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  1. August 2017 Recap

    With the inventory system hopefully we see the 30/40/75 or 30/45 magazine interchangeability with the AK pattern rifles. That being said, I don't mind magnified optics. In fact, I much prefer playing the unconventional factions to the conventional factions, it just forces you to play differently. And with sight zeroing "pixel-sniping" with ironsights will become a bit easier for certain.
  2. August 2017 Recap

    I noticed something a bit odd that nobody seems to be pointing out. In the screenshots of the update, the Militia Grenadier is using the AK-74 w/ GP-25 and the Militia SL the GP 10/63, and in the video the Militia AR is using the RPK (7.62x39). The GP 10/63 has always been limited to Insurgent only, as is the RPK. The AK-74 w/ GP-25 has been completely absent from the game since Militia lost its second Grenadier kit, leaving it with only the AKM w/ GP-25. Some alternate loadouts coming our way or what?
  3. Alpha 9.8 Released

  4. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    I'd like to see the scoped rifleman kit removed from Insurgent and replaced with an alternate marksman kit of the AKS-74 or AK-74 with PSO, like the Taliban and Chechen spotter kits had in PR. They said they wouldn't add actual snipers, but I also wouldn't mind seeing a Mosin with PU as an alternate marksman as well. At 3.5x it definitely fits the role of a DM moreso than a sniper. I'm also waiting to see the sawed-off 870 we saw teased a LONG time ago in-game. I thought it'd fit the raider perfectly, but they went for the PPSH on him. Lastly other than the obvious PKM/M240 hopes, I'm waiting and hoping for the feature we heard awhile back of being able to go with 40 rounders on the RPK and AKM, 75 round drums on the RPK-74, and 45 rounders for the AK-74/AKS-74/AKS-74u. I really like the way Rising Storm 2 did this on their weapons, where upping the magazine capacity also drops your total combined round count to a little under what it would be using standard mags. As much as I loved GPMGS in PR (I used PKM as often as possible on Ins/Taliban/Hamas/Syrian, and M60 on Chechens), that's a rough balance to hold. They would have to be borderline unusable while unbipodded and that's not completely accurate, especially with the PKM which is really light in comparison to the others.
  5. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    I'm sure Militia will get some outdated APC or IFV once the Russians get their MBT's and such taken care of. Also surprise G3A3 and G3A4! Awesome.
  6. Perma death game mode.

    Put it on a high density urban map with the unconventional forces spawning in the city and the conventional forces spawning outside the city. Call it "clear and hold" or something.
  7. The Weapons Thread!

    I mean, I'd assume they're Ukrainian Paramilitary/Chechen because... well, they're fighting Russians, but I haven't seen very many pro-Kiev fighters wearing Gorka. They're basically just a generic paramilitary force, I suppose. Also, his scope falls off in this video at about the 1:28 mark.
  8. The Weapons Thread!

    So give it to the Militia faction, then.
  9. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Dvsilverwing, started playing around .8 or so. Infantry and mortars all the way.
  10. Vote to Choose Your Team's Faction!

    Everyone would pick Russia over Taliban because they have vehicles and scopes with their standard infantry units. Personally, I like playing the guerilla style of the unconventional factions. Ironsights for days.
  11. Stat tracking

    Please re-read what I wrote, you've blatantly misunderstood it. The idea that someone will play this game to pad their stats just because they're there is naive, not "old gamers". When did I even mention them? If stats are added to the game, will you play it like Battlefield? Honestly, will you? If there is a K:D stat, are you just going to go ahead and run and gun simply because it's there, or are you going to pick it up and play like Project Reality? Exactly, don't even try to tell me you would be playing this game like Call of Duty simply because there are stats, you will be playing it just like you did PR or Arma. In addition, how stupid do you think new players are? If they pick up the game and see stats, and they just go around running and gunning it won't work, do you think that new players are so mindlessly incompetent that they would continue a strategy that does not work, rather than choosing to learn the game? People adapt to the game they're playing, and that's that. Stats will not affect gameplay, because this game forces you to play in a tactical manner if you want to perform even remotely well. Go ahead and try to prove me wrong, when Squad comes out I want you to run around just like it's Battlefield, okay? Tell me how long you can play the game in that manner before you go back to playing the game the way it is intended to be played. Games that have stats don't have people camping with a sniper and run-and-gunning because there are stats. They have people camping with a sniper and run-and-gunning because that is how those games were intended to be played. Stats are irrelevant.
  12. Stat tracking

    People who play this game won't change their playstyle because of stats. Just about everyone here (especially those in the pre-alpha) has a milsim background, whether it's Arma 3, PR, Insurgency, or whatever. They aren't going to magically turn into run-and-gun kiddies because stats were added to the game. New players that come into the game will realize that playstyle doesn't work, and they will adapt or stop playing, they aren't going to play the game like it's Counter-Strike or Battlefield, because it won't work. Anyone who is saying stats will make people play X way to pad their stats has no clue what they're talking about, don't be so naive.
  13. Trailer for each class on their channel?

    Also provides a good chance to show off all the weapons & equipment we'll be seeing upon pre-alpha release. +1
  14. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!