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  1. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I like playing as marksman! Mostly as militia because I get a scope. I like to think of myself as being useful. Like when the Americans have mortars blowing up the church building and I shoot them while they are using the mortars. Or when you get to see a lot further than the rest of your squad to call out targets and hit them. Also, I really don't like playing the medic. I die a whole lot more as a medic. Most of the time my medics in the squad die a whole lot more than anybody else. It isn't really that fun. Which is why I am super excited for the new anybody can revive feature! That will make griefing against people who play marksman (like me, who plays it at a common rate) a lot lower. Maybe I will play medic more because I won't die as much! Though that forest map with the trains is not a good map for marksman. My best "lone wolfing" experience as a marksman is when sl and nobody else I guess heard me say I know where the mortars are, so I just left the squad building the FOB to watch the factory, went in there and killed the guy on the mortar and his friends around him. That was pretty cool. The rest of the squad showed up after the SL was like "Who is that guy all alone far away from us?" then we won! It was great. Just as great things happen with any other kit though, I feel.
  2. I casually play squad and have since Project Reality. There's nothing wrong with that. I like this more than CoD and Battlefield. No reason to be salty Gladi. Cosmetic changes don't change gameplay, so something like this is not likely going to make it into the development process. There also wouldn't be a reason for the base game to have things like the SCAR, or Hk416 ETC for US forces or others. However, mods would be great to have to change up cosmetics and even gameplay. Think of Squad as a big sandbox for you to play in and change how you would like. There's this squad ops mod that changes gameplay a lot, makes things a lot more interesting from what I have watched on youtube than normal squad games, but normal squad games are enjoyable for me. This is a good idea for a mod though.
  3. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Is there a place to contact support for the error?
  4. Hello again

    Hello everybody. I really enjoyed being part of the squad community a couple years ago before I had to leave and do something. Lookin good to see other stuff comin up. I was staying at Fort Lewis for a few days in WAshington, and I had been away from the military which I had grown up so long with and it was nice to be back on a base. Lookin forward to playin some squad with yall again.
  5. See ya

    See ya in 2 years about. Going on a service mission. Will be back to check out how things are in 2018, looking forward to those ropes that are quick.
  6. Possibility of Suppressors, Knife, C4, NVG ?

    Where are the dev comments about no NVG?
  7. FOBs causing FPS drop on Jensons

    Good times playing with you a few days ago. Do you think rally points could also contribute to it?
  8. 8km x 8km Maps

    I took a break shortly before the 1.0 release, I like only ever saw the A10. That's weird I guess. I'm trying to think of a map that had a plane other than an A10.
  9. Wargame:Red Dragon

    I was big into RTS games and played so many leading up to the release of this series. I suck so bad that I stopped playing. I just can't get my head around it. Maybe one day I will try to dive back into it and learn.
  10. 8km x 8km Maps

    The CAS was effective against everything. Warthog beats tank. Insurgents are only present on Insurgency game modes. Militia would probably have some aircraft as well. Only CAS was present. CAS will probably be the only thing available in Squad unless we get something larger. Which is possible and they are working on it (By the way I still don't understand it from like page 3, nobody talked about it) The Insurgents might get to face against CAS, it would just be hide and don't let it see you. They usually had to deal with attack helicopters so.
  11. Console generation no more

    .... Steambox anyone?
  12. AK-12

    http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/02/28/the-return-of-weekly-dtic/ So... It didn't win in the US tests...
  13. AK-12

    How'd it do that? It has a lower velocity.
  14. AK-12

    Considering the m1 carbine led to the M2 carbine, the semi automatic awesome M1 Garand, m1919, with the M14 coming in at 1959, they were stuck in a WW2 mentality. All the other allies either stuck with US rifles or the L1a1. Ruskies went for the AKM of course. I don't really see how the .280 was better than the 7.62... I mean, it gets beat out by the 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54mm. And the premier weapon for the US at that time was the M1 garand, that fired a 30 06. Which it also didn't outperform. I dunno, the opinion that the Americans were stupid is a pretty poor opinion as well. The British were using Bolt Actions... That's a lot more WW1 than what the US had.