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  1. Name: Josh (Green Dropkick Murphys avatar) Steam Profile: Steam Link - Josh Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 30 Timezone or Region: EU Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: Did some ESL with Battlefield 3/4 - mainly play FPS games, looking to move more towards milsim side as I can't be doing with jump packs, wall running and hand holding games. Ran the OcUK PC platoon for BF4 since it's inception and we ended up being pretty good on the PUB side of life. Additional Skills: I like to play in a coordinated group, like to have a laugh while playing, been around the military my whole life and currently work for the British Army in a civilian capacity. I enjoy banter and will follow orders, prefer to play as a basic rifleman or support gunner, not a fan of marksman roles. If you need a driver I'm your man. I'd prefer to play with mature people, I'm pretty competitive but not a hard liner. Have comms and not afraid to speak. Status: Unsigned
  2. Morning all, I backed the game way back when in July 2015 and have been AWOL ever since. Installed the game on Thursday and have been having great fun being a bullet sponge for everyone. I'm normally on the OcUK forums and steam name is currently Josh (green DropKick Murphys avatar) . If anyone needs cannon fodder I'm your man, I prefer to be a basic rifleman or support gunner - have comms and not afraid to speak.
  3. Hey Chaps, new here - I missed the kickstarter but have backed at Squad Leader level today. Hope to see some of you around the battlefields soon!