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  1. Shared Bans List

    All persons whom PM'ed, should have received a reply.
  2. Server company complaining

    Bit of a sell out here, I do know the owner of Gaming Deluxe... which have applied to host servers. Currently their UK data centre can filter up to 500 gbit of malicious traffic and only return clean traffic to the end point (your server). They've been around for 10+ years I highly recommend them, their support is down to earth. They also own their own network and machines :)
  3. Dear all, I represent WS.ARMA.SU, and we're currently establishing ourselves in the Squad community. Some of you might've heard of us from the ArmA franchise. Introduction over. We've created a shared bans list, that we're willing to give server owners access to, it has a very simple and intuitive interface. Example: We've already sent private invites out to a few server owners close to us, we're looking to increase the "admin user base", if you'd like access this is done via email, please PM me your email address and details will be sent accordingly. You can fetch the bans list automatically from our server using the following URL: https://wasteland.arma.su/_wsbans/bans-squad.cfg this can be added to the RemoteBanListHosts.cfg on your server. Thank-you for taking the time to read this. Inch
  4. Alpha 4 Map List

    I've also seen some servers running "Jensen's Range" (AAS), however I cannot seem to get it to work. Anyone managed it?
  5. CreateVehicle

    I was poking around in the AssetRegistry.bin... Found references to the HMMWVs as per the aforementioned also found Ural375 and MTLB... looks like they're going down the similar base building mechanic for constructing vehicles also. Also looking at the uasset classes, you may also have to stipulate the color of said vehicle when spawning it. Not too sure on that though.
  6. This isn't Multiplays fault... its simply a bug in the engine of the game, the devs are working on it I'm quite sure. Its also completely random when the crash occurs you can run a 72 slot server for two hours with no issues, or simply have it online 10 minutes and it'll crash.
  7. Here are screenshots of the admin commands for the console. I didn't type them all out as it'd take forever... not sure if the Devs can output them ;-) Accessed by entering the prefix 'admin', without quotes. Thanks Soulzz for the info :)
  8. Server Application: WS.ARMA.SU

    We have now switched on our RU server. Don't forget no matter where you're from you can join our Teamspeak 3 server! Address: ts.arma.su:9999 We've created channels specifically for the servers <3 Update: AU server is now online, however due to our firewall/filtering, it will not allow people from the US/EU to see it. Have fun Aussies! <3
  9. Server Application: WS.ARMA.SU

    Our servers can be found by Searching WS.ARMA.SU. French server now online! :)
  10. Server Application: WS.ARMA.SU

    FYI - We now have our First server online within the UK! We'll be switching on US and AU Servers soon.
  11. Server Application: WS.ARMA.SU

    We've been in-touch with Litoralis, info to follow soon.
  12. Dear Sir/Madam, Please forgive me if I've posted this in the incorrect location. I'd like to submit a request to acquire server files in-order to host a server or servers. I'll start with who we are, I represent WS.ARMA.SU. Some of you guys have probably already played some of our missions within the ArmA franchise. These include ArmA 2/3 Wasteland and King of the Hill by Sa-Matra. We're very interested in engaging with the Squad community and to familiarize ourselves with the game, in preparation for modding support. We are currently able to offer servers around the world the locations are as follows: - UK - France - Germany - Russia - United States (New York) - Australia We have a large dedicated admin team that're more than willing to help keep things in-order and several of our support team are tactical realists. Our server specs differ but generally start at E3 1240 V2/3s Xeons 16/32GB of DDR3 ECC RAM @ 1600mhz. Dual E5 4650 v2 Xeons with 512GB DDR3 ECC RAM @ 1866mhz Dual X5650 Xeons with 128GB ECC RAM @ 1333mhz 75% of the aforementioned machines have raided drives be it SAS or Enterprise SSDs. Finally we have a few i7 Machines located in Russia, running 16/32GB RAM with Samsung 840 pro SSDs. Further information can be provided at request via PM. Thank-you, Inch https://wasteland.arma.su