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  1. The First Vehicle in Squad!

  2. Mirrors for downloading

    Thanks bro ! see you on the field or in my sights
  3. Server download?

    Sweet! Thanks. //Rexs
  4. Mirrors for downloading

    Like I said in the OP, that Its simply just for the time being as traffic of 1000 downloads is going to require a fair amount of bandwidth + port speed, and I do not now what the server specs are that they'll be outputting. So like stated in the OP. I have server space on a 1Gbit Port (I run a hosting company); I don't mind hosting a download mirror if required / allowed. That was my question.
  5. Inactive Marine looking for clan/group

    Swing by our teamspeak, Bunch of good people just talking some vets. Inactive and active. Cool time just to chill nothing too special. Ts.bluforgaming.org Ignore the website it's getting redone. Thanks //Rexs
  6. Server download?

    Hi there, Would there be a possibility to host our own servers in the future or as of pre alpha. Or will it be a battlefield alike setup with pre-approved hosting providers? Thanks //Rexs
  7. Mirrors for downloading

    Hi there, I was just wondering a large scale download of this level of awesomeness is going to need a beefy download machine possibly one that is on a CDN to provide "DECENT" speeds to everyone. If required or if needed, would it be possible for the community to host a private download or offer CDN space to the development team to use as a secondary mirror(s) (I own a few machines with unmetered (truly) bandwidth. I don't mind hosting a download or two.) Thanks //Rexs