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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    The changes in v13 have taken Squad in the opposite direction from where it's stated goals are. Squad was not meant to be a mainstream game. Gunplay needs to slow down. This is not a 360 no scope game. You should not be able to stop from a full sprint and hit bullseye in under a second. Spawning system was fine in v12. Please do not cater to those players who complain about how the spawn point is too far away. Please bring back instadeath and post revive death. Please increase suppression. OWI, please do not turn Squad into a twitch shooter. There are plenty of those games around. Bring back the successor to PR that we had in v12.
  2. Thanks Devs!

    Thank you for that info! The current implementation is better than what was there before... That'll teach me to get excited too soon!
  3. Thanks Devs!

    Really? I cannot think of a worse implementation of locked squads. You cannot invite people into your squad? Was BF2 really the pinnacle?
  4. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    If the US team rolls, it is rather difficult for insurgents to get out of main and cross the deep river. All three bridges are elevated and have no cover. Anyone crossing the bridge on foot is a fish in the barrel. However, the insurgent team starts much closer to the town than the US team. If the insurgent team has no more spawn points in town, well... it's over for the insurgents. Bad map design? I do not think so. Rather, it is perfect asymmetry.
  5. Here is a smattering of ideapinions: I would like to see a end of round wait. It gives everyone (including squad leads) a chance to go grab a beer. Plus, if we had access to extended stats (number of rounds fired, vehicle miles traveled, whatever fits into charts and graphs), it would give those stuck to their chair something to do. I don't know about you, but I need a break after a 40 min round. Battlefiled 1 (blasphemy I know) won't start the round until enough people join squads. I think that would work well for Squad. The issue now is, if you are waiting to join a squad, you need to sit there until a SL you like creates a squad and then jump in right fast before it fills up. If the squad lead went to grab another vodka, you don't get your bio break until everyone is in the truck. I would like to see a mute channel key. This would work well for squad leads at start of round. It would also work well if you find yourself straining to hear footsteps while the squad lead waxes on about best position for the .50 It would have to be a temporary mute in order not to go against the grain of what the game is about. All wait timers should be server side settings.
  6. Alpha 9.1 Released

    Thanks dev team for a quick fix. Fingers crossed that it is fixes the issues many were having last night...
  7. reward for winning?

    I am going to collect on that! +1 for Portland
  8. Make Squad great again...

    IMO, we have to speak up against the toxic behavior as it happens. If people start with the negativity, tell them to lay off. If they do not, report them for toxic behavior and griefing. Hopefully you're on a server where the admin will enforce it. The tacticalgamer server is one where toxicity is not tolerated (full disclosure I am TG). Also, support your friendlies who stand up to the toxic players. Make it clear in VOIP that the toxic behavior is unacceptable. Additionally, cut it out with the 'why the **** did squad 2 put a FOB there?' 'what the **** is squad 3 doing?'. Be respectful of other people's lack of skill and experience. No one is born knowing the best FOB locations. Teach them. And do so with courtesy. Set an example. If you are the squad lead, tame your rude members.
  9. Clearing the cache worked. Thanks! FWIW, I get 120FPS on low and 80FPS on epic with the new card on Sumari.
  10. I have been running Squad on EPIC with my Nvida GTX680 2GB since the optimization patch at 40 to 60FPS, depending on the map. Yesterday, I upgraded that 4 year old video card to a AMD Radeon RX480 4GB. To my surprise, Squad now never gets more than 40FPS, no matter the graphics settings. 40FPS on low, 40FPS on epic. The only setting that affects the FPS is the super sampling (which drops the FPS). I heard that Unreal and AMD don't play nicely. Any workarounds for this issue? My rig: GPU: AMD RX 480 CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K SSD: Crucial MX100 256GB RAM: 16GB MBD: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3
  11. EAC Integrity Violation - X3DAudio1_7

    I fixed my problem. My problem was that after launching the game, I got an EAC Integrity Violation Error pointing to 'an untrusted system file' xaudio2_7.dll Fixed it by replacing the xaudio2_7.dll file on my system. I downloaded xaudio2_7.dll from originaldll.com.
  12. EAC Launch error "untrusted system file"

    I fixed my problem. My problem was that after launching the game, I got an EAC Integrity Violation Error pointing to 'an untrusted system file' xaudio2_7.dll Fixed it by replacing the xaudio2_7.dll file on my system. I downloaded xaudio2_7.dll from originaldll.com.
  13. EAC Launch error "untrusted system file"

    I doubt this has anything to do with audio drivers. EAC is failing, likely due to an update on their server's end. I think that because nothing changed locally for me (no Squad update, no Windows update, no change to audio drivers). I tried following the instructions from the EAC website (update windows), and I tried reinstalling Squad, but the same error persists. I also tried disabling my anti-virus. Edit: I found https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221442887-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Errors but that did not help either. It asks for Re-install / Repair the EAC install. Delete your Squad Appdata folder Neither fixed it for me.... I'm going to miss playing Squad...
  14. EAC Integrity Violation - X3DAudio1_7

    Bump. Same problem.
  15. EAC Launch error "untrusted system file"

    Similar problem as OP. After launching the game, I get an EAC Integrity Violation Error pointing to 'an untrusted system file' xaudio2_7.dll. Clicking OK on that error has Squad come up properly, show the menu, etc. I can select and connect to a server. However, a few seconds after connecting, the server closes connection. Squad ran fine forever till today. No updates to Squad or Windows since I played last. I ran the Steam integrity check and rebooted my Win7 PC with no improvement.