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  1. Happy New Year OWI (2019 sucked)

    Yeah how dare people that kickstarted this game want owi to actually deliver on promises.
  2. Jets

    The term 'spiritual successor' is thrown around haphazardly because you and many like you think of it as an excuse to do whatever the **** you want with squad. Given that the kickstarter was almost solely funded by PR players, given that the original devs are almost exclusively PR devs, given that the kickstarter promises closely resemble the core features of PR and given that the vast majority of squad features have been ripped straight out of PR one might be led to believe that when we were promised ****ing jets we might actually get ****ing jets. I've no idea what youre talking about
  3. Jets

    Other jets (su25), manpads, aa emplacements and of course air to air armed helicopters. Because that's exactly how it works in PR right?
  4. Jets

    Nevermind guys im actually a big dumb idiot. Apparently we're all just waiting on a modder to add jets to the game, never mind the fact that we paid for them as a promised feature. " so even if we don't do it a modder will come along and make it happen."
  5. Jets

    I vaguely remember kickstarting this turd. Where are the jets?
  6. Betrayed would probably be a better term since it was effectively our kickstarter money that made this endeavor possible. And now we're thrown to the wayside like cheap whores now that new money has rolled along.
  7. Or you know, go back to the PR fob and rally system refined over the course 13 or so years.
  8. I'm giving up on this game.

    Yeah I'd have to agree with paragonid there, hopefully OWI can refund my kickstarter pledge because this trash is basically BattleDuty.
  9. After all this time you would think that a simple issue such as founder perks would be resolved but here we are at the end of 2019 and I'm steal dealing with this. Virtually every other thread with the same issue doesn't even have a reply.
  10. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Thats pretty much the main reason we backed squad en-mass. PR needed a new engine due to refractor being limited by 2003? tech.
  11. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    In response to OP. Backed squad during the kick starter and have regretted it ever since. Squad really just feels like its completely lost touch with the community that gave it life. Instead of being a happy medium between battlefield and arma, the game seems intent on artificially nerfing anything and everything to induce a false sense of realism in gameplay resulting in a clunky boring experience that still somehow ends up being less intense or even realistic than PR. Of course i guess this is a good thing for the circle jerk community that has attached itself to squad but I simply can't name a single friend from 10 years of PR that plays Squad. Simply put, Squad is PR but worse in virtually every single way and nothing but a disapointment for the PR community. Would appreciate a refund.
  12. Faster Pistol Draw Time

    Weapon/item switching and preparation times will be re-worked in the near future, however I believe that the current sidearm draw time is set to prevent its spam and preference over a primary weapon in CQB situations. Personally I'd like to see the draw time to be a little faster. But we all have to understand that sometimes balance>realism is the way to go. In the meantime ill console myself with this
  13. Community Testers Question

    I believe the invite was to ranger tier players. However I'm fairly certain that in the coming months community play testing will be opened up to others.
  14. Ammo counts and carry-able/deployable ammo will definitely be changed significantly in the near future when the logistics system comes into full swing. As far as blood and gore goes, its certainly not a top priority, however I believe this will be modified and added to once the animation system nears completion. In addition to that, certain countries enforce restrictions on the showing of blood and gore to the point where a title may not be available in that particular country. As a result Squad will work within those guidelines unless.
  15. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    Better tank...