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  1. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Project Reality
  2. Early Announcement: The "net" Concept

    I think it would be beneficial to have an optional UI window that shows who is on which net channel at the time, allowing for someone trying to contact a particular person to make sure that that person can actually hear them. The last thing we want is for an inf squad to be desperately warning a tank squad that there is a mine ahead and for the tank to have their net Chanel set to off due to spam.
  3. Bomb/IED Defusing *Skill based minigame*

    I agree with this sentiment.And instead of "defusing" the bomb, I feel as though a robot should be used to detonate it as that is becoming the most common method due to safety and lowering cost of the robots. Of course, this can't be used when the bomb is on the cache or a valuable blufor asset, so maybe it leaves room for some defusal mechanic to exist still. In my opinion this would prevent the defusal from becoming overplayed and boring due to having to do not with every IED.