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  1. Random Fatal Error

    Its the way alphas go sometimes
  2. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Outstanding! Looking forward to the ma deuce
  3. FUBAR - Official recruitment post

    Great group of guys!
  4. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5935-the-obligatory-gunporn-thread/
  5. This or that

    haagen dazs because I've never even seen ben and jerrys here :/ Lager or ale?
  6. Random single word posts.

  7. Update delayed for one week

    Most of the squad community
  8. This is why kickstarters/backing and pre alpha games freak me out
  9. Update delayed for one week

    So stoked for the update!
  10. What are these dudes made out of?

    the power of the eastern european dress shirt
  11. Fool's Road Village has too much foliage

    squads first vehicle
  12. Good Frustration

    Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
  13. Aloha from Texas

    Welcome to squad!