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  1. Pre- Destroyed buildings?

    I really like it when maps do this, because it feels pretty weird to be able to hide inside a wooden house and be perfectly immune to enemy mortars falling on my head. If the buildings are a bit pre-destroyed, they're no longer perfect bomb shelters.
  2. November 2017 Recap

    Looks like V10 will push Squad into an area of realism that PR wasn't able to break into! Can't wait to try out the new weapon collisions.
  3. Motar squad watch your size

    Tartantyco nailed it right on the head. It's absolutely insane to think that every squad on a team needs to consist of exactly 9 players.
  4. Local & Squad Comms Awareness

    Yes, I think this would cause too many problems. The voice clutter would just get too bad, and squad-comms are usually not relevant to the people standing right next to you, so it would also be irrelevant. How about, instead of actual VoIP, a faint static noise is played so that anyone within talking distance is aware that the player is pre-occupied with squad comms? In theory, the problem could be avoided if every player did this every time. But from Project Reality, we can see that this does not actually happen. The average player does not have very good comms habits, so it's not a habit for them to do this. I think that this problem occurs so often that it deserves to have an in-game solution to make it less tedious to manage your comms. It would make the comms aspect of gameplay less frustrating for players. Okay this is true, but by the same token, an animation should be played each time the soldier has to reach for his radio and send out a message to his squad. Of course, we don't actually want this in Squad, because then players would have to stop, put down their weapon, and then physically reach for the radio. I just think that there should be some kind of perceptible difference between players that are engaged in squad comms and players that are not, for gameplay reasons.
  5. So imagine this: You have just entered a compound where another teammate is also hiding from the enemy. This teammate is not in your squad--he's in a different squad. You two start talking about the situation and where the enemies are coming from and when you expect help to arrive. Everything is going fine and you feel pretty confident that this guy has your back. Suddenly, the conversation suddenly becomes a one-directional conversation. This is because your teammate's squad started using squad comms for about 20 seconds straight, making him unable to hear you or talk to you in any way. He can do nothing but just sit there, listen to the squad comms, and hope that you aren't telling him something extremely important while his ears are occupide. But because you are not in his squad, you can never really know when he can and cannot hear you, so you don't know when you should and should not talk to him. In a video game, there's no perceptible difference between a guy standing quietly doing nothing and a guy standing quietly having an intense conversation with his own squad. Will this issue be addressed in Squad? Will there be some kind of animation or subtle SFX or anything at all to give you some awareness of whether or not a given player is currently receiving/sending squad comms?
  6. Gun Thrusting

    Why aren't soldiers afraid of damaging their rifle barrel (and possibly front sight post) when they do this?
  7. So, when do the other factinons get artillery?

    You will feel completely different about the rocket technical and its effect on game balance, as soon as player-controlled mortars are in this game. There's no point in balancing the game right now when you know it'll have to be completely rebalanced in the next version anyways.
  8. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Those new third-person animations. BEST UPDATE EVER
  9. Just give players a "hold to hide HUD" button to use in these situations, instead of forcing them to go into the options menu.
  10. Hey plissken, great thread! I really like your idea for making the inside of the capzone more important than the outside of the capzone. How do you see the math working out for this? contribution from being in the larger circle = 1x multiplier contribution from being in the smaller circle = 2x multiplier Like that? How about a distance-dependent system? Where f(r) is the multiplier for how much you contribute towards the capture of the capzone. So a player standing at 400m from the Capzone center has a multiplier of almost 0. A player standing exactly on it has a multiplier of 1.0. A player standing at 200m has a multiplier of about 0.2. A player standing at 100m has a multiplier of about 0.3. A player standing on the exact center would contribute just as much "capturing power" as 3 enemies standing 100m away.
  11. Mantle ability for infantry?

    That's why I am very curious to see how they will do it! In other games, there are cover nodes placed near cover that tell the game what actions should be available at certain pieces of cover. On a small map, a level designer may have to place every single cover node by hand and adjust them to work smoothly. But on 4km x 4km maps, this is obviously not practical for human beings to set up.
  12. Mantle ability for infantry?

    As it turns out, the devs are actually to have mantling animations in this game. I think it will be implemented at around the same time as the player animations overhaul.
  13. Desert Camouflage for Militia

    These guys don't look like Middle Easterners. And not only that, their uniform is too warm to be comfortable in a desert. I can't see Militia being a permanent faction on any desert maps. We ought to have another Rebel faction that looks like this:
  14. Desert Camouflage for Militia

    I thought Militia was just a "temporary" faction in the desert maps. (?)
  15. Direct squad to squad radio

    But when I ask Helicopter #3 to give me a medium crate at F8-kp4, I want to make damn sure all of the other Squad Leaders have no choice but to listen to my entire conversation with the helicopter pilot!!