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  1. A12.1 broke game

    This solved my problem too! After the update I crashed upon reaching the main menu but now it works! Thanks!
  2. air assets??

    I thought Squad was definitely not getting jets but reading this threads it doesn't seem that definitive; great! PR proves jets are fun even if they don't do realistic speeds etc. The only hinderance I see now is building a system for jets from scratch, then it should just be a matter of time; also great! Then I'll just:
  3. Suggestion - TOP SQUAD! BEST SQUAD!

    Yes please! However, I suggest simply adding numbers by each squad in the scoreboard so it's not removed as in PR when showing the top squads.
  4. Vault/climb penalties The vaulting system in v10 alpha was great! However, I'm suggesting that some of the higher vaulting and climbing be accompanied with more penalties: make it slower and make it drain stamina. Parkour ninjas was a thing in the alpha and even though it was fun I don't like it for gameplay and realism. I like the opportunity vaulting brings, it allows for sneaky tactics etc, but I rather see that a squad blocked by barbed wire in an alley way (between a house and a fence) dig those wires away instead of jumping up on the fence, walking like cats on it and then jumping back down. There should be more penalties to high vaulting and climbing so that the decision of choosing that path isn't always the obvious choice. The weight of military gear should be more accounted for. I think this guy put it quite good on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/7lnw0o/the_new_vaulting_mechanics_are_great/ Fall damage Also, I think many people don't appreciate the difference to fall damage when carrying gear (not even alot of gear) as compared to being free of gear. During conscription we were even adviced not to jump from our APCs because of the 1m fall, which could result in damage to feet and knee joints in the long run. In the v10 alpha, we could jump from roof tops and high walls without penalties that just didn't seem realistic; maybe we could get to climb down instead?
  5. +1
  6. Rally point system

    This would be an easy way to make rally points more valuable. My suggestion (reviving this thread) didn't merely focus on that though, but also introduced the need for retreating back to the rally in order to get dead squad mates respawned. This brings a new kind of tactics into play, at least on a more regular basis, as you'd have to retreat in order to reinforce. Your suggestion wouldn't address this additional feature.
  7. Rally point system

    I think rally points needed to be reloaded at some earlier stage of Squad (dunno why it was removed if so), or maybe that was in Project Reality. @madcat768I think you missed my suggestion before smee's comment? Suicide wouldn't be an option if the squad must retreat to the rally point in order for squaddies to spawn in.
  8. Rally point system

    Old thread, new ideas! I like the idea of wave respawning, as this prevents your squad from being spread out. Killed squad mates will normally walk back to the fight on their own instead of waiting for others who died and walk together. Forcing them to hold their horses increases teamwork and relieves squad leaders from micro managing squaddies. It's also more realistic. Silverjohn contradicts himself in saying that a spawn wave would consist of x% of the squad, while also saying that the squad couldn't respawn on the rally unless everyone has died. I guess this wasn't his meaning. The required amount of squaddies for a next spawn wave could be a percentage or a set number: 2, 3 or 4. However, I suggest that x% of the squad must retreat to the rally (25m or 50m away?). Also this: if the squad is wiped, so is your rally point. These suggestions encourage falling back from a fight if taking too heavy casualties, which I suppose would simulate reality a bit more than everyone fighting to the last man (which is kinda usual in-game). Of course, these ideas could all work together in that rallies either (1) require x% of ppl spawning in together as a wave, or (2) that any number may spawn in as long as x% of the squad is within the rally point's radius. EDIT: While thinking of it, rallies would actually function more like 'rally' points with this ruleset.
  9. I dislike that you cannot queue for a specific team in the server queue. As of now I might get in but have to wait to get on the right team. Also Ithat you cannot queue as a squad. Would be nice!
  10. Usage of drones for Squad leaders

    First I was a bit "Naah..." about drones but this PR clip changed that. So many awesome teamwork moments, must be satisfying both as a squad to accomplish tasks based on intel from above, and also for the drone user to lead those on the ground. I see no reason not to expect this for future Squad! All a matter of time I suppose.
  11. Double repair stations

    Roger! Sounds good!