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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    Pretty much every game has something Unique not found in other games. Insurgency Sandstorm is pretty unique in it's own way. I don't really see any sort of clones anymore in any of the games. It's interesting to me the type of conversation that this thread has brought up. I really am disappointed in the "This is an Alpha game" defense or whatever you'd call it. I really liked the point about the constant reshuffling of the game every patch changing it up. There's not any consistency anywhere. You look at Insurgency Sandstorm, one of the best early access turned full games ever to happen. Completely new engine, gameplay even better than the previous entry, just a stand up game all around going places it hasn't been and not many others go. They started from the ground and churned out a complete game. How many years are we into squad and don't even have the same end goal from the first iteration?
  2. movement in ADS

    sure thing I'm not a fan of the whole strafe thing either. But you can't WASD shoot in this game at all. Maybe at 5 meters?
  3. Snipers

    I don't really care if my 2 medics run off and do their thing. I haven't ever seen two medics run off and do that in any game I've played. That's an exaggeration. Having a medic on your squad limits the amount of firepower you can bring to the fight anyways. I'd actually rather have some other types of weapons than a medic bag. The game pushes teamwork and communication yet that does not mean there is one way to play one way to do things. If there really is only one way you need to communicate and work together in squad, only one type of mold you must choose whenever you are making squads and trying to win the game, I don't really see that as a good thing but something extremely poor. There's absolutely nothing wrong in the game in picking different classes. Running no medic is a wonderful way to add more bullets into bodies. Having a marksmen is great too. Don't be a lone wolf and it's probably gonna work out for ya.
  4. Snipers

    I dunno why we are still to this point of the game angry that people pick certain classes and do it in a way that is not what one person personally does. It's fine whatever anybody picks doing whatever, there literally isn't a set defined way to do things.
  5. movement in ADS

