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  1. This has been discussed to death, plenty of topics on the subject, use the search function.
  2. Remember when your "rank" in-game was determined by your reputation within the community and not by arbitrary numbers and titles? you know, by playing the game well and being a friendly dude who actively worked to improve and taught others how to do so as well? Maybe you contributed by being an excellent squad leader or by arranging events. People looked up to you for being you, and not for having a "Level 62" stamp next to your name. I have fond memories of this, luckily Squad still keeps those alive.
  3. How about linking to the actual official website instead: or the official trailer: .
  4. How will you go about detailing this map? are you waiting for OWI's Fallujah assets right now or will you be creating some additional ones yourself?
  5. I also prefer PR's system, there's more weight to the FOB as an objective when it requires supplies, has to be built and can be overrun more easily. But I want to wait and see how the Squad's implementation will evolve, devs probably have more stuff planned. I'm sure someone is going to make a PR mod further down the line though, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  6. The original music is superior: It's from a documentary called Afghan, also that's a BTR.
  7. It's been a while since we've seen a glimpse of the new squad/role/map part of the UI, hoping to see some of that.
  8. Will standing / crouching animations also be affected by slopes?
  9. You needed an entirely new thread to say "I hate X" ? there wasn't enough room in the progress thread for this intricate feedback?
  10. Great to finally see the new animation system in action! I like that you've taken a new approach with the sight system, "detaching" it from the center of the screen should make it harder to aim and prolong firefights which I like. The animations themselves are great, some of the weapon movement seem to be a bit over exaggerated though. That SPG-9 reload is absolutely fantastic!
  11. Let's go! I'd love to see progress on the Stryker, Insurgent models and animation system.
  12. You do realize that there's a difference between a war and genocide right?
  13. You're offended by non-Muslims chanting the Islam equivalent to "praise the lord"? It's not hate speech, not even close. All religions deserve to be scrutinized, if you can't even deal with someone using your own speech in a mocking manner I don't know what to tell you.. You're essentially angry at that kid in third grade who keeps repeating your sentences with an annoying voice.
  14. I don't know how they managed to sell this idea to people, "5.1" headsets are a joke. Just get a good pair of headphones and attach a mic.
  15. Fine, let's call it hyperbole. Because there needs to be a simple and intuitive way to communicate between individual squads leaders and the numpad system works well, it also serves as a incentive to keep squads bigger without limiting the meta. Squad sizes have traditionally been regulated by admins / rules and it has worked well. It sounds like you're looking for a server community with a leaner rule-set and casual setup, but there's no point in limiting the capabilities of others.