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  1. Escape from Tarkov

    Any news?
  2. Alpha 4 Released

    About the trailer:
  3. January 2016

    Now this is something I would never expect to see in a game: dust/gas dispersion caused by weapon firing shockwave. DEAR LORD. Now we just need wind and crops/grass physics and GG. Also the Law Enforcement Shotgun could be used to arrest civilians in Insurgency mode.
  4. Escape from Tarkov

    They pre-order bonuses sucks, they game you clear advantage over other players! Except if the advantages are only for alpha/beta.
  5. Escape from Tarkov

    You guys get ALL wrong. This is a MMO/RPG game focused in the Campaign/Story, where you have to level up, earn points, develop skills, etc. This game is heavily based on tactics and teamwork, since when you die, you lost everything and had to start from the beginning. I will quote here 3 Dev's statemant to clarify somethings. What I'am seeing on the Web is a whole lot of people calling the gunplay "COD", because people put somehow in their mind that Quick/Responsive = COD, and Clunky/Complicated = Realist, and when people see an AK-74 not climbing like hell, they say "hurr durr no recoil", people really think that realistic recoil is exaggerated vertical recoil.
  6. Escape from Tarkov

    This cannot be in-game... at 2:22 when the magazine is droped and bounce on the ground at the first time, a little rock is trown away, and when the magazine lands on the ground all the debris on the ground move with the magazine.
  7. Escape from Tarkov

    This is, hands down, one of the best games that I ever had the pleasure to put my eyes on. And is just a Indie Russian game, I can't even believe it, the level of quality and immersion in this game is so damn high that I'm sitting here thinking this is just too good to be true. I just met this game this morning, gone to their channel, watched all videos in Glorious 1080p60, and was amazed at how every other big commercial game is FAR behind, in both Audio/Visual and Mechanics, and I'm talking about HUGE games like Battlefield 4, STALKER, DayZ, Fallout 4 and such. It is just ridiculous the level of detail in textures, levels, effects, sound, animations, objects, and the inventory / looting system is both amazing and immersive, the weapon modification system works in real time and looks like every single thing in this game is actually a functional object. Hell, how many years these guys are working on this game? Even the voice acting is neat! Dear God, look at these animations. These are, by far, one of the best animations that I ever seen in a game, reloading, leaning, aiming, checking ammo, changing sights, hitting a wall, everything is nearly perfect, on a level that I just saw in very detailed MODs with huge amount of time/work in. The weapon handling works properly, the scopes/sights works properly, the trigger/bolt works properly, every single aspects in this game, both visually-wise and mechanic-wise is near perfect and utterly immersive in a level that huge games like Battlefield or similar never even dreamt to be. Holly baby Jesus! I'm just waiting for the Beta to come and Multiplayer/Servers information to be available, I'll plays this at day one for sure (of course, if my Hardware supports it). Finally a Glorious game that will bring to the survival/scavenge community what they expected from DayZ and Fallout 4. Looks like my days in 7 Days to Die is coming to an end.
  8. Lower prices for Brazil

    First, When the Real (current Brazilian currency) was implemented in 1994, the conversion rate to US Dolar was 1:1, and it kept this rate until the 2000s. Between 2000 and 2002, Brazil experienced economic problemns and it reflected directly in stock market, and the conversion rate went from R$ 1.6 to R$ 2.3, and it just worsened during the 2002 FIFA World Cup, when Brazil had a currency exchange crisis and Dolar to Real conversion blew the roof, reaching R$ 3.9 in October. The exchange rate was stabilized in the next year due to a government change and a great effort to fix the economy. In late 2003 the currency exchange rate was stabilized, and reversed to R$ 2.8 in the end of the year, and later it droped to R$ 2.1 in 2005, R$ 1.7 in 2007, and R$ 1.5 in 2008. TL;DR During 11 years (2003~2014) the USD/BRL conversion fluctuated, between R$ 1.5 and R$ 2.1, back and forth, and it was commonly accepted by the market that "U$ 1 = R$ 1.8". Games that had the price set at U$ 59 were converted to R$ 99, U$ 19 DVD movies were sold at R$ 35, and so on... __________________ Second, This changed this year. Brazil now faces an economic crysis and the exchanged rate reached R$ 4 to U$ 1 this year. Some services like Origin and Steam changed the "Standard AAA+ New Releases" from R$ 99 to R$ 129, and now are even changing R$ 149, and this is fucking up game sells. Have in mind that the country Standard Wage is R$ 788, and a video-game that cost R$ 149 is absurd, almost 20% of a monthly income. Now the exchange is set to R$ 3.8, and there is a huge trend to the rate drop if there is a change in Government. This is why, some publishers still sells that games at R$ 99 or lower (Like GTA V, SFV), and some sells for R$ 129 including a "Deluxe" package (Like Fallout, Witcher). Some blood-sucking publishers like EA charges R$ 149 + R$ 99 for Star Wars Battlefront. __________________ To the Devs, This is your product, your efforts put in a package, you should charge whatever you want, whatever you think you deserved, but just have in mind that selling your product for R$ 119 WILL scary a huge load of consumers, 'cuz they can buy AAA+ new released games at afordable prices, like R$ 89 (SFV). __________________ To you guys that are bitching about Brazilian gaming community, You and your racist/demeaning attitude towards a whole country gaming community are the solely reason some weak-minded gamers went mad and rage or conduct an aggressive posture in online games, and even compete in cooperative games. For years, I heard from people all around the world that X country is cancer, and when I say (lie) that I am from that X country, their "atmosphere" changes right away and they become more and more aggressive. PR community was one of the VERY FEW that did not have this kind of childish attitude, and I really hope that Squad inherit PR community atmosphere. Love you all. PS: I really hope that, by the next year, the exchange drop to something like R$ 2.5, and reach R$ 1.8 in 2017. This absurd 4:1 conversion does not help ANYONE and only fuck up the country.
  9. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    Just saw the update....
  10. Do you still play PR?

    PR is the modern Vallaha: The same people, fighting the same battles, day after days, year after year.
  11. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    USA/Mexico Armed Forces vs. Mexican Durg Lords (Assimetrical) Brazilian/Colombian Armed Forces vs. FARC Guerrilla (AAS) Argentina Armed Forces vs. England/NATO (Large AAS) PMERJ/Brazilian Armed Forces vs. Brazilian Criminal Factions (Full Assimetrical)
  12. Battlefield 4 new Community Map

    The "Community Operations" update is live, and among a full list of fixes and changes, it adds to the game the new map "Operation Outbreak" which was made by the community in every little aspect and detail. Here is the amazing teaser video, which may give you the the impression "Battlefield done right". Here is the Fall Patch full changelog (30 pages long): https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/dice-commerce/battlefield4/assets/patch_notes/Patchnotes_FallPatch_EN.pdf
  13. Round Preparation Time

    Bump. So, layered maps are already featured in the game?
  14. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Woa, this server browser design just -somehow- remembered me of my old 'unified screen' suggestion. :P http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/223-unified-screen-result-map-voting-and-loading/