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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Nice one looks great! Looking forward to the skins making a return!
  2. Warping several meters in front with ping spike

    took a break for a few days to play DS3 no issues in that game but back on squad ping spikes still happening. update: its all gone now, no idea didnt change anything but there you go
  3. Warping several meters in front with ping spike

    its bizarre I just played a round after making this post on a server that started out with 20 player and by the end of the match was full and it only occurred once.
  4. Recently every server I've played on I get this odd lag where I warp forward or whichever direction I'm going in several meters and my ping jumps massively. I've tested my internet in several other games and streaming etc. It has been getting worse to the fact that within 30 seconds of joining a server it happens. I get great ping to EU servers and 0 packet loss. at a loss at what to do its making the game unplayable.
  5. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Brits as they have have a nice selection of different kit. Always wanted an up to date British Forces. PR was so close to perfect!