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  1. July 2018 Recap

    Great job! I was wondering if there is anything new about fallujah and choppers?
  2. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    This was 4 months ago, is there any goods news soon about this map?
  3. Movement too slow ?

    I agree that the movment is way to slow, sometimes it seems like someone is holding my player or the player is to heavy to move
  4. Release

    Is it coming this week??
  5. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Please dont tell me this is it for this month???
  6. I totlay agree with you. not only the strykers but all the vehciles in game need som visual update.
  7. Hi guys! I was wondering if you ever thought about how the stryker looks like now and how it actually looks like o combat both in Iraq and Afghanistan. All strykers deployed have a kind of extra protection around the vehicle. Is ther any plans of adding this beautiful protection in squad in the future? and change the vehicle damage so it takes around 3 RPGs to take a stryker or f the future A LAV down? your thoughts Some pics from combat zones both Iraq and Afghanistan
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9

    Hi Guys! First I wanna thank you for the great update and work, seriously this update is the shit. one thing I want to ask you about is the sound of the humve when you are outside of the vehicle, it is unrealistic and too noisy, the second thing is are you planning on adding coax for the APCs?
  9. Release: Alpha Version 8.8

    Good ****ing job boys, amazing update!!!
  10. Vehciles are lagging alot

    Hi guys! After playing the new release I noticed that vehicles are lagging a lot while driving i tried different servers with different pings and got the same result. So my question is. is it only me or are you getting the same problem as well??
  11. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    You guys have made an incredible job with the patch, it was worth the wait. Thank you and keep up the great work peace out
  12. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    very good update boys, keep it up!
  13. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Worked just fine!
  14. april monthly recap ?

    Its coming boys give it some time.
  15. The Military Media Thread

    Amazing thread, keep up those nice military porn stuff