based loadout is all that is needed. Simple and straight forward. And I don't see how this kit-less system would or could improve gameplay in anyway shape or form.
  8. Boats And Stuff Like That!

    Small boats like the ones we got in PR Nam and offshore cargo ships/carriers for deployment to shore w/ amphibs and rhib's are as far as the naval componant should go in my opinion. No subs and all the other shenanigans.
  9. Going to the pouch to grab/dump a mag looks great. Love the audio too.
  10. Vehicles

    Yeah, I think the first vehicles to be implemented should be light vehicles. Humvee's, MRAP's (maybe) and insurgent pick-ups/utes with a variety of armaments or without any for a utility role. Just so that the balance between assets and inf. can be made.
  11. Multiple Gameplay Settings On Server

    I dislike the idea of settings of this sort (casual/hardcore), as mentioned it splits up the player base which I don't think anyone would want. Make a standard setting for everyone and keep it standard.
  12. Custom knives and a marketplace (through steam) would be an idea for fundraising imv. Trading misc. items and such i.e. knives like those in cs at limited supply with great demand = high prices and devs can get a % of returns on the sale/purchase of said items. Another idea would be 'small', i.e. not intemperate in size/colour decals on vehicles/guns also. (like those in cs for guns) I would pay to get some sort of custom decal that is displayed somewhere on the vehicle when im driving/gunning ect. Or an ability to make a decal (I think one of the CoD's had this option) and pay to be able to display/stick it on a firearm you use in-game. (I like the mentioned idea of the book containing maps ect)
  13. Looks like you've gone for a 5.45x39mm chambered AK-74 for the Talibs main rifle and a 7.62x39mm RPK rather then the RPK-74?