    It makes me cringe because there is no way my pistol or rifle sway as much as it does in game. Seems more like a handicap to dissuade moving and shooting more so than a realistic implement to add to the theme of the game. I am not too sure how to crawl and fire down the sights as that is not part of the quals I have to do so that makes sense. I dunno if it is gonna be a simulator it ought to simulate soldiers who train with their weapons and don't let it handle them like a little kid.
  6. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    The whole "It's a team game, if you keep dying you aren't working together" thing is a really old argument that has gone back to the beginning of this game. There's a problem with the amount of firepower infantry can bring to the table. I had two squads destroyed by a warrior with infantry support because although we managed to hit it a few times, it kept coming and killing us. We hid and stopped them from capping for virtually the entire game. We hid in our little urban environment, traded kills where we could but pretty much we were in a stalemate. You could say that's a good thing, the brits couldn't cap and progress and we were pretty much all locked down. but we hit an APC multiple times with explosives and it kept coming with little to no damage at all. Maybe the shots were in the worst place possible. Maybe the AT roles don't deal enough damage. You can combine arms all you would like, and communicate with the entire team all you would like. The other team also has more vehicles, they also have more squads, they are also doing other stuff around the map, and those threats must be met as well. I was pretty confident in our two squads locations today to take the cap point, it was just the APC that wrecked the day. There's a lot you can tell me that our team could have done with resupply and teamwork and coordination like we weren't doing it, which we were, and yet that sucker stayed there and owned the field in spite of the multiple hits, in spite of coordination. We were forced to avoid it because we could not kill it, but only because we could not kill it. There's definitely a lot of change that could happen here to balance it, I like the idea of taking out sights, taking out the guns, taking out the tracks, increasing damage and the amount of rockets you can carry, there's lots of solutions. The best solution is not "if you can't kill it, avoid it" and it is also not "You need to use teamwork" a combination of those two answers would actually be a lot better, but those two alone are not the solution to any problem in balance or function this game has had. I don't really understand the few here who will stand by whatever there is and ask for no change, the solution is more teamwork, more avoidance of things you can't kill, instead of looking for change, seeing problems that are literally there and offering good solutions. I'm not sure "It's a teamwork game" and "If you can't kill it, avoid it" will help the devs get this game out of the alpha greenlight whirlpool.
  7. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Ahhh World War 3. I've been looking for something like this so long. Gameplay was sub par. Everything was sub par. Except the customization, which I don't understand why it exists though, it serves no purpose. When the game comes along more there will be one combination for every weapon that will give you the most damage thus making the customization worthless. The kill streaks don't make any sense, it would be nice if they had teamwork based "kill streaks" to call down that kind of stuff, or objectives you have to take or destroy to allow certain things to happen that could be randomized on the map to allow a bunch of fluid combat. I was so disappointed. It doesn't really look like the game will get much better, it acts and feels like a free to play shooter, that doesn't seem like it has much room to change from that other than for the devs to completely revamp it.
  8. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I have found most people, even in real life, in a leadership capacity with little to no leadership experience abuse any sort of "power" or "authority" that they have. I'm the type of guy who will listen to the squad leader. Even if he's doing something stupid it's w/e to me. Yet, even though I will still follow the "orders" of any squad leader I have (well, in a fire fight I'm not gonna cross the street you tell me to cross because you and everrrbody else that did just died) and toxicity is still in pretty much every one of my games. Except the ones that are seeding. Once the new round starts the admins start being admins and I leave because of that. Locked squads and indiscriminate power to kick are still problems left over from project reality except worst now for some reason. I can't help to think that having a matchmaking rather than "equal" teams (which usually doesn't happen unless the server is full) that only allows small parties to join together would help negate clans that will steamroll and not allowing locked squads so those parties can't lock up assets because they have the people (let others at least a chance of getting it) would be so nice. It's kind of sketchy to suggest things that are contrary to Project Reality, a lot of stuff, even the UI was pushed back hard on by devs and long time project reality base, but now we're getting a lot more modern kind of stuff that isn't from BF2. I think a lot of problems or things can be taken away from admins and squad leaders done with functions found in modern games, and legacy stuff there should be better ways. Can we take away some of the "power" admins and squad leaders have? can the game kind of police itself? People being auto kicked for too many teamkills? No locked squads to allow everybody else chances to play stuff? I don't think having a medic is essential to the game and if nobody is choosing to be one I honestly don't believe that is criteria for you to kick somebody. I also don't believe even not following orders is criteria to kick somebody. I'm sorry but like, 1 man or 2 man locked squads for logi or vehicle is how fun? You are literally only doing something to benefit the team. How fun is it to drive back and forth? That doesn't seem to be conducive to gameplay that takes holds your attention. And I'm going to create my own squad with these problems that will still exist? No. I am going to leave the game. It gets to the point where it isn't hardcore gameplay, just meticulous OCD gameplay. Again this stuff I said I know is like, controversial because it goes against everything project reality stands for and there's been an established "this is how you will do it, no exceptions" for a long time. But that sucks. Just to end this post, which I feel hasn't been the best articulated but oh well, these problems discussed on the thread could be really helped with a very well implemented matchmaking system, which would be a crazy transition from the traditional server browser. It is sad to see people post things like "just make your own squad, squad leaders aren't the problems, these problems aren't the problems, you need to learn how to play, get good, clans" That's just not helpful or relevant.
  9. Get rid of the need to have a locked squad for APCS so the crewmates can talk to each other. +1
  10. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I kinda feel like I need to join a clan, like a good clan. The one I was in years ago didn't take into account my work and family life takes priority. So many clans seem to want a commitment to at least one night a week (and most of the week at that) but like, I'm a cop. I don't got that time all the time. Most of it is working, then family, the house, and if I have more time, video games are nice avenue of escape. But I say I think I should join a clan because, most of the time I'm getting kicked in a lot of the better servers that the clans are organizing and forcing teamwork. whether it's because the squad leader is deeming me not filling my position adequately enough, he needs a spot for his buddy, or the squad leader is giving me crappy orders to go die with a few of my squad mates I have generally ended up being kicked from a squad, then the admin gets on me and warns me I am gonna get kicked from the server. It's a lot of unnecessary stuff that makes me rethink trying to join another serve, am I going to receive that same experience? I think it was better in highschool when I had a ton of time on my hands playing project reality since gameplay and objectives are pretty similar, but I find the more I play with experienced players the less I enjoy it because of shaming and being rude to people. My best experiences have been with an experienced guy who was just fine that pretty much everybody was new or "casual" and we just had some fun going around as a squad. We won some and lost some. Kinda like playing with Lugnut if anybody has ever done that, I used to quite a while ago. I think it's fine to have a lot of newer players. I rather prefer to play with a bunch of people that are just there to play, tactics being secondary, than those who will not move from their iron hand of doing it their way in their time. There is a lot of toxic behavior from "veteran" squad players who've been around or at least played for a while. I really try to avoid them. I mostly avoid squad now because of that but I will get on every once in a while when a new update drops.
  11. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I like playing as marksman! Mostly as militia because I get a scope. I like to think of myself as being useful. Like when the Americans have mortars blowing up the church building and I shoot them while they are using the mortars. Or when you get to see a lot further than the rest of your squad to call out targets and hit them. Also, I really don't like playing the medic. I die a whole lot more as a medic. Most of the time my medics in the squad die a whole lot more than anybody else. It isn't really that fun. Which is why I am super excited for the new anybody can revive feature! That will make griefing against people who play marksman (like me, who plays it at a common rate) a lot lower. Maybe I will play medic more because I won't die as much! Though that forest map with the trains is not a good map for marksman. My best "lone wolfing" experience as a marksman is when sl and nobody else I guess heard me say I know where the mortars are, so I just left the squad building the FOB to watch the factory, went in there and killed the guy on the mortar and his friends around him. That was pretty cool. The rest of the squad showed up after the SL was like "Who is that guy all alone far away from us?" then we won! It was great. Just as great things happen with any other kit though, I feel.
  12. I casually play squad and have since Project Reality. There's nothing wrong with that. I like this more than CoD and Battlefield. No reason to be salty Gladi. Cosmetic changes don't change gameplay, so something like this is not likely going to make it into the development process. There also wouldn't be a reason for the base game to have things like the SCAR, or Hk416 ETC for US forces or others. However, mods would be great to have to change up cosmetics and even gameplay. Think of Squad as a big sandbox for you to play in and change how you would like. There's this squad ops mod that changes gameplay a lot, makes things a lot more interesting from what I have watched on youtube than normal squad games, but normal squad games are enjoyable for me. This is a good idea for a mod though.
  13. Hello again

    Hello everybody. I really enjoyed being part of the squad community a couple years ago before I had to leave and do something. Lookin good to see other stuff comin up. I was staying at Fort Lewis for a few days in WAshington, and I had been away from the military which I had grown up so long with and it was nice to be back on a base. Lookin forward to playin some squad with yall again.
  14. See ya

    See ya in 2 years about. Going on a service mission. Will be back to check out how things are in 2018, looking forward to those ropes that are quick.