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  1. [MCOR] Marauder Corp Recruiting

    Bump we are still looking for active members and have had several successful game nights so far! Aiming to get a server going at the end of June!
  2. [MCOR] Marauder Corp Recruiting

    About MCOR: MCOR is a brand new clan formed by myself after having been in a few squad clans I have decided to create and run one, MCOR is not a competitive clan, rather one that wishes to provide the real squad experience every round whilst also having a laugh when everything goes south. Thus the focus is on teamwork and the experience be it as an infantry squad, an IFV crew or throwing rounds down range as a mortar squad. We welcome new players and happy to help them get to grips with the game. MCOR is UK based and therefore play on UK/EU servers though you are welcome to join no matter your location. As this is a new clan we do not yet have a server but that will change in the coming months. The idea is to form a higher level of play through bringing like-minded individuals together forming dedicated squads rather than slumming it with random pubs creating a clan that works together to achieve victory. Game Nights: Currently we play squad together as much as possible but once numbers increase we will be looking to take part in community events such as CCFN. Recruitment: To join MCOR you must first meet the following requirements: Be over 21 years of age Have a clean steam account Be fairly active on Squad Speak English Bonus if you have server admin experience or primarily play SL Once those requirements are met, get into our discord then you can get into a game with us. The idea is to see how you play and if you would be a good fit for the clan. The more you play with us the better your chances at a spot in the roster. Discord: https://discord.gg/n2ezBzg
  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Nice one looks great! Looking forward to the skins making a return!
  4. Warping several meters in front with ping spike

    took a break for a few days to play DS3 no issues in that game but back on squad ping spikes still happening. update: its all gone now, no idea didnt change anything but there you go
  5. Warping several meters in front with ping spike

    its bizarre I just played a round after making this post on a server that started out with 20 player and by the end of the match was full and it only occurred once.
  6. Recently every server I've played on I get this odd lag where I warp forward or whichever direction I'm going in several meters and my ping jumps massively. I've tested my internet in several other games and streaming etc. It has been getting worse to the fact that within 30 seconds of joining a server it happens. I get great ping to EU servers and 0 packet loss. at a loss at what to do its making the game unplayable.
  7. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Brits as they have have a nice selection of different kit. Always wanted an up to date British Forces. PR was so close to perfect!