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  1. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    i rather see small icons while looking towards friendly or disable the name tag in general.
  2. I like to suggest able to hide your teammate's tag while hold/toggle sight down. mostly of my death in the game is either someone's tag middle of nowhere and hard to spot the enemy while pulling security.
  3. Repack magazine

    it will good implent if dev likes it.
  4. Repack magazine

    hello, i believe that we should able to repack our magazine like people in military or arma 3 ace. I am sure Squad should able to do Repack magazine so we can have more bullet in one magazine than 2 or 3 bullet in mag.
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

  6. Server Feature Requests

    i likes to have web admin on the servers similar to killing floor 1 & 2 servers does